how do you book airplane tickets?

I am to this stuff. Where do I go..i already reissued my passports?

Answer #1

Well, I don’t know about other countries or where do you live but here in the USA I had luck using Kayak and Orbitz. You then get your tickets printed out on your printer at home. Sometimes they will come with a bar code and they will scan it at the airport for you to check in and everything.

Answer #2

Or Kayak

Answer #3

ahhh i replied like 10x but it keeps saying reply to short and it earse my message;( anyways thanks for your i can do it online the whole booking the tickets??..and would it tell me which airport to go to.. i am very confused. I am in cali if that helps going to visit a very sick friend in the middle east (a country) is there someone that can help me in person with this kind of stuff..i don’t want to make arrangments and something bad goes the last minute. My visit to the middle east is important because my friend is been in the death bed for a while i really want to get there my chances are very slim if i wait any longer:(.

Answer #4

You better ask the travel agent in travel agency. You can book flights there and avail an airplane tickets.

Answer #5

Yes! Everything online and it’s cheaper. Just enter the location

Answer #6

…the location, and the date. Then the website will pick airports to and from and will give you all the flights that are available and the times and all the airlines. You will see all this information before you commit to buy. Make sure to click the airport that is close to you. You will also see a list of prices of how much the tickets would cost you depending how many people are going and if the trip is round trip. After you pick on a flight, you then, get to pick from a list of available seats and fill in your information and finally you use your credit card to buy them. There will be a good 5 to 10 pages that will print out, a lot of them with just general information. Take those on your flight day, to the airline check in counter. They scan it and tell you what gate will your flight will be. Sometimes, they will hand you a different set of tickets containing the same information and keep the ones you printed at home. I’ve been doing this since like forever lol! Easy and cheaper. Don’t use a travel agency, they will charge you more for your flight.

Answer #7 is good

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