Which route to take to strip black hair dye?


I am new here and came across your advise when looking for some myself about how to strip my hair. I have been doing my own hair for years and I have been really successful at it, only dealing with beauty supplies for my hair supplies. My hair is naturally medium to light blonde, and has been blonde, red, brown and now Black, looks great on my but I am tired of it and summer is coming and I am already feeling how hot it can be with my hair this colour. I saw that you recommend getting it done at a hair salon which I am currently looking into in the morning, I don’t think I can strip it on my own this time. I know that it won’t happen overnight and I’m not expecting it too, but eventually I would like to go back to blonde, which root would be the best to take in terms of colouring? Should I let the salon get it to some sort of brown? My hair is pretty healthy right now, and I know that it won’t be afterwards but I can say my hair bounces back farely quickly, in terms of moisture and dryness. Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated. I will say this, next time I will only add Black streaks if I really want black hair…hahahaha.

Answer #1

Hey..Im in the same situatuon..I had dark blonde hair and I dyed it brown and its semi perminant..buh it still hasnt cum out.its gingery now and I dont like it! I wanna be really blonde in months! HELP! I cnt go to the hairdressers cus I dont like them..so how do I do it myself?

Answer #2

I dyed my hair black a few years ago…I put 15 percent bleach and it still wasnt doin much..but eventually it got lighter and then bcame…dark brown..then liter tuk me bout 4 appointments and it wo fine

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hey, I’ve been in your shoes not so long ago in terms with the black hair dye. Hair salon is the best way to go I found. I tried stripping it myself which was the worse thing to do as it leaves your hair dry and brittle which is not a good look. You should ask for advice from a hair professional. But what I did is I put blonde foils through my hair and I went back every six weeks to get more put through my hair and eventually it went back to blonde it is a slow process though mind you. Another way is that you get your hair dresser to bleach your hair and put your natural hair colour through. But rememeber dying your hair can be harsh on your hair so it might pay to put product through such as leave in conditoiners or deep nouirshering shampoos and conditoners. Hot oil is good too! hope this helps good luck!!

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just use washing up liquid and lots of conditioner and medicated shampoos =) Easy As That will notice difference in bout 2 weeks xx

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I would just have it stipped it cost less than bleaching trust me im a cosmetologist but only have then leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes an then go with 7/8 light to medium blond, bleaching is bad for your hair I promiss just remember bleach eats out small holes in your hair strand untill their is no pigmentation. I would just listen to the first answere an go licensed cosmetologist I wouldn’t chance it with A DO YOUR SELF answer your hair hair is your hair an you dont know how much u’ll miss when it falling out or breaking off . also dudley’s make a great cream conditioner you can buy an do @ hm to repair any damage it works great you can get at salons oa arm strong or ADR .

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Go get it done at a salon … NO BOXES trust me I did the exact same thing as you did but I kept redying my hair with boxes which is not smart. This is what I did I went to the salon and they first have to either strip the color out with bleach depending on how well your hair strips or they suggest you can go for a dark brown. If you get your hair striped it will be a brass yellow when it comes out usually but they do die over it so don’t be shocked depending on the damage done to your hair is how light you can go. The lightest you probably can go speaking in general terms is a strawberry blonde. They will then put highlights in your hair and maybe break it up with different colors of blondes they may be dark though depending if your hair can handle the stripping process. It took me 8 hours to fix my black hair and it cost me about $400 at a Cheap salon so my advice is go for a brown becaues it may only end up costing you $100

Answer #7

Please Help Me With This Kind Of Problem Too

Answer #8

After reading all of these entries, I’ve decided to get my hair stripped. I’ve done a lot of research on it, because I started dying my hair when I was 14 years old…4 years ago. I went from being naturally light brown, to bright reds, dark purples, then went black. Its been about two years of having black hair, and I’m off to college soon, so I wanted a change. Every stylist I have asked locally has given me a different answer. They’re either all for the stripping, or all for the bleaching. One of my friends got black stripped from her hair and it did leave it quite a few different colors, but I decided to do mine a little differently and not dye it before going through with the procedure. I haven’t dyed my whole head of hair in about a year, because the black didnt fade too too much. I only touched up my roots. Even then though, I haven’t touched my roots up in about 6 months. They are awful though, about an inch and a half from my scalp! Very noticeable when Im in broad sunlight. Anyway, from all the websites I’ve visited and opinions I’ve read, I have decided to strip my hair at a salon that uses Rusk products. Seems like that will be my best bet. Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences. Certaintly helped a lot :)

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Getting Black hair color out is very hard and time consuming. Yes you can either bleach or strip the color depending on what you want to do. If you strip remember that you HAVE to dye your hair another color. stripping always leaves your in different colors.

