Are there any excersises that will make your hips bigger?

Are there any excersises that will make your hips bigger and please don’t post a response unless you are SURE it will make my hips bigger instead of smaller.

Answer #1

Well you are only 15 … you still will probably hit some more puberty. I started gaining weight in my bottom and hips my senior year of high school (and now struggle to keep it off!). So i would stop stressing if I were you. Kind of one of those… be careful what you wish for things.

Answer #2

-yeah I have the same problem, ugh & I hate it. lol. my hips are so freakin small and so is my butt. Well my butt aint that small but every time I put some skinny jeans on, my butts shape fades and I look like a freakin stick with clothes onn. lol. myy boobs are small too. but I know that is still gonna grow but I dont wanna wait for my butt or hips to get bigger, I want it now. . .maybe ill try the workoutss. . :] theyy might help. .

Answer #3

eating a lot and weight lifting is how I got bigger but and hips doing squats with 60 pounds on my shoulders and toe raises and I still look feminine so dont worry about looking like a man unless you take steroids lol , thats really how some of those bootylicious models get their shape

Answer #4

Im 17 and you would think I’d have really wide hips by now espeacially because every other female in my family does and puberty has almost finished for me, but I dont. Last year I came to the conclusion that ‘yes’ it is genetics that detemrine your bust, bum, hip and shape of your waist line. If your only 15 then you should still wait a while before doin anything to enhance.Also I think it has something to do with what age you start your period and what develops 1st when you 1st started.when females 1st start their period they’re bodies become a bit more tender and swell in particular areas. When I 1st started on my bum and breast swelled up like blow fishs and they have been ever since increaseing in size creating my femine figure . I have a friend who’s hips do the same and when she 1st started her hips were the 1st to develop and now she has really wide curvy hips that she thinks make her look fat and anchoered to the ground. You should observe the diference in your body shape when your on your period then when your off your period, what ever swells up or feels tender before and during your period is what will continue to develop untill the end of puberty at what rate I don’t know. My main aavise to you is just to wait a couple more years and just keep healthy and fit, your body hasnt completely matured yet trust me, when I was 15 years old I was a 30 B cup and used to ask my PE teacher how I could make my boobs bigger and my bum and hips smaller not knowing that 1 year down the line they’d grow to a full 32 DD and now im a 32 E with the same size hips and bum strugglinging to find clothes that keep me in propotion.

Answer #5

Well I used to do weight training… and in weight training what helped me for my skinny thighs was doing a lot of squats, lunges, leg ext, all kind of leg stuff. reps of 15, sets of 3. but you got to do it with dumbells in your hand. Also eat a lot of protein, the protein will help build muscle for bigger thighs, but if you want this to work, you got to keep working out or youll go back to your regular body.

Answer #6

My grandmother always said “back in the day” you could always tell when a girl started to be s*xually active, because her hips got bigger. I wouldn’t suggest that for you, because you are too young for that.

Answer #7

you know I will be honest with you, as a weightlifter and a future doctor, the hip consists of a bunch of very small muscles and a partial big muscle, and the biggest one of them being the gluteus maximus which covers and gives shape to your butt, and to make your hips bigger is to try to get the smaller muscles bulkier and that would mean not only tremendous regimen on your part but i don’t believe it is scientifically possible without adding fat that you can increase the size of your hips by exercise, I mean you would think so cuz they’re muscles in there but, I haven’t come accross anything seriously, I had this discussion with a fellow future physician and she thought her hips we too small but seriously we couldn’t come up with one thing that proved the exact senerio we’re speaking of with exercise…….

and you are right, most hip exercises are to tone the hips and make the muscles leaner not bulkier, althought there are 2 things I could suggest but that would give you tree trunk like legs, but you would have to do some extreme weight lifting but then you’ll lose your feminine touch, and the other would give you an early christmas present for next year, surprise its a baby……… : )

still interested in tree trunk legs? gimme a shout……..the other one well God Bless

if not, hope this helps and good luck to ya…..

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