What's a good book to read?

I’m looking to get into reading a lot again but I don’t know WHAT to read. If you could give me some suggestions that’d be nice. It doesn’t matter.. any kind of book. Maybe a book that you read and found really interesting and exciting. If you answer, thanks a lot! (:

Answer #1

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn was my favorite book EVER.

Answer #2

I really liked the book The Giver (:

Answer #3

Depends on what you like. I like reading murd3r mysteries and my favourate author is Nicci French. Try her book “The Land of the Living”. Am currently reading Wicker by Kevin Guilfoile and it is a very good read so far. Or if you are into the whole teen love, vampire thing, I would recomend The Vampire Academy series. Awsum books. Allot more complex and bloody than Twilight. :-)

Answer #4

Leftovers by Laura Wiess, Aimee by Mary Beth Miller, The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky, The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien.

Definitely my favorites!

Answer #5

“The Five People You Meet in Heaven”

“Running with Scissors” or “Possible Side Effects” by Augusten Burroughs - HILARIOUS! Actually, anything by him is great.

Dave Sedaris is a funny writer as well.

“The Monk” “Frankenstein” “A Long Way Down”

Answer #6

bad girls don’t die…..it’s amazing but scary

Answer #7

I cant seem to ever focus on one book at a time because after a while I get really bored, so I read about 5 different books according to how I am feeling that particular night. lmfao! *

I can go from spiritual to english Literature to self improvement…:P *

I am in the middle of reading these books called “I’m ok You’re ok” by Thomas A. Harris…I also read another called “Forgiveness” by Dr. Sidney B Simon & Suzanne Simon…I also read another called “How to develop & use psychic touch” by Ted Andrews…another one I read is “Ignite your intuition” by Craig Karges last but not least “Selected Poems & Letters of Emily D!ckins0n” Edited by Robert N. Linscott

Hope this helps.

Answer #8

If you want the thriller, try skin by ted dekker and dedfall by robert liperio [idk how to spell it]

Answer #9

Augustine Burroughs memoirs theres like 5 or 6 of them that are really good its about his life but its hilarious.

Midnighter’s Trilogy- awesomeness in a book

Peeps trioloy- amazing details, action filled, easy to get into

Red is for remembrance

anymore just ask =)

Answer #10

My 2 favorite series are ‘The House Of Night’ (books include Marked, Betrayed, Chosen, Untaimed, Hunted, Tempted, Burned, and Awakend, with more on the way), this seris has to do with Vampires, Young love, and so much more! I love it. and then ‘The Imortal’ Books by Alyson Noel (books include Evermore, Blue Moon, Shadowland, Dark Flame, Night Stare, and coming out July 15 is everlasting) wich has to do with undying love, magic, Imortals, teen drama, again LOVE these books :) I really enjoy them, they are both long series, and are both still continuing, but i garentee if you start them you wont be able to stop :)

Answer #11

night star*

Answer #12

I love the Other Boleyn Girl, and the Blood Confessions.

Answer #13

Read it. I still want to find out what happend to him in the end. D: The author doesn’t really tell and that’s what her intentions were, if you have read the back pages About The Atuthor and stuff. :P

Answer #14

Read it. I still want to find out what happend to him in the end. D: The author doesn’t really tell and that’s what her intentions were, if you have read the back pages About The Atuthor and stuff. :P

Answer #15

I’m reading The House Of Night series right now! I’m on Tempted and I love these books. I’m probably going to read the ones out and then move onto maybe some of the books you or others have listed. Thanks!

Answer #16

i recommend Edgar Allan Poe’s Short stories

Answer #17

They have a whole series of it.so the giver isnt the only book of it.they have others :D

Answer #18

A man named dave.SAD BOOK.

Answer #19

Try a book called The Shack , it is anything but ordinary

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