Why do I feel dizzy during my period this month?

I am having the most unusual things happening during my period this month. I hate to move around and when I lay down everything feels all a swirling, like sea sickness or when you twirl around and then fall still. I hate being touched because that makes me feel dizzy as well- being held feels ok, as long as its still. I often feel clumsy before my period, and sometimes for the first day or two, and this feels a little like an elaborate extension of that. Whats happening in my body? Can anyone offer some biological explaination of this dizziness I am feeling?

I am 43, and have noticed a few changes to my normal cycle, like ovulation bleeding, I am contributing those to life changes, (of which I am having a few) but could it be the start of menopause?

Answer #1

last week I was cold, and tired, and I’ve realized that when I started my period yesterday that for an hour or two just a little while ago I was slightly dizzy. dose anyone have any help they can give me??? I’m laying down, and just got myself a glass of water just in case it I was getting dehydrated…

Answer #2

I have also recently been experiencing dizziness, palpitations, vomitting and a feeling of confusion the day my period starts. For the past two months this became so bad that I was vomitting stomach acid and fainted. I have started taking iron and multi-vitamins and have noticed an improvement. I also had my thyroid checked and my levels were considered normal, although there is some controversy at the moment in the medical profession to lower the ranges. If this was lowered, my thyroid and TSH levels would be too high. I urge all women who are suffering to get their thyroid checked and research about FT4 and TSH levels and speak to their doctor.

Answer #3

I suffer with tension headaches, had an MRI done on my brain and the result was unremarkable. For the last three months, noticed I feel light headed and abit dizzy one week before my period. For the couple days before my period, my heart beats faster and I feel light headed. I was told by a few friends it’s all to do with the hormones and my doctor said the older you get for some people, the worst it gets.

Answer #4

This is actually probably caused by lack of protein.when you lose blood. Little bits of protein are lost causing you to feel dizzy. Try eating little more protein and see if this helps.

Also, the shifting hormones every woman experiences during their menstrual cycle, can cause dizziness in some women.

If you have a heavy flow that can cause dizziness due to the loss of iron. You can try taking a low-dose iron supplement to see if this helps with the dizziness. You can pick them up at any drug store.

If the dizziness continues for a long time or gets worse, you should see a doctor because it could be a sign of something serious.

Answer #5

Thanks for the advise on the 16yo’s curfew. Back to the dizziness, I sem to get a daylong headache the day before my period begins. And the dizziness has happened also. In the last 6 months, it has been about 3 times, but bad enough that I called off work one day, and another had to stay in bed till 3 in the afternoon. The really bad one I had a migrane also, just slept and it was gone by that afternoon. A friend at work takes over the counter medicine for motion sickness as soon as she notices herself feeling dizzy. Makes me tired, like benedryl, but the dizziness goes away.

Answer #6

I right there with you ladies. I feel weird before my periods. Dizzy, fatigued, and weak; just awful. Headaches..I’ve been experiencing this for a long time. Sometime its easy to cope with then there are times I just want to stay in bed and cry. If anyone have some advice I’m all ears.

Answer #7


That’s happened to both me and my best friend before. We feel like the room is spinning sometimes when we’re on our period. I’ve called my Mom and she said it could be a vitamin deficiency since we’re losing lots of iron and stuff from the blood we lose during our period. I started taking a multivitamin, just in case.

Answer #8

thanks for trying to answer, but I dont think I explained it very well - and having the title changed by the admin peeps hasnt helped either! why do they do that!!! I dont think my experience is to do with blood loss, because it started to happen 2 days before my period- sorry I wasnt clear about that. I think its linked to my hormones.

I am trying to understand something but I dont know the right question lol; so I am going to keep working on it, hoping that someone clever will pick up un what I am fishing for!

I thought dizziness had something to do with our middle ear. Do our hormones affect our balance? and how (chemical/biology lesson for dummies needed?)

Answer #9

possibly anemia. load up on iron(dark green leafy veggies work best)

Answer #10

is it hormones or is it vitamin deficiancies that cause our dizziness etc.?

