What's the big deal about the Royal wedding?

Everyone’s crazy about this wedding these day, airing it on tv and stuff., people talking about the bride’s dress. I don’t see what’s so special about it.

Answer #1

lmao idk! i thot it was so stupid, who cares about 2 people getting married. the funny part is the people in britain or UK idk what it is (sorry lol) but they let 2 people spend tons of their money on a wedding, like seriously? people over there are happy about those 2 spending how much in the millions on a wedding that the citizens of that country just paid for, congrats to all those people.

Answer #2

Why all the negativity? The Royal wedding is going to become a historic event, and many people feel proud just to say they had the opportunity to see it … this day is no less significant than the day Neil Armstrong took his famous moonwalk, or the day Kennedy was assassinated. If you hold no emotion to this event, you have the freedom to ignore it, but why question and mock others their right to enjoy it?

Answer #3

great britain is england, scotland and wales the 3 countries that form britain.

the united kingdom is great britain, northern island and the other countries we still hold but it wasnt a united kingdom untill scotland joined.

to be honest im not even 100% sure im right about the united kingdom

Answer #4

Exactly my point!

Answer #5

Yes it is less significant. It is just a wedding, for god’s sake. I see no reason why i should hold any emotion to the wedding of 2 people i don’t know, i’ll never meet, and they are not even from my country so their life is none of my concern. And i would ignore it, if i bloody could. But if i wanna watch tv or watch the news, they’re only talking about the wedding. On the internet, again, everybody concerned about the dress of the bride, or stuff like that. I’m sick of it, i’m not interested in a dress, i’m intersted in living my life, without stupid news popping in my face constantly. So, yeah, i would ingore it if i could. And you can’t even compare this to the first man on moon, which is indeed an important event for the entire human kind. But assassinations and weddings of political leaders that are not the political leaders of my country, that’s none of my concerns, and they are not an unique event, they are not a first, they have happened before and will happen from now on as long as there will be reach people leading countries: they will get married, they will have children, they will die. They are just humans.

Answer #6

rich people leading countries*

Answer #7

You are a bitter, resentful person … have you seen a therapist to deal with this rage that seems to be overpowering you?

Answer #8

Sorry Colleen but a Royal wedding is no where near as historically significant as the lunar landing. Monarchy is an anachronism. While still having a monarchy is part of Brittan’s charm, in a nation where so many do with so little all this royal business needs to be scaled down. I’m neither bitter nor resentful, I’m just trying to be a realist. The king or queen of England are mainly figureheads and have little real power, very very very expensive figureheads.

Answer #9

i dunno.. im happy for them but i cant wait for it to be over lol.

Answer #10

I disagree … 30 years later, there is still mention of the wedding of Charles and Di. Just because it may not affect you, personally, does not make it less significant. There are many people who have been touched by this event. I think people need to stop looking at it as “It’s not an American event, so it’s not important”, and unfortunately, that’s the feel I’m getting here … I’ve seen a lot of Americans snub it, and following in their footsteps are the smaller countries who are trying to fit in with big brother. I’m seriously embarrassed at the behaviour of some people regarding this … “It’s not about ME, so I don’t care, and neither should you” … it’s really a pathetic display.

Answer #11

I don’t Kalliste as bitter or resentful JUST because she doesn’t understand the big deal about the royal wedding. I highly doubt she needs a therapist just because her opinion differs from yours. I personally do not understand all of the hype surrounding the royal wedding. It may very well be a part of history, but so will Fukushima. I would much prefer to hear about what is going on around the world than have full coverage of two people sharing vows. I am extremely happy for them and I hope they have a wonderful life together. I think a mention of the wedding on tv is nice….Full coverage and media saturation is a bit much for me.

Answer #12

@chartreusechick - that comment had nothing to do with her initial opinion … it was the hate rant she spewed in reply to my post.

Answer #13

Oh, okay. Sorry, I had no idea. Although, I did think it was an odd thing for you to say because you normally don’t post things like that…..You’re usually pretty sensible.

Answer #14

@Colleen, i think you’re just too sensitive. If that’s “hate”, then you shouldn’t see me pissed off. I was expressing an opinion, and my initial purpose was to know why people are so excited by something that actually is not important, just because it is done by famous people. Really. I just wanted to know what’s so special about it. And instead of explaining to me your point of view, with arguments, you imediatly got defensive as if i insulted you personally. In this case, i don’t think i am the one who’s got a problem. I’m not commenting with hate, i was and still am trying to explain a point of view, and it’s my right for it to be negative, as long as i don’t agree with something, which is perfectly normal. I’m not bitter and resentfull, i just think the world’s got more important problems to be intersted in than Kate’s wedding dress. Honestly now. And you tell me i should go to a therapist? Heh.

Answer #15

And don’t get me wrong, i have nothing against those people getting married, good for them, but it’s their life and none of my problems.

Answer #16

i agree with colleen so i cant add to what shes said but i will point out that unless romania is still in teh bloody dark ages with only 1 telly channel then i can see why but ive got 150 channels and 149 of them didnt cover or even mention the bloody wedding.

