using bleach without my rubber gloves?

My husband wants to see me, using bleach without my rubber gloves. Should I listen to him?

Answer #1

tell him to use bleach without gloves, and see what happens…lol it will dry your hands out after prolonged use

Answer #2

Bleach is an irritant, hence the big X at the back of the bottle ^^

So I would’nt use it without gloves if I were you, depends if you plan on spilling it or not ;)

Sounds like a bit of a bizarre request to be honest,

Answer #3

I dont understang why?? your hands or just going to get rough and chaped…in the long run???

Answer #4

Depending on the bleach, it might not be so harmful. But what is it with your husband - that sounds weird!

Use those rubber gloves if you want to… and try to see if he has a deeper problem.

Answer #5

I don’t know if bleach is harmful to skin. I think it is over a period of time.

Whenever you’re dealing with products that contain bleach, use rubber gloves that cover the lower part of your sleeves. You’ll also notice that when you wear rubber gloves you usually are more careful when touching other things, such as your pants. So rubber gloves can be a good reminder to be cautious with the clothes you’re wearing.

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Answer #6

no, weather its hair bleach or clothing bleach you should never use it without gloves bleach burns, as well as damages your skin and could even trigger an allergic reaction tell your jusband that it wouyld be dangerosue to your health, and its not a wise thing to do if he doesnt listen, be smart dont do it

Answer #7

Tell your hubby not to be silly. Bleach is irritant to skin and would burn if left on for too long. If you get some on your skin, the advice would be to wash it off immediately. Definitely don’t get it near your eyes or mouth. Also, mixing bleach with certain other products may cause dangerous gases, which could be fatal if inhaled (what does that tell you about bleach?). Seriously, you’re right to be cautious. Dangerous chemicals and human skin shouldn’t mix.

Answer #8

I bleach my hair and friends all the time and I realized that you should never go without gloves I was using some quick blue powder with a 40 developer and da next day my fingers are swoll and too and all da bleach they are rock hard and hurt…

Answer #9

Wait, like putting bleach on your clothes? Because I’ve done that, and nothings happened to my hands. :)

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