How old do you have to be to book a flight?

i’ve herd alot about you need to be 12, because 12 is the adult age on a flight. Is that right?

Answer #1

I’m not completely sure but seeing as you would have to have proper documentation and a credit/debit card to “book” a flight I would assume one would have to be at least 18 (or old enough to own a debit/credit card) to do the actual booking. I believe the “adult age” simply is used in terms of ticket pricing.

Answer #2

Are you asking because you’re 12?

Answer #3

Help please!

Answer #4

Actually Colleen has a point…are you asking because you are twelve?

Answer #5

I am not 12. I have always wonderd. I know i can book now because i am 18. I have flown several times alone and with several other people.

Answer #6

No, when i was 12 i had no where to fly. I also never had a computer… Kristen I have always wonderd because i’ve heard so many things about flying at 12, and have alwasy wonderd if its correct.

Answer #7

It is possible to fly at twelve. Booking the flight is different. As long as you have proper documentation anyone can fly, alone or accompanied.

Answer #8

There is no age limit to booking a flight, but you have to have a credit card to book it with, and some hotels will not let you check in if you are obviously a child. You can be over 5 years old to fly without an adult, though younger children (aged 5-13) will be accompanied by an air hostess type person until you reach their friends/family in the other airport- this costs more for your parents. You do realize that you aren’t allowed to be on this site if you are 12 years old?

Answer #9

no, i would assume you need a legal adult/parent to book a flight for you, i dont think they just let children go into the airport, pay cash and hop off on a plane somewere. i would assume the parent would need to book the flight for you

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