@chartreusechick if she doesnt understand like what you said then maybe the nice thing to do would be to understand then rant

Answer #17

Anything to distract people from their reality, I suppose

Answer #18

It’s a school romance everyone’s childhood dream and one day they will have to represent our country around the world when politicians can’t.

Answer #19

Yeah, Romania is a country in Africa, we live in muddy holes in the ground, we’re cannibals, we hunt rats, we don’t have any kind of technology and all the buildings you can see if you come visit our country are build by another civilization to which we are not connected.

Well, here at least, many of our channels aired tons of news about the wedding. And i don’t like the other channels. On the internet, same news, plus people discussing things kind of things. It’s my right to even get bored by this stuff, it’s annoying to hear abut the same uninteresting thing over and over again. What’s the problem in feeling that? What should i do, become all emotional and cry at the romantism of a wedding? I didn’t even say something about the wedding itself, as i stated above, i have nothing against those 2 getting married. But i can’t be happy for them either, as i don’t know them, i can’t feel any kind of feeling towards them, they’re none of my problem. But no, i didn’t say anything against the wedding, i just asked what’s the big deal about it. If you see this question as offensive, then i’m sorry for you. And all my negative comments were about the people going crazy about the wedding, not about the wedding itself. So stop throwing rocks at me, and get out of your effin box, accept that different people have different opinions, positive and negative.

Answer #20

That’s more like it.

Answer #21

Honestly, i think iits super pointless to make a big deal about it. i mean the people are just getting married :P And who cares if its a prince ! it doesnt change theyr relationship with each othr :P

Answer #22

It’s a national holiday in Europe so it is important besides it’s the only monarch left around

Answer #23

I don’t know why its so important because there is more than one person who could of been born into royalty.And when other important people get married theyv dont get that much attention.

Answer #24

From your posts, it sure doesn’t seem like you have nothing against them…

Answer #25

I’m sorry colleen, but I’m not American, and I think it’s ridiculous to give it all this attention (then again I think it’s ridiculous to give Trump, Rebecca Black and Paris Hilton all the attention they get) and I definitely don’t think it’s up there with the first person walking on the moon (which will probably remain in history for quite a while) as for the JFK assassination, that’s more an american thing which is probably why it is so famous and it is unlikely to stand the test of time.

Answer #26

In all fairness to Colleen, she had made some valid points. Even though the Royal wedding has nothing to do with Americans, the news about the wedding is part of global history, whether one like it or not. Instead of whinging and complaining, reflect on the news in a positive way, that is Americans are learning about another country’s history, how that can be a bad thing (knowledge is wealth)….. I’m 100 percent certain most Americans teenagers and older folks do not even know why the Royal wedding is so important to countries that are within the Commonwealth umbrella….. Sorry about this, but I’m going to side step the question a bit here with another example. When America has their Obama and McCain election, the global media news coverage was massive internationally, on televisions, print and the cyber world. People (worldwide) embraced the historical moment that it would be for Americans when and if Obama was elected as the first African American president. The massive news overload in my country (Australia) and other countries was an indirect teaching mechanism to all non-Americans about the political history of America.

Answer #27

Ugh…Even I got sick of the Obama overload coverage. I don’t think its so much that we don’t care about the wedding, its the constant coverage being drilled into our heads thats annoying. No matter where I turn, I see or hear something about it. I feel that way about everything that is turned into a media frenzy. Be it school shootings, a celebrity overdose, or a politician playing with fire. If the story has no new developments, then I don’t need to see the same crap on several different channels.

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Answer #29

Remember, there was once a time where the king and queen ruled the lands, as far as the eye could see. It’s a huge deal- the wedding. Will and Kate (after the queen and charles&cam kick the bucket) will be the faces for their ‘land’ until the day they die. They will never be forgotten in history. They are two people that will be globally known for hundreds and hundreds of years, kids will write school essays concerning their lives as part of history class… their decisions, actions and behavior will affect hundreds of thousands of people, not only in their life times but in times to come. Welcoming Kate into the royal family and lining up a new king of England are massive things. Of course they had to have a huge wedding, there were so many people that had to attend. I’ll tell you what- if my wedding was going to be screened live in nearly every country, on multiple channels, replayed for weeks, and sold on DVD to the whole world… I’d probably make sure I had my hair done with a big fancy dress and a few nice flowers too.

Answer #30

cos its a historical event….it is very important indeed..

Answer #31

i think this is gettn rediculiously intense :P

Answer #32

I have mixed emotions.

I think it’s great if the British people revel in this type of traditional ceremony. Being descended from British stock… like many Americans… I felt somewhat of a kinship watching the ceremony. On the other hand… my antecedents divorced themselves from the throne, empire and feudal sytem and maybe that blood still flows through me because I mostly just thought how sh!tty it was that people were celebrating the extravagant lifestyle of a pampered family that is only marginally British. I would rather people not have to live vicariously through those we idolize solely for their birthright. I realize most revellers just thought of it as a day when Britain was in the spotlight… and that’s great if they see it in this light and enjoy it for this reason.

I don’t think it’s anywhere near the order of the milestones mankind has made in space exploration. I don’t see it having the ramifications of the JFK assassination or Princess Diana’s death even. Nothing planned and brought into existence deliberately can rival the sudden shock to the system an unforeseen tragedy delivers.

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