Boyfriend and Me... havent seen eachother in 6 months

Okay… so me and my boyfriend have been on and off for 2 years. Our whole 2 years has been long distance, and I see him 3 times a year. We are crazy about each other, and I get butterflies everytime I think about seeing him. I see him in 9 days.. Tell me some good ideas of things I should do before I see him- Mentally do, physically do (Anything ) I really want this trip to be ammazing- and I want him to be even more head over heels for me:) I would love your advice:)

Answer #1

The day before he comes: Shave or wax everything from neck to toe. Buy lingerie (doesn’t have to be expensive. Only for one time use. Can be from walmart. Get either knee highs or heels. Buy roses, bubble bath, bath beads, massage oil, candles (Family dollar sells 5 for a dollar 5 of these packs should do depending on the size of your room/bathroom) and if you want to get really freaky ky yours and mine(my boyfriend and I used it and it really made things sensual during anal and vaginal sex) and from your local drug store buy poppers (an over-the-counter drug that releases inhibitions and loosens the anus making anal sex more pleasurable.) The day he comes: Bring him home. Do your catching up and kissing. You may want to do a fun activity like mini-golf touching at every chance possible and making out by the big windmill or in the cave. Or play a game of pool making sure that you touch enough to have a flirty good time but not enough to make you all lose control and ruin the best part. Take a shower while you put on a game (or his favorite tv show) for him. Make dinner for him in an oversize t shirt and panties. (His favorite meal) Have dinner with him. Finish a little early and excuse yourself to the restroom while he is finishing up. Draw the bath water adding the bath beads bubble bath and if you have some a hint of baby oil. After the water is drawn sprinkle some rose petals from the roses on the top of the bubbles. (one roses should do.) Go out and get your man. Lead him by the hand to the bathroom and undress him. When he gets in the tub use a bath sponge to bathe him for about ten minutes. Leave him to himself and prepare the room. Put on soft rock or r&b music really any kind you like just make sure its soothing. Set up the candles. Sprinkle the rose petals on the bed and floor leading from the bathroom to the bed and the surrounding area. Put the massage oil next to the bed in an area that will be easily accessable from the bed. Put on the lingerie with a light perfume, lotion, high heels or knee highs. Light the candles and turn out the lights. Take your man a nice soft towel and let him towel dry off then go to the bedroom still in the towel. (If you decide this would be the time to take the poppers) Take charge and tell him to lie on the bed on his stomach. Straddle his butt and kiss him on the back of his neck and down his spine. Sit up and take the masssage oil and rub all over his shoulders neck and back. Do this for about 15 minutes. Then tell him you want him to know something. Tell him to turn over and stand up. Walk around the room blowing out every other candle and telling him something that you love about him each time before blowing it out. Lay back on the bed then remove his towel. Give him some oral sex while gently squeezing his balls. Then after that will be the time to apply the ky (yours) to his penis while he applies yours (well “mine” lol) your vagina. Get on top of him and do your thing girl. After Sex: Take a warm towel and wipe his penis off. And take a dry towel and dab any sweat that he may have aqcuired off of him. Then rub on his chest and stomach while telling him how good it was and how much you missed him.

Answer #2

Is it a crime to use paragraphs, lol? There are lots of things you can do to make the trip great for him (and for you of course). The post above seems to be very sexually-oriented and so I’ll try to be more balanced here :P. I’ll do this in point-form to make things easy to read and all and I will split this into two sections (physical and emotional). Maybe consider a few of these options:

Physical/ Sexual: -After a long period of time, I think you’ll find that an intense session of kissing (ie: making-out) in a room with dim-lighting is always a great idea. The bedroom is the most suitable alternative of course

-Stripping (perhaps to soft music; preferrably not Death Metal for now, lol) is a great way to surprise and arouse your partner and seeing as this is a special occasion, it would be a great experience for you both.

-A handjob is often a good start to the sexual activity in an instance like this. If you start off slowly, make eye-contact as much as possible and talk to him (dirty-talk for now), that is a good way to start. I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you how to give a handjob, so I’ll leave it at that.

-If you are comfortable with such a thing, oral sex is a great way to be physical with someone in this context. A sensual session of oral sex would be a great experience for you both I’m sure. If you want him to return the favour there is nothing wrong with dropping hints or even telling him :).

-Massages are a relaxing and intimate way of being physical with a partner. Just how intimate you make the experience is up to you (eg. you may wish to be nude or both be nude during the process). Massages are highly sensual and are a great option for couples.

-Having sex with moves from location to location is a lot of fun (particularly if it ends in bed). In a single session, you can shift from multiple locations. For example; the table, wall, shower, etc. This might seem like a bit much for some couples, but it is a lot of fun so don’t count it out straight away.

Emotional: -A bedroom full of petals (in dim-lighting of course) may be cliche and perhaps even a bit over-the-top, but it’s appealing to a lot fo guys because it has a romantic implication and you and your boyfriend (from what you’ve said) seem to be very emotionally attached, so do consider this.

-Having a present/ gift for him (something thoughtful) is a great way to greet someone after a long time apart.

-Might sound stupid but when you greet him, give him a hug where you cling to him and have your feet off the ground. Almost as if he is lifting you… It’s a great sign of affection and so it is well-worthy of your consideration.

-Getting him a manly piece of jewellery (and I use that term loosely) perhaps with an engraving of your name and his name together is a very romantic idea and depending on his likes/ dislikes, you may wish to consider something like this. Basically a object to show the bond between you two.

-This one is heading towards being sexual (unless the two of you can control yourselves, lol), but a sensual (and candle-lit) bubble-bath/ spa-bath is a really romantic idea and you may wish to consider it. This is not to mention that it can lead to physical activity and hence it can help to give a flow to things.

-Being in the kitchen together and cooking together is a fun experience for couples and so you may wish to consider this. You can make cooking a lot more fun than it is, haha.

-A candle-lit dinner is a terrific idea because it has very romantic connotations and of course it has a calming/ relaxing feel to it.

Argh, there are lots of things you can do with your partner. You know him better than I do and so think about him and what you know he likes/ dislikes and act from there. I hope you two have a great time seeing each other :)!

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