How can I remove the orange from bleached hair?

I bleached my hair one day then again 24 hours later. It is still slightly orange. Can a blue or violet toner remove the remaining orange. How long should I wait to do this?

Answer #1

I just did the same thing… except mine is more yellow… how annoying…the thing is some sections went a really light nice blond- and I think those were the parts that had it on a bit longer… so maybe it’s worth it to try again.

Answer #2

Your hair obviously has a red base to it, so you probably won’t be able to completeley bleach it all out. The idea is to bleach it untill you get it close to blonde, then use a toner (ash blonde colour), which will cover the orange and give you the desired effect.

Answer #3

The very best and cheapest thing in the world to do is to buy Gentian Violet (they dont sell it in Australia for some reason), and put 5 drops into a litre of water and rinse your hair with this. you can add more drops if it looks too pale but be careful to not add too many drops the first time as it may go purple. This works so well and you will have instant crystal silver coloured hair. It removes yellow, brassy and orange from blond hair and also keeps your hair a crystal silver if you do it once or twice a week

Answer #4

I had dye my hair black then I used color remover and it tur out yellow roots and the rest of my hair orange then colored brown and got highlights but the top were lighter and the bottom darker I got my hair fixed like that at the salon but then I wanted go blond so I bleached my hair myselt and turn out blond at the top and orange at the bottom so then I apply a bronw hair color to fix it and it look even but then the next time I apply a ash blond and the top were it use to be blond because of the hair remover and bleach turn out a little lighter than the rest of the hair so the bottom is more redish orange and the top is less reddish orange so now I want to bleach it again because I want to go blond so I was thinking in bleach first all the darkest part of my hair wich is the boottom and then wait till go to the lightes that can go and then apply bleach to the top of my hair but I will start at the back then all the way to the top so I can control the bleach and try to rinse the hair when it looks even and then wash it and apply ash blond, what do you think, helppp pleaseee

Answer #5

I have the same problem , my hair is really damged though as I have been dyeing it and bleaching it scince I was 11 and im now 14 and I straighten it everyday , im naturally ginger and I have gone from black to brown to blonde to black to red to brown to blonde ect … Use deep conditioners twice a week and to get it less orange you need to buy a ash blonde dye!

I hope this helps ! :D x

Answer #6

Hi sll, I highlighted my hair and certain parts are orange. If I use toner over all my hair would it affect my natural brown also?


Answer #7

rule one - ALWAYS go to a salon if bleaching you hair, I’ve been there before, trust me its worth the money. DON’T go from one extreme to the next, these things take time if you still want to have hair. But if you have the problem of orange/yellow hair just now, use Lee Stafford Cool Blonde Hot Shots these are ready made toners which you use like a shampoo then leave on for twenty minutes. Then invest in a colour depositing shampoo (purple or silver) and use daily til you get the desired colour, you will then need to use this weekly to keep up the colour.

Answer #8

First things first. Sally’s Beauty supply store is wonderful. You will need a 30 volume creme developer I think. “Salon care” is the best. And a packet of “quick Blue” bleach.

It’s less harsh so you can insure that you cover all your roots.

The shimmering lights shampoo is okay but I’ve found it doesn’t really get out the yellow orange too much and I used it everyday for 2 weeks with no result.

I would suggest also picking up a creme toner from Sally’s as well.

Use a whichever blonde color that is your desired look mix equal parts toner and equal parts 20 volume creme developer in a mixing tray and apply it to shampooed damp hair.

Leave it in for about 15 minutes with or without covering your hair and that should help give you a more natural blonde and take out all the yellow and orange color

Answer #9

I have orange hair too I’ve died it twice with the store brand clariol bleach kit this is not the first time this has happend to me I usuallyt use the radicial bleach kit from sallys twice then a toner I ushally have to cut the ends of my hair because it is so dry then I put a hot oil treatment on my hair and after I wash that out I leave condiner on over night but I would try a toner with a blue violett after you grt youre hair light enoughf

Answer #10

I used a L’oreal Frost and Design to lighten my daughter’s hair. Although she is a very light brown, it turned her hair orange. I went to Sally’s. I purchased Clairol Cream Toner in Iced Champagne. It got rid of all the orange, and now her hair is a beautiful blonde. The clerk at Sally’s explained how to do it. Very helpful and great results!

