Do girls like guys with blue eyes?

Ok so I have blue eyes and im a guy, but anyways I dont really think that they're special or anything but every girl I meet says the my eyes are "pretty" or "beautiful" and I dont understand why, so do girls just like guys with blue eyes or could it be my eyes are prettier than others or what? Thanks a lot...

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I have blue eyes and blondish hair!

I love how I look lol . not to sound conceited tho XD

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ok;; blue eyes are cute in all but personallly I LOVE guys with brown eyes!! omg its sooo cute!

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Me personally, I luv big browns or cool greens. It all depends on the person and their type. I love hazel too!

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I looove blue eyes. Especially on a guy <3 <3 Blue eyes rock!! :D

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Well I'm a girl and I likke blue eyes ,, I dontt realyy know .,:S

Peacce <33

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blue eyes are gouregous(:
espically on a guy

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aww you have blue eyes...I looove blue eyes...I don't know but I could say 80% of girls like blue eyes...

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I think of blue eyes as the person has a lot of care. It's the eyes you can get lost in. Its like a whirlpool taking you deep insid their soul.

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Brown is not an ugly colour at all. My Boyfriend has gorgeous big brown eyes. I love them to bits.
I have blue eyes but I'd love to have brown instead.
Blue eyes on a guy look cute but I prefer brown. (:

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I have blue eyes too. =]
thought id throw that out there haha.
but I like any color of eyes on guys but like blue and sometimes green are the ones that like pop.

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Girls general like guys with blue eyes, brown & green are ugly colors.
You're lucky. Blue's a plus - girls will be more attracted to you now.

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Well blue eyes do tend to look really pretty. I love blue eyes. Mine are green =P

If you have dark hair then that makes the blue stand out and it's gorgeous. So that could be why. Lol.

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I'm a girl and my eyes are a really cool icy greyish blue color and I get that all the time. Some people even think they're contacts, which is completely untrue. My eyes are 100% natural. Everyone loves them. There are several pretty eyes out there, not just blue ones. Some brown eyes are pretty, some green eyes are pretty, etc...
It just depends on the shade of them and what the person saying they're pretty likes I guess.

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blue eyes are really cute!! I don't know why but they are I guess kuz were attracted to them but were also attracted to other colors too. like I love big brown eyes:)

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I have green/brown eye's combination, but depending on your hair/skin/makeup watever other colours are on your face, you can make your eye colour really stand out and look good!

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Umm im a girl I love blue eyes acutally I wear blue contacts I would say having blue eyes is luck and I find them veryy prettyy soo noo need to worry. =)

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i do prefer blue eyes on a guy, but i know people who don't care.

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I love blue eyes but I like brown,green,hazel,gray also. But I love light brown eyes the most =) <3

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A lot of girls prefer guys with blue eyes. But I'm a girl, and I really don't understand why they find them attractive, I personally find dark brown/black eyes to be the absolute best on men and women. I think blue eyes are ugly most of the time, but that's an unpopular opinion. Sometime there will be an attractive celebrity guy that I will like when it looks like he has brown eyes, but then I find a closer picture and realize he actually has light eyes, I'm always super disappointed and I won't like them nearly as much because I really find brown eyes sexy.

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