How can I block off the under part of my bed?

My bed is lifted from the floor on railing. I would like to block it off, so that my dog can’t get under my bed. How can I do that easily, without having to ‘build’ anything.

Answer #1

Pillows? I used to use pillows to block off the sides when I needed to give my cat a bath and she’d hide out under the bed. Here’s the thing. Your dog needs a safe place to hide and escape. It’s going to cause him a lot of anxiety if he doesn’t have that place, especially in the beginning.

Answer #2

i used to put boxes under my bed, if you can find a bunch of boxes to fit in there that should do, even better if you have things you can store in them

Answer #3

I agree with this. Give your puppy some time to adjust before you block him off from down there. He’s hiding down there because he feels safe and comfortable there. Take it slowly. Let him get comfortable with you before you do anything.

Answer #4

The thing is, I don’t think it’s going to ever stop hiding under the bed…I think that is just how she is. The previous owners had her for a while, and she was still not used to them. She can’t just stay under the bed forever, that’s no fun…and she has to eat. She won’t even come out to eat.

Answer #5

You could block it off with pillows, blankets, boxes etc. , but I agree with the staements above right now its a safe place for her and you may add to her anxiety by blocking it from her. Many dogs enjoy a crate to sleep in as it gives them a “den” feel. Perhaps getting her a small crate or dog carrier that you can put some blankets in might be a good compromise.

Answer #6

You’ve only had her a day. If she is fearful it may takes days, weeks or even months to help her through it. My Pug is a rescue and I’ve had him two years and we are stiill working through his problems. I work with a Pug rescue and they told me it could take 3-5 years to get him “Normal”. He is by far the hardest dog I’ve ever helped, but well worth the effort. Be patient, she will come to love you.

Answer #7

I have a pet taxi, which she is in right now. She either stays in it all day, or stays under the bed if she can’t get in the taxi. She’ll starve if I just “leave her alone” and let her hide.

Answer #8

She won’t starve. Even if it seems that way to you. She will come out eventually. Honestly, I think you just need to let her be for a bit. If you leave like dry dog food out, she’ll go and eat. Even if it is in the middle of the night when everyone is asleep.

Answer #9

Fine…I will leave some food in her bowl…and I will check it tomorrow night. If it’s still there…then what? Also, am I supposed to let her use the bathroom in her cage?

Answer #10

It took my cat two years till she stopped hiding under the bed. Sometimes it just takes time. And look. I know you’re excited. And I know you want to play with her and be with her. And i know you have the best intentions (and no I’m not being patronizing). But this isnt about whether it is fun or not. The dog is anxious and so it’s hiding. You can’t force it out just because you want to play. That’s not helpful. And she’ll eat. You’ve had her for a day. If she doesn’t eat for 3 days, then you worry. Otherwise, leave the food out, and she’ll go eat.

Answer #11

Then it’s still there. She’s not going to starve herself. Give her some time. And no, bathroom in cage is out. How did you take her out the last time?

Answer #12

If I just leave her alone…like you said, then she won’t come out of her cage to use the bathroom. I have to drag her out of the cage to get her to go out, which I don’t like doing…but what else can I do? She won’t come out on her own.

Answer #13

Well for bathroom use you may not have a choice…

Answer #14

I don’t want her to hate me for being mean and dragging her out though…I mean, like you said…she is nervous, and I don’t want to scare her. I think she has been abused in the past, so I want her to know I am not going to hurt her.

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