Boss from hell...what can I do..please help

Im in a situation that I dont really know what to do with. I feel like Im stuck in it really because I need the money and the insurance..and the economy sucks right now, so it isn’t that easy to just find a new job. What is basically happening is, I started a new job. I work for 3 doctors and one of the doctors is the owner of the practice. I have worked for doctors in the past and they have all had their ways, but never in my life have I ever experienced anything like this before. Basically what is happening, is two of us started at the same time and trained together to do things his way. On each chart, when we finish with a patient, we of course initial that it was us that pre-examined that patient, so in my eyes, it should never be a question of who did what. However, constantly, I being asked if I did certain things, when I never had contact with that patient and Im not understanding why. Because we work in an office setting vs a hospital, we have new patients and established patients. The two of us that are new, have been told, “ until you have been here longer, take the established patients because you have a history to work with” so I’ve done that. However, each and every day, I have someone come to me and say..” did you take a new patient yesterday…” when I did not…and it would be as simple as looking at the chart and reading the initials and seeing that I never signed off on it to see it. Basically it is getting to the point that if anything happens in the day that goes wrong in the one particular doctors day..I get blamed for it, even If I never took a patient of his, or if I did take a patient of his , but I did something that I was told to do by someone more senior then me, to the point where yesterday, I was told to sit and do computer work for the rest of the day!!! Im not knocking computer work, but I went to school…and it wasnt for computers…and the truth not messing up..I have no complaints for the other doctors..and the patients love me. I had a receptionist pull me aside and tell me that she heard that this particular dr. specifically singles me out of the group of us. I just dont understand. The other day, he said to me “ you are amazing at what you do, the patients love you, you care a lot for your patients if it seems like im being tough its because I want you to be the best..” So I kind of took that, and thought..ok he is doing all of this because he wants to push me…but its getting to be too much now.. When we first started..we were made to take these personality tests. They were so that he knew how we worked with people and how to communicate with us. Mine specifically said that I was sensitive and that I didnt respond to being talked down to and that I required a lot of positive motivation… I dont understand why someone would have you take a test like that and then do exactly opposite of what it says. He is mean to other people but in different ways, for instance, the other new girl is vegan, and she has these leather replica shoes that are nice but not meant to be shiny like some leathers can be…he said something to her like “ we work well together, but you need to polish your shoes” He can also be very touchy feely sometimes… and I guess I just want to know…should I talk to a supervisor? If I say something will I risk my job? I just cant go on working like this, being blamed for things im not even doing, im not pointing fingers at just saying, if I do something ill admit it,,and please correct me..but if im not doing these things why am I being punished for them…its so frustrating…what do I do???

Answer #1

I think you need to become more aggressive and more assertive, and give him back some of the crap he’s giving you. There are a lot of a-hole doctors… and in my experience, talking back to them and NOT being subservient, is what gains their respect more than anything. Also take some initiative and do insist on taking the new patients, especially if everyone’s already thinking you are. Sounds like he wants you to be a take-charge type of person. Do you think you can do it? I do!

Don’t go to the supervisor. I can’t see that resulting in anything good… Try to handle this yourself and match his aggression.

Answer #2

haha have you ever seen the show Scrubs?! I don’t mean to laug at you but that guy seriously sounds like Dr. Cox and you seem to take the place of JD. that show is great and very insightful. The seasons are on DVD you got to watch it from the beginning and I belive it will truly help you with a lot of situations at your job too. you’ll see…winx


Answer #3

girl your the only one who really can answer this question .is it really at the point were you cant take it anymore ? if so you need 2 do wats best for you and risk your job by talkin to your supervisor because know one should have to feel uncomfortable and stressed in the work place . all I can say is do wats best for u!

Answer #4

Well in my opinion, you should not tolerate that kind of behaviour from someone from the work force, you should absolutely tell someone about this, and tell them exactly how you feel, if someone blames you for something you didnt do, merely tell them that you had nothing to do with the problem and you will inform them if something happened, but dont get very angry about it while your telling them, just get your point across , and be straight forward, dont beat around the bush

Answer #5

I believe your best bet would be to pull one of the other doctors aside and explain to them what you feel is going on. This way one of them could approach the doctor that disturbs you in a more conventional and private manner.

To “throw back” what he is doing to you would not only be unprofessional, but it will cost you your job.

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