Does Anybody know Good Teenage Books?

Does Anybody know Good Teenage Books? Like highschool, young love and all that haha?

Answer #1

I mostly read paranormal stuff, I don’t know if your into that or not, but here are some of favorites.

The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer (YOU MUST READ THIS SERIES IF YOU HAVEN’T ; END OF STORY!)

The Vampire Kisses Series by Ellen Schreiber (A series that details the love and high-school drama between a goth girl named Raven and her vampire boyfriend Alexander; a more light-hearted spin-off of the twilight saga.)

Rhymes With Witches by Laurn Myracle (This book is VERY intresting, if you never read any on this list, please read this one!)

Internet Girls Series by Laurn Myracle (The only series ever to be typed in IM lingo. It documents the lives of a few girls who are friends.)

Evermore by Alyson Noel (This is part of a fairly new series called The Immortals. It’s about a girl names Ever who is in a car accident and wakes up with the psychic girft of clarivoyancy. She meets a boy at school, and things get intresting. This is defintley a good read. I believe the second book in the series comes out in September.)

Define “Normal” by Julie Anne Peters (THis book is about a popular, preppy girl named Antonia who, in desperate need of credits signs up to be a peer counselor. She finds out later on that she is paired with a raver girl name Jazz. The book details their love/hate relationship, Antonia’s family problems, and also goes to show that outward appearances can be decieving. It’s a definite must-read.)

Also, if you into books that deal with teen addiction, self-injury and such then check these out: You Know Where To Find Me by Rachel Cohn (All I can say is, this book will make you absolutley cry. It chronicles the lives of two girls who were adopted by a man. One of them dies from an overdose and the other learns how to live her life without her “sister”. A must read.)

Cut by Patricia McCormick (This book chronicles the story of Callie, a girl who cuts to deal with her problems. Busted by a nurse at her school, she is told she must undergo a rehab program or she will not be allowed bakc to school. Callie at first refuses to speak to anyone;, even the counselors; putting up a shell as cold as iron. But when a new girl comes to treatment with the same problem as her; Callie’s shell starts to break. It’s a good read.)

Crank, Glass by Ellen Hopkins (These books were based off of the authors real-life struggle with her daughters addiction to Crystal Meth. The main character, Kristina, goes to visit her father in Albequerque and is introduced to meth by a boy she falls in love with. Crank chronicles her journey and the follow-up Glass as well. I must warn you that these books are very graphic.)

Impulse by Ellen Hopkins (Chronicles the struggles of four teenagers alo with different problems.)

Identical by Ellen Hopkins (This book is abosultey sickening at times, but it chronicles child abuse and metal problems well. It will make you cry and want to vomit all at once.)

Answer #2

the twilight series by stephenie meyer is really good. heres the order in case you didnt know.

Twilight New Moon Eclipse Breaking Dawn

also, the books hoot, flush, and scat by carl hiaasen are good.

Answer #3

The Twilight Saga are really good. The Notebook & Nights in Rodanthe & A Walk To Remember by Nicholas Sparks are some good romance/love storys.

Answer #4

oh, I luved generation dead by bill watterson!! //^!! ^^ lol. also, meg cabots books are good-like avalon high. ^_^

Answer #5

Forever… [by judy blume]

well,go to a god dam*n library,lazi!!!

Answer #6

meg by steve alten best book I’ve read

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