Can u get birth control pills at age 14 at a pharmacy?

Answer #1

I mean a pharmacy is a pharmacy and I don’t think they have a age restriction on birth control I mean they don’t have a age restriction on condoms.

Answer #2

you know birth control isnt a 100% chance that you wont get preg right?

Answer #3

Why in the hell would you need birth control at 14, besides keeping your period regular if your not???

Answer #4

To have oral sex duhh haha:D

Answer #5

Uhhhhhh that’s not good but what if ur partner uses a Condom?

Answer #6


Answer #7

Thats horrible.. you do know you are only 14!?!?! dont you… jesus.

Answer #8

Hahha yaaa :D

Answer #9

there is still a chance that the condom will break..

Answer #10

Honestly think about what your doing.. if your partner is the same age you both have hormones that are still kicking in and part of your brain is still developing.. When you put on to much hormones by getting to physical too soon, it makes you emotionaly insecure. K i thought this was a bunch of bull last year, but karma came back and biit me in the ass. Beleive me ok? I am 14 also, and i got to physical with my bothfriend last year and so much things got real messed up, it just wasnt a good idea, if i could go back in time i would have taken it way slower and not have gone that far.. Cuz it messed up a lot of stuff in the end. So trust me okay.. just think about what your doing, or if you even love your partner okay.. Just take a second thought on what your about to get into. From experience.. just take my word.

Answer #11

you can get birth control at any age…atleast shes trying to protect herself.

Answer #12

seriously think about it ok…. you are what 13-15ish maybe doesnt matter your just really young for uhh to be thinking in such a way….. think about there is a chance you can get stds from oral or penetration if thats what your thinking of. do you love him? just think that what if you get preg then what. your life will be over, no school, no college, your bf might leave you b/c he doesnt want to mess up his life. just plzzz think about it ive seen too many nice girls end up living their wost nightmares just plz be carefull

Answer #13

yeah but shes starting a little too early dont you think. just like nanananabatman said for biological development reasons its better to wait

Answer #14

True well its a personal choice. i think its good that shes on birth control as long as she doesn’t abuse it.

Answer #15

hmmm thought i typed something else too guess it was disgarded

Answer #16

this person is 100% right! If anything just make out like crazy to get the sexuality hormones off.. and if you still really really want to have sex then try hand jobs and finger. ing.. Okay and thats STILL kinda far for 14 but its better then just practically selling yourself out there. =/

Answer #17

i agree with (nanananabatman) it can mess up your biological development. Not to mention if and when your treated the wrong way the after math can result into a mental break down so just think ahead….like the saying look before you leap.

Answer #18

You can in the UK

Answer #19

if u going to have sex at least ur thinking smart hun and just see ur doctor the will give u a script but might need parent consent just be careful, and even if ur ont he pill use protection!!!!

Answer #20

As long as you go to your doctor, with a parent, and get a prescription for birth control, you can get it at any pharmacy.

Answer #21

dude!! whats the rush? if whoever you want to have sex with is worth it.. you dont need to do it yet!! wait till ur at least 16!! dont you have any respect for urself?

Answer #22

It depends on your country. I believe you’ll need a prescription.

You should however be able to get it for free at planned parenthood or any government clinic for free. You should be able to find one by searching on the internet.

Answer #23

How can having sex at 14 mess up your biological development? Pregnancy at 14 can however and she is being clever at trying to get the pill. She wasn’t asking your opinion on whether or not to have sex at 14, she was being responsible and thinking of protection. The last thing we need is more pregnant teens. Jeez.

Answer #24

Yes there is always a chance of anything happening, but using condoms and the pill is super clever and SUPER safe.

Answer #25

god your stupid, why even go through getting condoms and birth control!!! Just dont have fuken sex!!!! Jeeze back at you.. she is flippen 14, she will get screwed up in the head if she has sex or gets pregnant, and do some research its a FACT that it messes you up with emotions and development in your brain, both boys and girls. She shouldnt be having sex, thats that. If she was mature enough to have sex, then she would be mature enough to talk to her parents about buying some birth control for her cuz she wanted to have sex. OBVIOUSLY she isnt mature enough to even talk about sex with her parents so why in the hell would she be mature enough to do it!??! huh explain that to me miss ‘ifeelcrazy123’

Answer #26

Why one earth wil sex make you screwed up in the head. And yes, throwing insults like a child at people is going to get you somewhere on this site.