Answer #11

I bleached my hair with xxl live schwartskopf last night and its a very bright orange colour I need help asap im a junior in a hairdressers and I cant go in with my hair like this has anyone got any advice ? x

Answer #12

bleaching your hair is an EXTREMELY damaging process. although toners do remove the orange, it adds to the damage of your hair and may cause meltage due to the changeof chemicals in such a short amount of time. I recommend the paul mitchell color shampoo for blondes. There is also the generic brand known as “shimmer lights” by clairol which can be found in almost any sally’s for half price.It’s a shampoo with a purple base ingredient to cancel out the yellows and oranges. leaving it in for too long can sometimes leave purple or greyish strands in platinum hair. The purple shampoo is a process, although it takes a few washes to cancel it out as opposed to the instant effect of a toner, the shimmer lights is far less damaging and has many conditioners in it to get your hair healthy in the process. hope this helps!

Answer #13

you need to be reading the Hair Blog I have on becoming a Home Hair Colorist…the professional way… we are talking about this very subject…but you need to sit down and read it… throughoughly I have condensed it as far as it can be… for my readers… but you need to read the post on decoorization…so you can see why it is orange… then u will understand how to get rid of the orange… by using either a color remover or a bleach… one is less damaging than the other but more expensive and harder to find. so there are many different options… depending on who -what- & where -you are…

Answer #14

I just did the same thing… except mine is more yellow… how annoying…the thing is some sections went a really light nice blond- and I think those were the parts that had it on a bit longer… so maybe it’s worth it to try again.

Answer #15

How to take out the redish or bronzy color in blonds is to buy a shampoo called shimmer lights its a purple shampoo that you mix with any color shampoo. It takes out any unwanted blonds and will leave you with a really pretty wheat blond. I just did this to my hair I LOVE it. But be careful only use it once a week and dont use too much it is purple and can turn your hair a light purple but it really works/

Answer #16

I got mine done at the hair dressers, I had been dying my hair dark brown to black for years, when im naturally a lightish blonde. it still went yellow/orange, then after a toner which they kept referring to as a “semi permenant” was washed through my hair, which blends all the colours and kills orange. it killed a lot of the orange!! like they just washed it through for like a minute and it was like magic. my hair is still slightly yellow. but 100 times better, and only one hair dresser seemed to know about this magic toner in the salon!shrugs only used for “nightmare cases” apparently lol

Answer #17

If you don’t mind going a little darker. Use dark blonde over the top of it. If your hair is short and thin use one box if it’s long and thick, use two. Hope it helps!! When you are finished use lots of conditioner, and an olive oil treatment pack.

Answer #18

Okay So i know this question was asked 3 years ago, but after doing research upon research. To go from Black to blonde blonde, with no yellow, orange, brass.. You need the following: 1-2 weeks ahead of dying, Strengthen your hair! buy products to make it strong and prepare it for damage! because bleaching can kill it if not done properly. After your hair is in great condition, apply bleach. (box bleach is “okay” at this level. but still not the best) After bleaching your hair once, put more protein/hair strengthener product in, and leave in for 5 minutes. Do not shampoo. its a waste. Wait at least 3 days. No less. and then use a 30 volume developer, and a hair lightening powder. (get it from Sally’s beauty) get a bowl, measure and mix together. Hair should not have been shampooed that day. and then use the 30 vol/lightener and wait no more then 60 minutes (anything longer willl just damage your hair and wont lighten it anymore!) Wash out with water, and then apply a heavy conditioner. No shampooing from here on out. just conditioning! 3 days after, No conditioning this day.. You can use the 30 vol developer and the lightener again. Use no more then 60 minutes. go until its the color you are looking for. wash out, then condition. again no shampooing for awhile. just condition! If you are trying to get the brass/yellow/orange completely out, Time for one last step! 3 days later: 30 volume developer and a toner. Mix the two together (read instructions) and apply to hair, leave on as long as it says. wash out. If you picked a toner which will make plat blonde/white you should have no yellow, orange, red..ect To keep this color you will only dye the roots once every 4-6 weeks. to stop the brass/yellow which is caused by water, you need a pruple/blue shampoo and conditioner. Only use once a week or every 3 washes. But for one week after the toner don’t use any shampoo. Just condition lots! If you do it properly you may have little to no breakage. The longer you wait in between the bleaching the better on your hair! I had almost no damage! and my hair is very healthy. take great care of your hair, brush gently, apply silk drops for shine, use reconstructing products once a week and you should be set! If you dye it orange, Don’t worry it will only be there for a few days! if you’re going blonde don’t dye it brown! lol Good luck!

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