What to get my best friend for her birthday?

My best friend's birthday is tomorrow , 17th ! ... and I don't know what to get her ... well it's night here and all the shops have closed ..and I really need to find something for her ... and I want to give her something that really means something to her ..and not a piece of junk!

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I would give my best friend a gift card to her favorite place to eat or something that she could keep forever!

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Wow, you waited till the day before? No biggie, I did the same last month, and yeah. Not cool. So it's like ten at night. Depending on where you live, you might have to step on it quicker but some good ideas are:

Tickets to an opera in Paris
Prepaid shopping trip to Milan
Something from Tiffany's
Or a plane ticket anywhere she has always wanted to go
Is she into electronics?

I told my dad I needed to borrow his jet (thankfully his pilot didn't mind flying out so late) and I flew to Tokyo. They have these awsome electronics stores and I got her this awesome laptop thing. So yeah. Most of the stuff like that is way cheaper out of the country. It's worth flying a few hours. The laptop was only about $3200 with tax. Hope I helped!

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Things which guides her to face the struggle of the tough life....i think it'll be better that u give her a promise to help her when she needs u,provided that u r agood friend of hers...otherwise switch over to the materialistic things.

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Give her something that she knows is your favorite (ie. a stuffed animal, CD). That will mean a lot!

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I think you should give her a me too you teddy bear. lol I did that and cudnt find anything in the money lol and she was a little diasoptaud it is her birthday this year febuary sometime I dont know what to get her
help :/

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get her a new best friend. she obviously needs one since her current best friend (you) is so foul mouthed and so un-grateful towards people when they give her advice when she ASKED FOR ADVICE!!! how cheeky can you get! omg. so seriously just be a better friend. errr.

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you can get her a nice dress or a stylish pair of shoes.

you'll this site, it has all the best gift ideas


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Well this may sound cheesey but why don't you get her little things and make a hamper? They can have a main presesnt like a hoodie or a cd collection, then a few little things like pens, notebooks and bubblebath. You could get them a photoframe and inside put a pic of you both or a list of all the things that have made you both laugh since her last birthday! hope this halps :)

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make her a friendship bracelet and make a promis as you tie it on

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you give really bad advice here! you should be telling me what to get her, not fucking a gift card were she has to go buy her own present!

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Ok, I know it's been two years so this isn't helpful to the person who asked, but it will (hopefully) to people who search this is in the future. Please no "foul mouthed" replies, I'm 11.
Figure out her hobby, then give her a bunch of little thangs (sorry, I live in the south) that have to do with it. If she's like me, it's writing. You could give her a bunch of notebooks, some random little thangs like gel pens and colorful pencils, maybe a gift card to a bookstore. Thant's just an example, but someone could use it...I hope... =s

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well I dont think you are much of a friend if you left it till the day before do you? god not prepared or what look I tell you what to do
make or find a nice card
put money in it
then when you give it to them tell them that it is not all of the prezy than take them to the cinema or somethink or buy them a late birthday prezy ok hope I helped and I didnt want to sound mean or anythink no hard feeling =s!!

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may be clothes and bestfriend necklaces.

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People wrote so useful and meaningful ideas that can help you. I won't advice anything. I just wrote the mesage to tell you that I'll use your need of advice and the answers in my language lesson neaxt week. Thank you and the people adviced you.

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well you can take her out to eat to a nice place, then take her to her favorita store and have her select an itam she likes the most.

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For my best ladies bday, I made her party girl shirts.. but you could make the shirt of something personal you guys have. I added some tattoo and fashion magazines, a birthday girl necklace, make up bag, and the cutest picture I could find of us!

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I think yoou should give her something from the heart and something meaningful and I totally understand your situation because it's happening to me right now but my friend's favorite animal is a penguin so im getting her a penguin card and a stuffed animal and picture.Hope this helps :)

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if that wear my best friend i would give her a tiffany chain that last 4 ever go 2 the tiffany store

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hey my names claire and im 17
you shouldn't have left it to the last minute! now you have no time to give her something from your heart ! I no people have been saying get her a notebook or something but seriously would you like to recieve a notebook for your birthday !!!for my friend's 18th I brought her a car and a laptop and little things like that! she was really pleased! maybe if you dont have enough money as I do then you could buy her a new phone that she wants or something! hope it helps!!

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get her something juicy couture. a girl's best friend IS couture =) (only if she is 16 or under...)

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haha its not other ppls responsibility to tell you what to get your friend. you asked for advice and they gave it no need for foul language.

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maybe... as you havnt got time to buy somet make somet like a firndship bracelt ... say a nice short frindship poem as you put it on her wrist and tell her that wont be the last of her prensents.. take her ice-skating .. cinema .. or to a diner .. and I did say diner not dinner ! lol pllleeeasee tell ume dis he;ped

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Clothes. As a girl, I always think there are not enough clothes in my wardrobe. Girls like to dress ourseleve up in clothing. You can buy her clothing style that she haven't try. That might surpriced her she is so beautiful in such clothing. Pick clothing in your eyes

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Good luck

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