And who are you to decide when someone should have sex? You don’t control her body or her decisions, yes I agree at 14 it isn’t a good idea, however she has already made up her mind to have it, rather give her advice on how to protect herself.

Then I am 21 years old and even I don’t talk to my parents about me having sex, it isn’t making me less responsible, my parents are in their 50’s and they don’t talk to their parents about it, what on earth does talking to your parents have to do with being ready to have sex? Why don’t you explain that to me?

Answer #27

Cuz she is not 18, she is a minor, she hasnt even seen the world and whats out there. I have lived in Europe for the last 3 months and just got back to the united states. She doesnt know whats out there. And you learn about protection from when your about 11 in 5th and 6th grade.. They teach you all about it in school. So If you were 21 you would know that. and that she has already learned that.. and If she cant even provide herself the tools to prevent a baby from having sex, then why is she doing it? she doesnt know how to drive? she doesnt know how to live on her own? i bet you her grades are crap, So why on earth would she be capable or even stable to have sex, or bring a baby into this world.

Answer #28

So you have to know what is out there to have sex? That is not making any sense. She sounds a lot more responsible to me that some 18 year olds having sex. And yes, she is a minor, but that isn’t going to make her stop having sex. So why not just tell her where to get protection. And they do not teach you in all schools (in fact in most of them they do not) where to get birth control, they only teach you that THERE IS birth control. So her question is perfectly valid.

And she is providing herself the tools, she is being responsible and asking for help about where to get protection. Also consent to sex does not mean consent to pregnancy. No teenager or young adult in their right mind has sex to fall pregnant.

Also I know lots of people over the age of 18 that doesn’t know how to drive but has sex, having a drivers licence certainly doesn’t and shouldn’t mean you are ready to have sex.

And why would her grades be crap? Sex doesn’t make your grades crap either.

And once again, SEX does not mean that you want a baby. I have sex for recreational purposes, not for pro-creation and so do most other people. And she is thinking of the consequences of her actions, HENCE getting protection so that she won’t have to bring a baby into this world. You seem to be misinformed into thinking that sex automatically means pregnancy.

Answer #29

you seem to be clueless that just cuz you have protection it means no possibility that there still can be a baby. and again.. go do some research.. Her brain isnt even fulyl developed, it messes with her emotions big time. and its to stressful for the body to be having all those hormones going off in your body i mean she is still going through peuberty, how bout she gives it some time till she is fully grown!! She is still a kid, and cant make smart decisions on her own, and driving, seeing the world, and a whole bunch of life experiences are a huge part of sex, it might get her to realize that the doesnt really love that teenage boy shes with, and that there are more important stuff in life then sex, like school, family, friends, a future, she doesnt want to ruin it by getting some disease, having a baby, cuz it is a possibility, with protection or not. And if you do research some suff then it can also cause her some emotional developing issues. and it would really ba a shame to see some 14 year old get her life all screwed up just because your encouraging her and helping her have safe sex. even though thats good, she still needs to realize what a big responsibilty that is. or what that even means, and how things could really change if someting goes wrong… Better to think about all the bad stuff and be safe then just do as you please.. its called common sense. and i recommend you get some.

Answer #30

You are missing the point. I never said that protection was full proof, however condoms and birth control pills together (as she wants to use) VIRTUALLY are if you use them correctly and it is better having a 14 year old protected from pregnancy, STD’s and other things than having a pregnant teen, because people didn’t want to tell her where to get protection.

And what hormones? Can you quote them for me? Sex at a young age doesn’t mess up everyones life, yes it would be better if she waits, but do you really think that you just telling her she is wrong for asking for the pill is going to help you convince her?

And she DOES realise the responsibily, that is why she is using protection. Have you read anything that I have said? Do you really think that someone who hasn’t thought about the possibilities of things would ask for protection? Seriously?

POINT IS (and this is about the third time that I have to repeat myself). She is GOING to have sex, whether YOU tell her to or not, rather be an adult and tell her where to get birth control so that she can protect herself.

Answer #31

she already knows where to get.. how to use it and everything else. You may say again “who am i to tell her when she can or cant have sex?” But im asking you.. who are you to tell her its okay and giving her permission to use birth control, which is giving her permission to have sex, You dont understand, and you probably wont till you have a child or your own, so its pointless to keep talking to you, But if i were the parent i think i would pretty mad that some total stranger was giving my daughter permission to have sex, when i didnt even know about it, and i would be very concerned about how screwed up my in the head my kid was.. I think you will understand once you have a kid of your own, but since you dont. I am done talking to you. Cuz you legally do not have the right to give her permission to have sex. Her parents have a full opinion on it though, she lives under their roof and by their rules so once they find out i can promise you over my grave that they will be mad and dissapointed. And some rules will be changing around their house. It is now 4 in the morning here. And you have waisted a huge amount of my time. Good night.

