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18-year-old Maeve is the first woman to enter the reaper organization, the first organization to eliminate zombies. A wild party celebrating her inaugurations,an escape from the slums of the city sounds good. Until her first mission goes awry. She is bitten and when she thinks her life is over, Ophelia, the medic decides to help Maeve. Maeve's great-grandfather invented the virus that almost wiped out the human race. Maeve discovers a dark secret about the head of the organization and her superiors are after her. With a band of outlaws, Maeve flees the city and has to learn how to live like the people first faced Z-day

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Depends on the style of book. Might play well as a graphic novel. I personally enjoy all things zombie and so do thousands of other people.
I see many holes in the idea with a touch of cheesy typical plot

I would get ride of the bad first mission over done
I also wouldn't pull the first woman card not with out some crazy reason why after decades they decided a woman was ok. or better yet when 2/3 of the world is turned in to zombie why why wouldn't want any one willing to battle them off.

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:) I like your constructive criticism instead of a omg everything's ok! Your the first honest person I've found in this kind of stuff

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Hmmm... I got some adjustings done and:

Instead of being a new person, she is promoted to another rank
A fight saving a little kid while she was out patrolling goes bad
There is women in the org but her going through ranks is controversial cuz she is great-granddaughter of the fruit loop who caused the virus!
The secret is something BAD and her superiors see her overhearing and a wolfs head is placed over her

Those are some adjustings that I did and no romance because almost every book has romance!!!

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i like your adjustments. i wonder does see know her family created zombies does any one else?

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She knows, they know, that is why she gets teased and jeered a lot for

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omg that sounds awsome. i would definetly read it!

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