Birthday party help?

alright, im turning 15 in December and every year I have had a party at a different place well where I live its a small place and there is no where else to have my party so I’ve decided to have it at my house. which is ok but I have no idea what we are going to do? like game wise or activities. there will be parental watch but she lets us do EVERYTHING haha so anything.

any ideas??

Answer #1

u could have a keriokee party.or a dance party,or 70’s.because it is sooo fun and anyone can have fun by it.

Answer #2

themed parties are always fun :)

Like last year we had a ‘disney’ themed party for my friends 16th birthday (sounds a bit babyish but it was great fun!) and everyone had to dress up as their favourite character and the activities all had something to do with it etc.


Answer #3

rozzy : thanks for the ideas. but yes there will be boys and I havent really thought about a theme so that helped (: also the part with the girls yeah im having all the girls who come stay the night after the party soo yeah that would be good .. thanks again :)

Answer #4

Keeping this one in mind .!

Answer #5

glad my idea worked peoplee hope your birthday rocks


Answer #6

hottie33 : thanks for the sleding idea thats really good (:

Answer #7

yeah a beach party! or wait till the winter and then go sleding!

Answer #8

emm you could do a theme to your party likee for example a pjama or beach partyy or something likee that

well if there boys there you wont wont to be paintings nails and what ever a good game of spin the bottle will sure be fun

and if its just a all girls night order a pizza and watevr else you fins fun


Answer #9

I’m having a Candythemed party in 2 weeks:) I just handed out the invitations and they all LOVE it, because I made the invitation really candy-ish with pictures of candy everywhere and I attached a lollipop to it. So everyone got a lollipop:) I told them all to dress REALLY colorful and kind of candylicious, because the person with the most colorfol or candy-like clothes wins a big candy price. =D At my party I’ll have an huuuge candybuffet with a lot of candy ofcourse. It will look (and taste!) great. I’ll also have a “Make your own Cupcake” table where people can decorate their own cupcake with whatever they like. (frosting, m&ms, sprinkles..) The decorations are just going to be really colorful, a lot of candy everywhere. I have a few things that I’m going to DO at my party. One thing is the birthdaygame. I’m going to have about 15 questions about myself and the person who gets most of them right are going to get a big candyprice=) You can use silly questions as well. The 2nd thing is that I’m going to fill a jar with like gummybears or stuff, and next to the jar there will be a paper where everyone can write their name and the amount of gummybears they think is in the jar. (for example, 60 or 70 gummybears). At the end of the party I’ll announce “the winner” and yes, they wil get a special candyprice as well. This all won’t have to cost that much! Less is more:) I’m also going to have a special big paper where everyone can write in. So I’ll have a cool memory of my party:) Í’m also going to try to make a big candybackground where people can take pictures. It’ll look cool, but I don’t know how I’m going to do it yet. Next to candy I’ll also have pancakes, brownies, cupcakes, buttt not only sweet stuff. I’ll have popcorn and little pizzas as well, but they won’t really be in sight:) cus the theme IS candy! Haha! At the end of the night if they’re maybe bored, we’ll play Singstar. (I have in on PS3)

Anyway thats my party:) Just an idea! Funmail me!!

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