Answer #32

Dont bother typing anything back, cuz im not going to. Bye Night.

Answer #33

Where I live you have to go to the doctor with your mum and get a prescription. You can’t just pick them up at the pharmacy without that little slip of paper thingy. All this arguing is stupid, by the way -_- I think it’s great that you want to have sex responsibly. :) Good luck!

Answer #34

LOL and your 21 and your seriously asking me “what hormones?” my god get out, get a life or something. Because thats just sad.

Answer #35

Do you have a child or your own? At 14 surely then you don’t understand either. I’m not giving her permission to have sex, she dosn’t NEED my permission legally or morally, so how can I give it to her?!? Please explain your wonderful logic. Information to use birth control is not my consent to her having sex, yet it isn’t my body, nor my decisions. And you waste your own time, but not READING, you haven’t responded to any single point that I have made. You just go on the same track over and over again.

POINT IS, kids will have sex in any ways. Rather help them to get protection to have safe sex.

Answer #36

Holy f*ck. Shes gonna have sex no matter what you tell her, so it’s FAR FAR better you tell her how she can get birthcontrol and condoms and such, than if you don’t and she decides to go ahead anyway. Just saying.

Answer #37

Is he gone? >.> or she…it..

Answer #38

Thank goodness someone understands my key point. I was getting tired of repeating myself.

Answer #39

sorry i dont go around answering questions people want me to answere. Guess im just not a people pleaser. haha. [News Flash] i am not living on this earth to make you happy bud. and you live in south africa. Of coarse you dont give a damn about how much kids pop up… Lol you dont even live in the same country where all the accidental kids end up, so shut up. You dont even know what your talking about.

Answer #40

So because I live in South africa I don’t know what I am talking about? How is that for being stereotypical. I never said that you had to make me happy, I merely tried to make you understand a simple and logic point. But alas, my efforts were wasted.

And I live in a country where MORE teenagers get pregnant and have unsafe sex then yours. We have much more people just breeding and many of them do not have the priviledge of having access to birth control and condoms, unlike in your country.

And I do give a damn about how many kis pop up, that is WHY I (unlike you) are trying to get or at least encourage a 14 year old to use protection.

Answer #41

OMG JUST SHUT UP! ifeelcrazy123 - some people are trying to convince people not to have sex cos they are looking out for them.. why you trying to say its ok? nanananabatman - ur so steriotypical.. that was really bitchy.. to tell her she knows nothing cos shes from africa!! i know loads of people from africa.. do they know nothing too? boylover13 - if ur adament that u want sex.. and you want it now.. cant wait a year or two.. at least talk to your mum.. get a birth controll pill prescription.. use both the pill and condoms.. but even with both of them used.. u can still catch an STD or get pregnant.. the chances are just lower is all…. btw im curious.. do you just wana have sex with whoever or is there a special guy? cos if its they guy.. ask him if he will wait a bit longer at least.. if he doesnt then u know ur making a mistake in wanting to sleep with him anyway.. if u just wana have sex with whoever… then well ur just stupid.. you never know where anyone has been and people then you should DEFINITLY wait.. a while.. a LOOOOONG while!! respect yourself…at least try respect yourself and your body so that you can be treated with respect too. you have a long life ahead of you.. nothing has to be TODAY.. there is time.. live your life.. why does it have to be now?

Answer #42

sigh another long loooong continuous argument on FunAdvice…filled with rude, offensive behavior…Why are you guys arguing, and talking about people from Africa!?!?! She simply asked, “Can u get birth control pills at age 14 at a pharmacy?” not, anything about anyone from Africa, or whether she should be having sex, or whether she or anyone else is stupid or not!!!

Answer #43

If she’s going to have no matter what. Might as well help inform her about how to protect her self and got not to get pregnant. I still suggest you dont have sex.

Answer #44

Why should I shut up? I have my opinio and she has hers. I wasn’t doing any name calling, merely giving my opinion. I agree that 14 is too young for sex, however I still don’t see the point of denying her the information of where to find birth control, just because she is 14 and of personal opinion you think she is too young.

