What do you think is the biggest issue in the U.S.A that is making our economy bad?

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in the usa? like job stuff?

Answer #4

No jobs, hunger, and no body can afford insurance

Answer #5

I think Obama is, just because he focused of pleasing people instead of seeing the realistic side, and see what he can do, and how far he can go.

Answer #6

The billions of dollars Bush spent fighting the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq…THEN giving away with the least amount of regulation, ever, handouts to the largest corporations in the country.

Any idiot that says “Obama” probably also believes that his deficit is bigger than Bush’s…it’s not. Please, children, buy a clue and don’t believe everything the media - or your parents - tell you about Politics…try reading.

Answer #7

Toilet paper.

Answer #8

Good job profiling and assuming that anyone with opinions other than yours are “idiots”. Have you met those people? Probably not. Sounds pretty judgmental to me. Wait, I’m an idiot, right? I shouldn’t know these words? Hm. Try understanding other people’s points of view before you unfairly judge them next time, hm? Thanks.

Answer #9

And… While you’re talking about presidents spending money, remember the trillions Obama has already spent:)

Answer #10

I don’t think it’s the President, I honestly think it’s all the greedy people in the world. Doing anything just to get a tax break so they can get more money. They say they are doing “what’s best” or “right for the people” when really they are basically doing anything that gets them the most money and power. If their weren’t as many ignorant and selfish people in the white house (past and present) I think we would be in a somewhat better condition then we are now.

Answer #11

i would say that it is several factors. sending jobs overseas. illegal immigrants taking up jobs that americans could be doing. obviously the wars (but i feel they are what we need to be doing and i support fighting BAD GUYS {GIVE ME A FREAKING BREAK- I CAN’T USE THE WORD TERR0R?}) BIN LADEN- he knew what he was doing when he targeted the world TRADE center. our high unemployment rate.

we have so much useless spending on things we shouldn’t have to be throwing money at right now, if it were me i would send ALL foreigners here for college or here on visas HOME- send all the illegals HOME. open up jobs taken by foreigners right now and give them to AMERICANS, to get america moving again and allow people to begin spending instead of sitting on their money. bring jobs back to the U.S.

Answer #12

PLEASE! i’ve been trying to say this all along LOL

Answer #13

Many North Americans will not accept the jobs that the “illegal immigrants taking up jobs that americans could be doing”

Answer #14

It’s really our unemployment rate. economies are measured using the CPI, GDP, and Unemployment rate. currently, our GDP is still the highest in the world, which is good. but our unemployment is horrible and our Consumer Price Index is bad as well. It’s pretty much just been inflation. although, gas prices lowered a little bit the other day. i was so happy i filledmy tanks, and bought another tanks=worth of gasoline and properly stored it haha. JUST recently, we have been doing a LITTLE better. although, if Egypt shuts down the Suez Canal, we’re screwed.

Answer #15

The true question is not how much you spend, but what you spend it on. Now I don’t know much about the politics of America, but I know that spending billions on destruction (war) is not good.

Here is an interesting stat on the cost of warfare from the World Health Organisation:: • For the price of one missile, a school full of hungry children could eat lunch every day for 5 years

Answer #16

The economy isn’t bad for everyone. The wealthiest few percent of Americans are making more money than ever. Most corporations are making record or near-record profits. Life is good at the top. Those with the most influence and pull are doing quite well. It is only everyone else who is struggling.

Answer #17

The fact that our monetary system is based on a fiat currency instead of real money.

All other aggregate factors are predicated upon the ability of central banks to manipulate values. Empire building budgets… deficit spending… wealth redistribution from the middle to the upper class, are all contingent upon a fiat system. This is the problem… it has been the problem since the Federal Reserve was given charter in 1913… and since the repeal of the gold standard in 1971 has removed the bottom so that we may fall in hyperinflative perpetuity. We will always suffer from or be vulnerable to depressions of differing magnitude until we return to real money. Just as the Weimar Republic learnt. This has to change. The Federal Reserve must be shuttered. Anything else is merely handwaving. The economic downturn was forewarned 20 years ago by those people like Ron Paul and Lew Rockwell who knew the threat of a fiat currency. The Johnny-come-lately pundits who try to sell us all other manner of explanation scoffed at the warnings given 20 years prior. Why should we pay them any heed now?

Answer #18

Here’s this:

Answer #19

It is by coincident that both Dr. Paul and Lew Rockwell appear in the video after I had mentioned them both in my previous post lest anyone think I am rehashing someone else’s perspective… I suppose that my perspective has been influenced by both Paul and Rockwell so it isn’t a completely unique perspective either… it was sort of fortuitive of me to find such a correlative clip though.

Answer #20

Americans would take these jobs if employers paid a living wage and provided a safe workplace. Where I grew up there was a pickle plant and a brick factory. When people who were physically able couldn’t find work anyplace else they would work jobs like this. It is when employers insist on paying workers under minimum wage, making them work off the clock, and having the threat of deportation to shield the employer from workman comp and unemployment claims that they use illegals.

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