Is boarding school fun?

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If you make it fun then yes, yes it is. Life is what you make it

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Well it all depends I went to a boarding school from grade 6-9 and I hated it becuase it was full of bullies. I was picked on all the time and the teachers and the Headmaster did nothing about it. It all depends on what type of person you are. I was shy and kept to myself so I was the perfect prey.

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That sounds nasty indeed

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sadly enough thats what alot of boarding schools are like

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Aw, that is sad

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Well I hope mine isn't because my dad put down a $48,000 deposit on one...

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I hope not but what I have heard its pretty much the same. Good luck :D

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i will suggest to make it 'fun' as you are going there,you will enjoy if you will make friends and do eveything happily.well,it will be more fun to write a diary on each day that how was your day.if you get along with your friends then it will be like sleepover daily..and you can that school they have so many sports,you will enjoy them,yeah ,its fun... :)

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