And then angelee, we are speaking of Africa, because I live in Africa, for some reason she feels that I know nothing because I live in Africa. Which isn’t a fair statement in my opinion.

Also we are debating the core issue, I am not trying to be offensive. I just feel (just as both of you above me did) that I have a right to give my opinion.

Answer #45

nanananabatman, if you’re not going to answer a question for the purpose of being helpful, then please don’t answer the question at all - the asker wanted an answer, not a close-minded opinion. You have added no value to this site by arguing with site staff. Continue in this manner and you will find your account summarily disabled.

Answer #46

nanananabatman, i dont agree wit u except for the fact that 14 is wat to young,but we rnt suppossed to argue on this site ifeelcrazy, i have to agree wit ur opions, like u cant stop her but we rnt suppossed to argue on this site

Answer #47

yeah i agree to both of u

Answer #48

yes she does have respect for herself shes trying to get on birth control. Teens are going to have sex and no one can stop why criticize something you cant change?

Answer #49

i just read parts of the comments.. You need birth control for oral? ROFL! hun you don’t get preggo from going down on a guy<3

Answer #50

Umm.. ‘colleen ludgate-cousineau’ - I was trying to be helpful by telling her from my experience what i have seen and been through myslef by having sex too young or just being too physical too young. So i was giving her my 2 cents from my experience maybe hoping it would get her to rethink about some stuff she is doing. In my opinion thats very helpful and thats all i was trying to do. Its suppose to be a place filled with advice right? well i was giving some to her. Its her choice if she uses it or not.

Answer #51

And correction I said that you live in Africa and thats why you dont care about how much kids pop up around here. I mean your not even living in the same country as us. So of course you wouldnt care about OUR young teen pregnancy cuz you dont even see it around you. At our highschools we have to have a day care cuz there are so much teen moms. Ok? And THEN i said you dont know what your talking about.. not because you live in africa.. ok those were two seperate things, i said you dont know what your talking about cuz in my opinion you dont. Dont mix my words around, and take stuff so offensively. Thank you.

Answer #52

okk..why would you waste your time preaching to her about what birth control does to your body when your young and then complain about teen pregnancies?? just asking..

Answer #53

I’m not mixing your words around, you weren’s stating yourself clearly. And how can you be preaching to someone not to do something that you have obviously done? Not recommending them to stop it, preaching. And you complain about teen pregnancies, yet you criticize someone for trying to be responsible. I just don’t see any logic in your argument. And I do care what happens to teens. I don’t have to live in the same country to care about people. How is that even a point? And I will take offense if you all of a sudden through in my country where I live into an argument. You don’t know what you are talking about, you just proved it. In any case, I believe that I and many others have made the same point. If you still don’t get it, re-read everything until you understand it.

Answer #54

exactly my point … im glad we’re on the same team ifeelcrazy123!

Answer #55

ok… where im from people dont have sex till they are at LEAST 16… and even that seems a lil wrong.. and i didnt critisize… all i said was that its better if she waits.. she doesnt even have someone specific and just wants to throw her body out there.. and yet again.. where im from its like she has no respect for herself at all.. and she would have been kicked out of school.. for being disrespectful or getting pregnant.. yea.. ur right at least shes trying to get birth control.. but does that still make it right?

Answer #56

without a condom or the pill there is VERY high chance of STD or pregnancy.. with birthcontroll its lower and with a condom its lower and with both its even lower… but there is still a chance… its not SUPER safe.. its just SAFER.. and a better option for u to choose.. use em both..

Answer #57

It is SUPER safe. Condoms if used correctly are 97% effective and the pill if used correctly is 99% effective. I have never even heard of a single person falling pregnant while on both.

Answer #58

what is the big deal about having sex at 14, I am 13 and almost all of my mates have sex with their boyfriends frequently, at my school they even give out free condoms to anyone who is sexually active, I choose not to have sex, but others don’t feel the same way about it, so to all of you who are having a go at her, ffs, just leave her alone, and it depends where you are from, I now that you can in the uk! <3 xx :) good luck hunn (L)

Answer #59

JEEZE PEOPLE!!!! The girl is tryin to save herself from herself!!!!! Most of u r or have been her age. U GET CARRIED AWAY WHEN UR THAT AGE. one thing leads to another and next thing u know BAM! at least shes tryin to protect herself. when i was faced with this i asked for it TO BE SAFE. Thats all shes tryin to do. just be happy she’s tryin to be responsible and keep ur personal veiws to urself!

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