who has read all of the twilight books?

who has read all of the twilight books? what happens in them?

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well that mostly what happends!! I think edward is cute. I love that book!! well series

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ummm for the record this is dum

rock on!!!mwaaah

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I have read all the books of twilight but I HATE the movies. They are NOTHING like the books and the director of twilight had a very graphic mind. I don’t think edwRd is hot Jacob is kinda or I should say Taylor lautner. I think kristen Stewart looks the part of bella but doesn’t portray her character good enough, she seems unemotional and blech. But the books are good and I’m surenew moon isn’t gonna be any better thAn twilight. Thts all!! I noe I didn’t talk about the books but I just had to say that :)

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I did! Haha Twilight: Isabella Swan moves from sunny Phoenix, Arizona to rainy Forks, Washington to start a new life so her mother Renee can travel with her new husband, Phil Dwyer, a “strictly minor league” baseball player. Even though she never had many friends in Phoenix, Bella quickly discovers she is the new subject of curiosity at her new school in Forks, where she is quickly befriended by several students. Much to her dismay, several boys in the school compete for shy Bella’s attention.

Bella finds Forks dull, boring, and just plain horrible. She hated the ever-raining city as a child, and even referred to it in Twilight as her “own personal hell on earth”. However, the one exception to her boring life in Forks is Edward Cullen, the gorgeous and mysterious boy she sits next to in her Biology class. She hears ‘ridiculous’ rumors that Edward and his family are more than “beautiful humans”, but despite having many theories she cannot bring herself to believe that there is a supernatural explanation for Edward’s behavior. New Moon Edward and his family have to leave forks. So Belle is depressed. She does some crazy things like going to go up to a group of drunk men. Then she changes her mind. She cliffs dives and Jacobs saves her. She buys motor bikes and uses her college money and has Jacob fixed them and she gives one to him and he teaches her how to ride. She gets hurt by crashing it. She talks to Edward in her head. She gets all happy when Alice comes to see her. Jacob is at Belle’s house and answers the phone and tells Edward that Charlie is at a funeral. Edward believes that Belle is dead and takes off to Italy to have The Volturi to kill him because he doesn’t want to live without Belle. Belle and Alice go to Italy and find Edward and bring him back to Forks. Belle has the Cullen Family vote to turn her into a vampire. Everyone says yes except Rosalie and Edward. Rosalie says she likes Belle but she says wished someone would have given her a vote about becoming a vampire. Edwards doesn’t want the cursed life for Belle. But Carlisle says okay for her to become one after graduation. Then they go about their lives and are going through the part of picking what colleges to go to. Eclipsee It starts off with a letter from jacob trying to tell her in an appropriate way to tell bella how complicated there relationship is ( he keeps crossing out things ) then charlie tells bella to hang out with more people other than edward ( like jacob ) so she helps angela with her invitations and she always waits for jacob to call. but before she goes ovr angelas house, she sneaks to jacobs behind edwards back, and edward is overpretective and says that its dangerous for bella to be around werewolves (jacob ) but then later in the book, edward tells bella that he will let her do what she wants so she goes to jacobs house sometimes. but then jacob tells her he loves her and that he doesnt want bella to choose edward, he wants bella to choose him. then the sicko ( jacob ) kisses bella and because hes so strong, she cant let go so she punches him, but because hes so strong and hard, it does nothing to jacob and bella brakes her hand. then she has to get it cast by carlisle. but im getting ahead of myself. some quick stuff was charlie started to give bella the sex talk and she was like I no DAD I NO! but what does she care? she cant do anything if she wanted. so then at angelas she actually likes it and angela and her get along really well and she thinks its nice to have a girl friend to talk to. but then way later, someone into bellas bedroom, but they couldnt recognize the scent, and it turns out to be riley ( victoria’s so called lover ) so then after the werewolves and cullens decide there going to work together because someones coming to kill bella ( they think maybey volturi because in new moon, they want to kill bella because shes not supposed to no bout vampires. ) but it turns out to be victoria and edward and seth shred her and riley. and bella attempts to shove a rock in herself and bleed to help them which would would be completely stupid. OH! and before that edward gets hurt but tells bella that she can choose who she wants and she ends up tellling jacob to kiss her! OMG! I forgot she gets engaged to edward and get a beautiful wring. and alice is planning the wedding. then before the fight in the meadow ( where the cullens and werewolves work together to kill victorias army ) bella and edward camp out in a tent and bella freezes and then jacob comes and keeps her warm and edward is uncomfortable but then jacob and edward start to get along. *good thing! and when bella tells jacob to kiss her she knows that shes in love with jacob too. in the end, they kill victoria and her army, the volturi come to check on everything but doesn’t come to kill bella. and everythings back where it was before. bella loves both of them. but shes engaged to edward and she nos she cant live without him. and jacob leaves and edward stays with bella !!! =] Breaking Dawn Here is an overview:

Book 1 - Bella

Bella and Edward’s wedding goes well, except when Jacob shows up and gets upset, though no one but the happy couple notice. Bella and Edward leave for their honeymoon on Isle Esme, a gorgeous tropical island in South America. The couple try and successfully make love, but it leaves Bella bruised all over. They continue enjoying themselves, and Bella convinces Edward to have sex once more. When Edward is away hunting one night, Bella awakes and eats some chicken. She gets sick, and assuming it was bad chicken, throws it out and begins puking. She continues getting ill, and finally realizes what day it is. She is five days late for her period, and has had this strange sickness, and weird dreams. She even has a small bump forming, though they have only been on the island for two weeks. Edward calls Carlisle while he packs their things hastily.

Book 2 - Jacob

This part is from Jacob’s perspective. The pack hears that Bella has a South American disease and is under quarantine. They assume this is the excuse they are giving to disappear. Against orders, Jake rushes to the Cullen house, only to find a very sick and very pregnant, but alive, Bella. Edward looks like “a burning man” and explains all to Jacob. Bella is refusing to let anyone take the creature out of her, even though it is bruising her immensely. Rosalie is acting as Bella’s bodyguard, also refusing anyone to take the baby out. Jacob reports back to the pack what happened, and Sam decides that they must take action and kill the creature, and in the process, kill all the Cullens and Bella. Jake does not want to kill Bella, or the vampires he trusts, Dr. Cullen. Before the attack, Jake leaves the pack and takes his place as another Alpha and heads to the Cullen house, with Seth following in support. Jake warns the Cullens of the plan, and he and Seth begin to patrol the perimeter. Bella’s condition worsens as the baby breaks ribs. Leah soon joins Jake’s pack, wanting to be rid of Sam and she begins to patrol as well. Sam sends messengers asking for their return, and tell Jake that they will not fight right now. Jake refuses to leave, though he would be happy if his other pack members did, but they refuse too. Soon after, Bella bends over without thinking, and damages herself badly. With Carlisle gone, Edward and Jake have to take the baby out right away and open Bella up, taking the healthy baby. They put her in Bella’s arms for a moment, only to take her away as Edward begins to use his venom to change Bella. He does CPR on her, trying to keep her barely alive body going. Jake thinks Bella has died and storms downstairs to see Rosalie holding the baby, who they name Renesmee. Jake is ready to kill the baby who he believes is the reason Bella is dead, and right then he sees the baby’s face and imprints.

