What is your biggest fear in life?

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dying alone.

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I 2nd that

What is your biggest dream to ever do in your life???

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Getting caught under something under water, like a wave, & drowning. or hitting my head on something before I jump in the water & drowning.

What's your biggest fear?
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if you hit your head you blank out so you really wouldnt feel it. just saying.

Whats your biggest fear

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Losing my girlfriend to another guy

Biggest word?
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Thats so sweet !

What is your biggest fear?

ANSWER #7 of 42

That my kids die b4 me

Why do I fear life?
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Yeah but id still drown.

What is you're biggest fear?

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agh that one too

Fear of Tunnels
ANSWER #10 of 42

My biggest fears in life are dying alone being unsuccessful in my career path.

How do you get over something that happend so long ago, but keeps poppin bac up in life?
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:) thanks

What is your mission in life?
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Having people knowingly reject Jesus. I fear that cus they may die any day without repenting of their sins and asking God into their hearts and end up burning in hell like the Bible says, not me. That's what I fear.

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my biggest fear in life right now is not being successful.... i am always hard on myself because i am determine to do well in life so i make it better for my kids in the future. spend more time with them rather than always being at work making them comfortable and happy in every way..

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My parents dying of anything besides old age..

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Surviving the end of the world (21-12-2012 haha)to find there is no women left.

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I fear my dad being alone, him and my mum split up and she has moved on now and has other children. But he has yet to find someone, that it all I want for him. I hate the thought of anybody being lonely.

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by the sound of it ,You ...can control your fear...so get controling girl.

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I'm afraid of losing sight of who I really am.

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Mirror`s can help with that hun :)

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Haha...I didn't mean literally.

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Haha...I didn't mean literally.

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Haha...I didn't mean literally.

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I 3rd that

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Never getting married or having kids :'(

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I know lol i was just messin :)

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Giving up on my dreams.

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my biggest fears are loosing family, loosing friends that act like my family, and letting what others say about me take over my life.

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lol in control at the moment but there is still fear

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Not ever feeling forgiveness, and having closure with certain people and events that have shaped my life whether I like it or not. I fear not having the conversations and understandings with a few people that I hurt terribly over the things that they have done. I fear not having that peace that forgiveness brings before I die. I fear not being at peace.

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That's not gonna happen Elizabeth, and do you still talk with Dylan?

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Letting down the people I love :/

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Spiders, and losing my loved ones

ANSWER #33 of 42

deal with the mess some one have created using me

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Losing my family - I dread living alone forever

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Hah, death is nothing! I could die horribly (drowning, burning, acid dissolution...) tomorrow and sigh a last breath of relief. It's clowns that make me deeply afraid. I would die a thousand deaths to escape a single confrontation and interaction with a clown... And still I don't know why lol

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I guess I'm f**ked if I ever run into a zombie clown...

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that people i'm forced to interact with in day to day life will never stop being stupid that and living to 100

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how do you know i'm not gonna die alone? and cha i still talk to Dylan.

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Dying without God

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dying, throwing up, and being kiddnapped

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Fun energetic people like you who are not boring never end up alone. Haha, you have never lack for confidence as I recall, and since I have known you I think...almost 2 years now? Well you have never come across as being been shy. I'm glad you and Dylan get along...he's a really nice kid

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oh well i am shy around people i dont know. and i didnt mean that alone i mean like alone alone like nobody will be there when i die.

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