Does anyone go to boarding school?

I really want to go to a boarding school. It’s not that I don’t love my family and friends, but I want to try something new. Does anybody here go to a boarding school, and if you do can you tell me about it and which one you go to. Thanks in advanced.

Answer #1

I do, I thought I might enjoy it. I have been to two boarding schools, one being the prep school of the other. The prep school was aewsome, I made the best friends of my life there and I loved it. At my new one though, I cannot stand going back. Being there is alright at the best of times but never better than that. I would much rather compromise my education and live at home than be at a boarding school. It is really a personal preference. Boarding school can be hellish or great fun, unfortunately my current one is not where I want to be and I have asked my parents if I can leave. if you get homesick often when you are away from home, DO NOT DO BOARDING SCHOOL! Also, when the time comes ot make the decision about whether or not you REALLY want to go because most independant schools have a deposit that your parents pay to guarentee you a place and if you change your mind they will not be happy to lose it on top of all the other fees. Just think about what it would mean for oyu to be away from your house, family and local friends. Your social life is also severely compromised, you only meet a certain group of people and quickly become predjudiced against “normal” members of society. I have found that independant schoolboys especially sterotype all boys who go to state schools as being “chavs”. This prejudice surely isn’t good to be exposed to? Make your own choice but if you want my advice, DO NOT GO!!!

Answer #2

I go to Solebury School in Pennsylvania, New Hope. It’s very nice- It has a nice campus, nice teachers, and you’ll LOVE the amount on homework :)

But you have to be in high school to board there- I’m not old enough to. :’(

Answer #3

Haha I always wanted to go to one too after I saw Zoey 101 on Nickalodeon. :D But that was when I was like 10 haha. But yeah likeee, I asked my parents and quite honestly they don’t look like much fun to me at all. :P Plus, most are like HELLA EXPENSIVE. :]

Answer #4

My bestfriend is going to boarding school right now. She is at norte dame in saskactwean in canada. she loves it but it really makes you grow up fast she has to be really indepdant. She only sees her family on thanksgiving and christmas and only for about a week so if you get homesick i don’t suggest it. Also it cost alot of money pretty much the same cost of university or collage about $10,000 a year and there are registration fees to but that includes food and board and school. She loves it a lot and its a great experience to perpare you for post secondary

Answer #5

I went to a boarding school for a year and made some friends for life, on the other hand, i missed my family and old friends.

Answer #6

I go to boarding school, this is my first year and at first I didnt like it, because I was REALLY home sick. But now I love it and the friends you make tend to be closer than you would normally make, because you live with them. I go to a christian boarding school so it’s pretty structured. I would make sure you REALLY want to go before you make the decision. At times I feel like im missing out on being a normal teenager, but then at other times I know im getting better prepared for my future.

P.S Boarding school (at least mine) is nothing like Zoey 101

Answer #7

To be honest it is really quite horrible. In the UK at least. The food is awful, the people are snobbish and it’s quite boring really. My advice would to not go unless you are sure that you would like it there. Also I would advise a Co-ed school, although having never been to one I would say that they are probably better than single sex (what I go to). Also you will loose your social life anywhere else. Due to censored internet!

Answer #8

I go to a boarding school and I LOVE it. I made the best friends of my life in the first month, but it costs $48,000 a month plus spending money and dorm stuff, so…

Answer #9


I work with The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS for short), a non-profit with more than 300 member schools in both North America and abroad. I read your question and thought you might be interested in checking out TABS at [link removed].

Thinking about boarding schools? – the official online guide to boarding schools – has tons of information, including:

• Lots of useful features and videos about the boarding school experience. ( removed]/home.aspx)

• A School Browser that lets you search nearly 300 schools across North America. ( removed]/find-a-school.aspx)

• A great “How to Apply” guide that takes you through the process step by step. ( removed]/how-to-apply.aspx)

• A general application form accepted by many leading boarding schools. ( removed]/how-to-apply/application.aspx)

• A Guided Search function that narrows your criteria to target specific courses, arts and athletic interests.

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