Book 3 - Bella

It begins with Bella laying down as Edward takes the baby out of her and places her in her arms, only to take the baby away quickly. Bella becomes unconscious, and seemingly dead to Jake who leaves the room as Edward takes a syringe of his venom to stab Bella’s heart and inject his venom. He also goes along her arm, biting and liking the womb. Bella describes the pain as fire, and remembers Rosalie saying it doesn’t d any good to scream. The days pass and Bella is silent, causing Edward to worry, but Carlisle assures Edward that Bella’s injuries are about the same as Esme’s were, and she was fine. After only two days, the transformation is complete and Bella sits up. Everyone is wary, especially Jasper, of Bella and her newborn strength and rage. Bella is calm and describes her new senses. She and Edward then go hunting in the woods nearby. When Bella smells some stray hikers, so runs forward with the intent of feeding off of them. Edward is behind her, trying to stop her. Much to his surprise, Bella is able to stop and turn around and run the other direction, away from their smell. They then hunt for an animal, and Bella brings down a mountain lion. When they return home, Edward describes what happened and everyone is amazed at Bella’s control. They wonder if it is because she as been preparing herself for it for so long. Bella can smell Jacob and the baby, Renesmee, downstairs, and she is confused as to why Jake is still around. She wants to go see Renesmee though, and with all of the Cullens there to keep Bella under control, they allow it. Renesmee, although only a few hours old, looks like she is months old. She is very alert and is “talking” in her own special way. She has a power that allows her to communicate with others through pictures and memories if she touches someone’s face with her hand. A worried Jake holds Renesmee out to Bella and Bella is able to hold her, only as long as Jake has his hands on her too. When Jacob calls Renesmee by a nickname, Nessy, Bella becomes furious that he named her after some mythical creature in Loch Ness, and the baby is handed off to someone else before Bella attacks Jake. Seth, a young werewolf and friend with the vampires, jumps in front of Jake and gets his shoulder injured. Bella is taken under control and calms herself down. Bella soon learns that Jacob has imprinted on Renesmee, and she doesn’t like that idea at all, as Jake is now almost like a son-in-law, or will be in later years. During this time, things with the pack have settled, and Jake has control. Later, Bella, Jake and Renesmee are hunting in the nearby woods and Irina, the vampire from the Denali clan who fell for Laurent, sees them and takes off quickly. With Jacob and Renesmee, Bella returns home and reports what happened. Irina had gone to the Volturi, as Alice sees, and unfortunately for the Cullens, the Volturi have made their decision to come after them because they believe that Renesmee is a forbidden immortal child. The Cullens know that Irina was mistaken and decides the only way to stall the Volturi long enough to explain is to build a following of their own to witness for them. Alice suddenly leaves the Cullens with Jasper, leaving a note with Sam Uley from the copyright page of Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice. Bella sees this as a sign to her, since it was her copy of the book, and when she returns to the cottage she finds that Alice left an address on another page of the book. The family doesn’t know why Alice and Jasper left, since they didn’t give a reason to anyone. When Bella goes to the address, she finds that it is the office of a lawyer who can forge fake documents. Bella forges documents for Jacob and Renesmee, just in case she needs them to escape. Meanwhile, nomadic, vegetarian, and clans of vampires arrive on the Cullen’s land after the family begins seeking out their friends to help with the Volturi. They all take a liking to Renesemee and agree to bear witness to the Volturi that she is not an immortal child. Bella also discovers her power of mind-privacy has a shielding effect she could possibly carry to others. During the month of preparation for the Volturi, several of the vampires with quantifiable supernatural talents help her learn to expand the barrier, which comes into great effect as the Volturi come for confrontation. When the Volturi finally come, all of the vampires, along with the werewolves meet in a clearing in the forest. Although they discover that they were misinformed, and kill Irina as punishment for the wrong information, the Volturi are not satisfied to leave because they want to fight and take the vampires with gifts for themselves. Bella’s gift disables the Volturi’s offensive fighters, Alec (who causes one to lose their senses) and Jane (who creates the illusion of pain in the victim) because she can shield everyone on her side. Aro, Caius and Marcus are going to vote on whether or not Renesmee is going to be a danger to the vampire world when she grows up. Caius thinks she will be, but Marcus disagrees. Just before Aro casts his deciding vote, Alice and Jasper return with another half-human, half-vampire from South America who is now over one hundred years old. He and his two sisters (who are also half-vampire, half-human) have never causes any danger to the vampire world. Facing no other choice, Aro chooses to give up the fight, and the Volturi flee. However, before they leave, they reveal that the so-called werewolves are not actual werewolves, but rather “shape shifters”, who adapted to only be able to shift into wolf forms. The vampires celebrate their victory, along with Edward and Bella, who have successfully protected their child. After leaving the Cullens’ home for their own, Bella and Edward tuck Renesmee into her bed and head off to their bedroom arm in arm. Bella tells Edward she wants to try something with him, that she wants him to see her human memories. She places her hands on his cheeks and tries to push her shield away, something that she had been working on secretly. She brings up all of the specific memories she wants to see, and Edward is finally able to see them. She shows Edward special moments between the two of them from her perspective, letting Edward see for the first time just how deeply she loves him. Edward is thus unable to control himself from kissing her, and breaks her concentration and so she stops, but she tells him that now he knows that no one loves anyone as much as she does him. He asks her if she can do it again, and she tries, but he still can’t resist kissing her. The book ends saying And then we continued blissfully into this small but perfect piece of our forever.

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tnanks 4 teling me I dont need to reed the book anymore I was curious of why everyone was interested in those books but now I wont reed it

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