Answer #11

I always feel dizzy starting 4 days before the onset of my period and also the first 2 days of my menses. I’m neither anemic, nor lacking in any vitamins or minerals, nor having ear problems. I’m told it is likely to be due to hormonal fluctuations associated with periods.

Answer #12

for me I get it the moment I start mine.. I get dizzy the I black out.. and then I pass out.. I have been in the shower and had it happen to me.. and been at the store. there has been a time I was at school when I was 16 when this happen to me I got dizzy I blacked out but then I past out.. but after I passed out I couldnt see for a few hours. this stuff really scares me.. I never know what I could be doning when it hits.

what can I do to help this

Answer #13

I also feel this way. it gets bad at times like the room spinning fast for a second. I agree I think it is hormones. I am 31 and seem slike my periods get heavier with age.

Answer #14

I am 22,and I get this every so often to,you get dizzy out of nowhere…cant focus on what your looking at sometimes have a ringing in your ear? it is a horrible feeling especially when your alone and dont know if your gonna black out or not!! anyway you are probably right about it having to do with your hormones,I am pretty sure thts my problem..I have something called graves disease (hyperthyroidism) and this has EVERYTHING to do with your hormones and ever since I was diagnosed with it 5 years ago my period has been like that on and off..you should go get your levels read,ask your doctor to do a simple blood test to check your thyroid..hope this helps!!

Answer #15

hi,this is the first time this has happen 2 me.im on contraception pills b’n 4 3yrs nw.I’ve hd ma period for 5 days and it is really heavy usually it slows dwn by nw.this mornin waking up the whole room started spinning,drank water couple of minutes lata it happend agen.when I lay dwn and turn 2 1 side it happens agen.I get really hot cn hardly walk or stand and feel like throwing up.I am anemic and I was told 2 take vitamins.cn anyone help me please

Answer #16

I always feel dizzy during my period I only have one every 2-3 months and I lose a lot of blood some one told me to take iron pills at this time

Answer #17

I feel like this every month,about a week before my period I feel dizzy and confused ,I feel like im going to pass out and get very irratated have palpatations and feel like im going mad …I think its hormones as when I stat my periods I feel back tpo normal …

Answer #18

happens to me & has done for years 1 wk before my periods due & recently my 12 yr old daughter said to me “ mummy I feel dizzy “ bingooo next day she got her period!! btw when I say years about 20 years this has been happening 2 me & im in A1 health condition…& I’d rather be dizzy than suffer from cramps & headaches etc

Answer #19

I have this too! Its very concerning, I was so afraid something was wrong with me, but I am relieved to see I am not alone. Its very difficult to consentrate at work and I feel clumsy and disfocused. I get it when I’m driving too, I feel as though my perception is off. The first time I got it, a few months ago, I thought I was coming down with something. Everything was spinning so bad, I couldn’t even walk straight. I had to lie on my bed for two hours, not even able to move, until it finally passed enough. Its very weird that we get this. So its seems to be vitamin deficiancies? Or hormones? That’s a relief. Please post if there was anything that helped make the dizziness stop. Suchas certain vitamins or eating habits. Thanks!

Answer #20

I ahve been the same. It start 5 months ago. They only thing I think it relates to is me suffering from swine flu and noro virus in Decemeber. I have tried acupuncture which helps a little. Natural Energy tablets (chinese medicine) have helped me feel alot better. But my dizziness a week before my period is still awful. It makes my tummy feel ill and makes me feel sick. Doctors just dont seem to want to know! Something cant be quite right. It stops with the start of my period - although these are rather irregular.

Doctors did suggest the implant instead of the pill. Anyone else been told this?

Answer #21

I get severe vertigo a few days before my period where i cannot keep my balance, sometimes it is so severe i have to take anti-vert a medication prescribed by the doctors, but they never gave me an answer as to why…it gets so bad i fall over, get sick, and cant even stand up…i was wondering also if it had to do with possible pre-menopausal symptoms as well…wonder if anyone can answer this?>>?

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