What size boobs is too big?

How big is too big. do guys like big ones or are they happy with little ones ??

Answer #1

I’ve heard a lot of guys say that they just like boobs, no matter what, haha. It’s a rare guy who will flat-out not like your boobs. I’m a B-cup (sometimes I wear a C, but I don’t really “look” like a C), and not to brag, but I’ve had two guys see them and specifically tell me they were beautiful and “just about perfect”. It’s funny, too, b/c my friends always teased me about being small, so until those guys (a boyfriend and a one-night-stand blush) told me that, I always thought I’d be a disappointment to guys. Guess not!

Also, a gay man’s opinion isn’t as useful, haha, but my gay pal told me mine were a better size than another girl’s bigger ones who I compared mine to, which was nice! I don’t say that to knock the bigger gals, but just to dispel the myth that only big boobs look good.

On the other hand, there is clearly something about big boobs that get men’s attention. Just look at all the movie (and porn) stars that show off their big boobs- there’s definitely something men like about that, so if you’re worried you’re too big, I would put those worries to rest!

Finally, in my friends’ and my experiences, if a guy really likes you or is in love with you, he’s almost certainly going to think your boobs are beautiful. Yay! :)

Answer #2

guys most likely prefer the Ds and large Cs boobs just sayin, like I’ve never met a guy that prefers someones a cup to a d cup on another lady

Answer #3

I had size AA boobs and my boyfriend LOVED them. Some guys prefer the booty, like mine. Some guys like all boobs, my brother for instance was drunk talking one night, saying he loves all shapes and sizes of boobs. :)

Answer #4

There’s no such thing as too big! I know a girl with GGs and they’re gorgeous. I’d love to meet the woman with K cup boobs who posted earlier - they must be amazing! That’s just me though and I know quite a few men prefer smaller ones.

Answer #5

HAHAHA Grasshopper doesnt mean to offend he likes my brendan fraser pic more than I do if you know what I mean xx

Answer #6

The comically large, novelty size breasts are a huge turnoff to me. It looks like the woman is standing in front of a funny mirror.

Breast size is something that obviously catches the attention of guys. I don’t mean to make excuses but it is a biological thing. I am happy to say, though, that when a guy usually falls in love with a girl, her breasts, no matter what their size, are sexy to him.

Answer #7

bigmuma, Different guys like different sizes. Its all based on prefference. Your born with the boobs you got so you’re just going to have to settle with them. -ѕтәpн♥

Answer #8

okay. Its. Kool. How your a mother of to. And still kare. About your. Body. Parts. I. Have. Huge. Boobs. And. I. Don’t. Think u. Can have. To.uch of. Anything. LOL

Answer #9

I choose big and small … the both are simply very sexy … its my opinion ! For most of the people D cup is too big ! For me , I have 40 K cup and I am happy with ! AA A B C D DD E F G H I J … AND K cup ! 12 inches between under and on ! …

Answer #10

I am president of the itty bitty titty committee, and my hubby has never complained about bones (this is where is raise an eyebrow at you grasshopper) or anything else concerning my boobs for that matter.

Answer #11

Any size really…it’s the person that counts…boobs are an after thought for me. It’s usually the smile and the eyes that get my attention first :) I guess if they are like really HUGE it’s a bit scary with gravity an all.

Answer #12

well tex I wanted to get an opinion. just like you wanted to know about sugar in coke lol. I might be a mummy of 2 but that doesnt mean I cant ask a question about body parts. my kids dont read this ! I thought that this was a free to ask section ?? im only knew maybe I have it in the wrong section ?? please tell me..

Answer #13

I agree with kingofpop. I am attracted to the women they are attached to. I like small perky breasts. I like anatomically proportioned large ones. I knew a girl once, weighed about 110 pounds- she had about a 44 inch bust. wow- they definately got my attention. she was still beautiful, but my female friends with large boobs have all said the same thing- they are hard on the lower back. the girl I previously mentioned eventually got a REDUCTION to alleviate back strain. my womans personality and ability to communicate and love is what attracts me, as well as the EYES, I am a sucker for a beautiful set of EYES. like boobs- but the eyes win it for me.

Answer #14

No, no no…you misunderstood me. Of course you can ask any question you want. Thats what the site is here for… Just the way it was worded and with all the exclamation points, I was expecting it to be from a young teen. I usually click on the profile before I answer to get the age so I know how much information to put out there. :) But hey, I’m down with it. I answered it. hugs bigmuma and asks for forgiveness :) :)

Yep, yep I did ask about sugar in coke…and boy do I need to stop drinking it!! :)

Answer #15

Well, I’m surprised this is a question coming from a 31 year old mom of 2, but okay I’ll answer it. Guys like both. It depends on the guy. Thats the great thing about the world, there is a huge range of opinions on the subject. So if you have big ones there are guys that like that…and if you have small ones there are also guys that like that. There isn’t a blanket answer for this one. The answer is BOTH.

Answer #16

I also agree with uberdrastic67 about the C size. But B’s are also good and D’s. The sad part for women in the larger boob range is the rapid onset of saggy boobs at a younger age and then it gets worse with age and if the woman have kids. But women in the C or lower range can keep them looking Perky even in their 30’s.

Answer #17

yes they remain happy with both but first they prefer left an then right. but they don’t thinkofanybigger one at same time.

Answer #18

I think a C is perfect or a B, Ds are to large and As are a little to small.

Answer #19

Well, let me know if there is anything I can ever help you out with. :)

Answer #20

Well, if your man likes big boobs and you have small ones, you have the choice to get fake ones…at least it’s an obtion.

Answer #21

haha big boobs are GREAT but a HUGE personallity is better :)

Answer #22

grasshopper when have you been near boobs???

Answer #23

Big boobs are MORE FUN! and there so comfortable you dont want to lay on a girl on her boob and feel bones now do you?

Answer #24

awww nice answer kingofpop. I asked as I see people getting boob jobs all the time and wonder why ??

Answer #25

ohh sorry about that I have a new laptop and its doing crazy things when im typing and in the end I just let it stay on because its taking me 5 hrs (exageration) to type a sentence. the coke is hard to get of im only allowed caffine free diet at the moment its a killer. xx oh and nothing to forgive. im learning.

Answer #26

I always thought men liked large breasts until I met a man that told me small breast is what he liked because small breasted women most usually have beautiful legs. This is true 90% of the time. After that I started noticing that what he said is very true. So, if you are a leg man you’ll like small breasted women.

Answer #27

haha.. yeah! man boobs for me,… :|

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