My life is boring, how to make it interesting?

ok so im a 14 year old girl life is preetty boring & im NOT a boring person .. so it kinda sucks a looot. does anyone have any ideas on what I can do to make life more interestingg?

Answer #1

get off the computer mainly, if you think your life is boring all you need is a hobby, just for the love of god do NOT make it this computer, try a sport, its getting to be that season now, play an instrument, guitar’s a good one. um…thats all I got right now you might get another response later.

Answer #2

go out more

Answer #3

im 16 and I know exactly what you’re going through. you should try keeping a journal. but dont just write down what did everyday like in a regular diary. you can draw doodles in it when your bored and glue in little interesting things you find also. that way you can look back on it when you’re bored or you can add more to it. you should see some artist sketchbooks. theyre amazingly decorated. another thing that I would do if my mom would let me is paint your room an exciting color. dont go for bright red or yellow but green and orange are fun colors I think. finally, you should look into a new type of music or group/singer. even if you dont like them that much at first, listen to them a second time and see if that’s any better. I hope this helps you! I know its a year later. breaking rules isnt really a good idea because there are always consequences even if you dont get caught.

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Answer #5

Most things in life are what you make of it.

What are you interested in? Whatever it is, go to the library and check out a book on the subject.

What do you like to do? Whatever it is start doing it more seriously.

Try learning new things.

Answer #6

If you want to really make friends, read Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” Beleive me, reading this will pay off for you.

Answer #7

Omg I’m sooo glad I’m not the only person who feels like this. My life is just so ordinary and everyone thinks of me as a goody 2 shoes. But I sneak out at night now and go walking along the streets it gives me such a rush and you never no something exciting might happen. But be careful I always take a pen knife with me so I can stab someone if I get attacked.

Answer #8

There is lots of ways to make your life more bold. However,some of them are illeagal ways,some are down right stupid.But if your talking about your target being fame,money,and cars,the best thing to do for that is discover your talent. If you are good at acting,singing,modeling,or things that fall under that category,goals is a good way to start.Make a goal to join your school’s choir group,from there,get your notes down,learn three songs by heart,sing at your local church,go to an audition,and wish yourself goodluck.If you have the guts, American Idol has even made the very own Kelly Clarkson a world-famous popstar.If you do well in the audition,sometimes they invite you for a four-month payed stay in hollywood to record demos and get ready for the big life. If your good at poetry,painting,writing,and things in this nature,you can start on a fanfiction site.Goals is always the way to go.Make a goal to get 1,000 views on five of your latest fanfictions.Contact some publishers.Practice on editing and revising.Don’t use boring words.If your a poet,practice on rhyming and making sense.Make your words understandable,or,make a poem that might have riddles that you need to think about and slowly comprehend.If your reader likes the way you make your brainbusters,they will be begging for more! Don’t forget to put your all and promise in your goals!Work hard,not too hard; and try your best. Hope this helped!

Answer #9

drugs dont help much they make you more boring…BUT WEED HELPS (that’s not a drug its a mediation)

Answer #10

yeahh but like, sporst & playing an instruments can bue fun but it just occupies your timee, I want excitment in lifee.. like doing something to like break rules or keep something secretive ..

something that will make a wicked cool story to tell when im an old hag in a rocking chair 69 years from now.


Answer #11

I’m 16 and my life is really boring, I can’t even go out to cross the street to my neighbors house ( not that I even know my neighbors), because my parents are constantly watching me, because they don’t want anything bad to happen to me ( which is nice and thoughtful of them), but keeping me inside the house for almost a week without stepping a foot outside is crazy, due to the fact that I’m an outgoing person who likes to play sports, go to new places, and try new activities, I would be more than happy if my parents would let me walk down the street to starbucks and back,and I rarely get to hangout with my friends, which makes it worse for me, I have never done anything bad, I always listen to them and do not break their rules, but I still have to keep myself locked up in my house. I do feel like I might snap and become a very rebelious child, I’m just waiting till college, where I can actually do stuff that I want to do without being forced to stay home 24/7 I only get freedom when I go to school. My advise would be to just at least, walk somewhere with friends, whether to the beach, library, or even to a grocery store, you will have a lot more fun, than dying at home of boredom

Answer #12

I no how you feel. trust me. I think you could maybe go on a shopping spree wit your friends ( even if you don’t buy anything ) try 2 make new friends and try a sport. like I am going 2 start track

Answer #13

ohh boy I know how you feel big time. im homeschooled so my life is boring as that rock right over there and im not a boring person. I get so bored and bland that I dream of running away into the big life. wanting to move to a new friends are boring as that rock over there (like my life ) so that not fun. all I do is sit around mindlessly doing nothing. I hate sports I hate meeting new people, im more the silent type not the preppy talking type. so I suggest you could play guitar but agian as you said it just occupies your time. I play guitar and well yeah. maybe ask your parent to move to a new place or something. a change of enviorment is always nice. now what you said about a secret. sex is NOT the answer ever. you can break rules to a very fine line. dont go over the top like stealing NO stealing NO sex NO anything super bad. you might be able to get away with teepeeing someones house though but I dont suggest it LOL.

Answer #14

well you think your life is so boring live it up while you can. Wait till all your life consists of is Waking up 5am being to work by 7am getting home at 4pm eating watching tv and going right back to sleep… Have some fun at school…talk to some one you normally wouldnt talk to there.. they may be the most entertaining person you met… get a pet… stay in school.. im a drop out and man my life is boring…

Answer #15

I feel the exact same way. I’m 14 too and even though I’m not a boring person my life is boring. I go to school, go to an afterschool club some days, come home, eat dinner, watch tv and go on the computer. On the weekends I go out with friends but I don’t have a boyfriend so it’s not that much fun.

Answer #16

Hmmm… You should hang out with me because my lyf is so so boring as well. I’m 17 and living in brissy! :P

Answer #17

stop spelling stuff with dddoubbblee letttersss. ha

Answer #18

Basically everything and anything can be more fun with friends. Whether you’re going to the local cinema or just going school supplies shopping, bringing a friend or two is sure to make it a lot more interesting. You’ll have more inside jokes to laugh over later when you get bored too! If you’re not the most popular kid and you don’t have many friends, try joining school clubs or trying new sports. You’ll meet a lot of new people or at least get some interesting new hobbies. If there’s a place a lot of people in your town tend to hang out after school or on the weekends, try to go to those places more often. Strike up conversations with people in class or on facebook that you rarely talk to. You’ll meet interesting new people and make new friends! At first you may be nervous but in the end when you have a new BFF you’ll be glad!

hope this helps, im a social butterfly and this is how I stay entertained(:

Answer #19

do crazy stuff, just take a chance here and there and let them take there turs and see where it takes u

Answer #20

I feel the same way… plus, my summer fling just left the country so I don’t have any curly boy to kiss anymore :( My sincere advice would be to go to new places, interact with new people, always being yourself… try different activities, learn guitar over youtube videos, perhaps take long rides on your bicycle, write a short novel about a theme that you’re really into, sing with your hairbrush before you take a shower (that’s what I do), and… don’t forget to seek Jesus, his presence alone is enough to fill any empty-feeling heart :D Anyways, Godbless!

Answer #21

go to unniversity. there you will meet lots of strange people. they will introduce you to new things. for example: the echo song. or chavs. it will be fun. or you could become a tramp like melissa. she’s a tramp. she has a lilac coat. she does heroin. I dont feel bad for her which makes me rude and insensative. but I dont give a shit. also, you should get a friend. friends are important. also you should not spend time writing responces to questions on the internet. this is extremely depressing and makes you feel lame. im feeling pretty bored. a social site.

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