Answer #10

I have dyed my hair so many times its not even funny. I’ve done the box thing, and if you know what you are doing, then it works out fine.. I went from jet black to a white blonde. it took 3 treatments over a course of a month, but only cost my around 50 bucks. the key thing is know what you are doing or find a friend who knows what they are doing and you can get it done cheap and still look good.

Answer #11

Go to a salon!! When my hair was black I made the mistake of trying to strip it myself, and it turned out all kinds of different colors. So then I had to bleach it to really get all the black out. I had to end up cutting off agood 10 inchs because I completly killed it. I dye my own hair and it always works great but this is something that needs a professional.

Answer #12

these are a mob of idiots.. they are spending WAY too much on there hair.. my hair is black with white patches and streaks.. I got mine stripped of colour and my patches colored to the same colour with highlights (natural) for under $90

If you spend over 100 dollars for this your going to the wrong place!!

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Answer #14


Good for you for checking into the professional to do this with you. When you make the appointment, tell them your situation so the the stylist is aware. Then on appointment day, go with about $200.00 (usually costs about $180.00 or so, but get an estimate). Pack a lunch and have books with you, it usually takes a whole business day. Bleaching and/or stripping dark colors from hair requires someone who apply it evenly, rinse effectively and quickly, have toners and other things on hand to apply to correct unevenness. Not to mention that bleach and strippers are thick and pasty and almost impossible to apply evenly by yourself.

As far as what color you should go for–that all depends on what your hair will give you to work with. So just keep an open mind. Some girls, it comes right out, others, it takes more treatments spaced out delicately over a week or two. They will bleach or strip it (it is up to the stylist, both work fairly well and similar) and maybe repeat the process. I REALLY don’t recommend more than two, but I’;ve done three in a row to my hair and it held up well. But last week, I bleached it out and only did two processes and started getting breakage. So your stylist will watch for this and will know when it’s time to give your hair a break. If your hair is holding up very well to the process, your stylist can try it a third time if you’re not at your desired level of lightness. It will most likely come out a “burnt” light brown color with blonde splotches at the roots. Then your stylist will apply a toner or color to even it all out and make it one uniform color. Then you can add blonde highlights and the stylist should keep checking your hair integrity. Do not force the hair after two stripping processes, unless your stylist is confident your hair will hold up to it. Otherwise, just work with what your hair gives you.

The highlights bring your hair up to a light level and then after that if it’s not quite something you are satisfied with, wait a week or two while oyu deep condition it at night and on days off and then add a medium blonde to it with a red base to cut any khaki or greenish colors you may experience. Sometimes it is reddish brown, sometimes greenish blonde. It’s a lot for a non stylist to deal with. Just get on board with your stylist and get through it together. MOst importantly, keep an open mind with the goal of just getting the black out, then over the weeks you can perfect the color. Make sense?

Good luck!

Answer #15

I have black hair and I want it red, I cant be bothered to wait around for it to grow out. How do you strip your hair yourself? What kind of product do you get and where from? I really don’t fancy going to a hair salon but if I have to then suppose I will. Write back please x

Answer #16

I have tried everything except bleaching to get my black dye off my hair. Washing liquid was horrible ,It striped the shine off and left my hair dull and a mat black color with a touch of almost dark gray to it, not to mention left my hair dry . I then tried dying it a light brown from “Nice and Easy “ which I was told would work because” Nice and Easy” brand is really strong . It turned my hair only at the roots and about 3 inches more brick orange and then the rest was black still, I then had to dye over it dark brown which still looks Black. I just finished trying Color Rinse from Walmart as suggested and after the 30 mins my roots and about 4 inches below turned red orange and the rest off the hair stayed black. I ended up once again having to dye my hair Golden brown only for it to stay black. The color rinse also made my hair feel dryer then any hair dye has done before. I’m told that bleaching is the only answer and after trying all the tricks ,I believe it must be true :(

  • I guess I’m going to stick to my exotic looking black hair
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