Can I get a boyfriend even though I'm fat?

This may look like a joke, but honest to god its not! Im 16 and i have never been in a relationship with anyone, the furthest i have got is a hug while all my friends are on second and third base. I want to say its not because im fat but I honestly think thats what it is, i wouldnt say im ugly, but imnot the best loking either. I also have an great personality and am fun to be with but noone gives me the chance!. So i just wanna know what peoples thoughts are, do i need to loose weight?!…..

Answer #1

Yes! A guy will love you the way you are.

Answer #2

Absolutely you can

Answer #3

I bet there are plenty of guys out there who will love your personality and think your beautiful inside and out

Answer #4

Oh my gosh! While reading this, I thought it was something I could have wrote. That is exactly how I feel! But I know there has to be someone out there for me and I know there is for you too! Just keep your head up and think positive about yourself. Confidence is the key to a start of any relationship. (:

Answer #5

Most definatly I have bigger friends and I think there lucky. They may not get everyguy but they get the best cause they dont like you cause your pretty but because of who you are :)

Answer #6

Yes. I know a girl who is probably way bigger than you, and she’s engaged.

Answer #7

Trust me, you can get a boyfriend! And your only sixteen! There is still plenty of time for love! and sooner or later you will find the perfect someone that loves you for who you are! You are gorgeous. everyone is! Your asking us if you need to loose weight? Well, personally, do what you want to do, if you aren’t pleased with your weight, than I don’t see the problem in you loosing a few pounds, just remember, you are b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l.! and you always will be!

Answer #8

Yes im fat and look i have the love of my life and even if You think You cant Get a BF some guys are dying to go out with You never under estimaste Your selfservice becaues even if we are fat we have something beatiful like everyone els :)

Answer #9

Yes im fat and look i have the love of my life and even if You think You cant Get a BF some guys are dying to go out with You never under estimaste Your selfservice becaues even if we are fat we have something beatiful like everyone els :)

Answer #10

Yep yep yep yep yep yep yep. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and love isn’t a physical thing anyway, it’s a mental and emotional thing. Not to worry young lady, everyone has different tastses, and I think you will someday meet someone who just loves you for who you are because they just can’t help it. Don’t put yourself down ever. Think thoughts that lift you up!!! The guys who have hugged and kissed you, like you. They are just afraid of what their friends will think. when the right one comes along, he won’t care because he is a man and not a boy.

Answer #11

Yes, i’m fat… And I had a boyfriend for a year. You most definately can.

Answer #12

yes looks dont matter. :) your beautiful no matter what

Answer #13

of course you can:) don’t worry you will find the right person

Answer #14

I am going to be real with you. I was once in your shoes. I used to be 210lbs standing at 5ft 6in. In my head I thought looks didn’t matter. It was all about the personality. I had low confidence and didn’t care on how i looked or dressed. Now I am 35lbs lighter. I started dressing better and I now have more attention from guys. Do you think you have to lose weight? If you do, do it for the right reasons and not only to get men. If you are confident as a big girl you wouldn’t have trouble in meeting a guy.

Answer #15

You will get a boy friend regardless if your fat skinny or any shape. There is someone for everybody out there. Now live your life and be patient. That special guy is looking for you right now. He hears your cry and you will find love. Someone who loves you for you. :) Be patient. Live.Love.Life

Answer #16

You hit the nail on the head Ana, it’s all about the confidence you have in yourself.

Answer #17


Answer #18

Of course you can. You just need to find the right man. And dating at this age, trust me, most of it is a waste of time anyways. In time a man will fall in love with you, love you entirely the way you are, and he will see you as absolutely beautiful just the way you are. You just have to be patient :)

Answer #19

Its not really about looks.. But most guys are shallow as garbage.. Society has everyone thinking we need to look thin.. Well everyone is beautiful in every shape. I have/had low confidence. So I started building muscle and toning up. If you want confidence, work out if your self concious. But, everyone atleast gets one true love in life. Good luck:)

Answer #20

I used to be chunky. and I saw sweet guys around every corner. I had to start taking some medicine for ADHD and I lost some weight, the same sweet boys are here but there is also a ton of jerks. Point is you migyt need to lower your standards because if you change yourself for someone do they love you or. the person they’ve made you become?

Answer #21

Thanks:) this really made me smile! xox

Answer #22

Ohmigod, why would you ever even ask that? Of course you can! You need to have faith in yourself, and in your body. Everyone is beautiful. Even fat people, besides, what classifies someone as being “fat” anyway? Magazines? Classmates? Tv? Who cares. The thing is if you keep your head up and have confidence then someone’s bound to notice and take interest. Any guy that’s worth having wont care about your waistline :) Keep smiling beautiful x

Answer #23

Not only can you get a boyfriend - you can get the best kind of boyfriend … the one who isn’t using you as a trophy or just using you for your body. You’ll have the boyfriend who appreciates you completely and that means mentally, emotionally, and - yes - physically, because when a boy loves you for who you are inside, he sees how beautiful you really are on the outside, even if you don’t.

Answer #24

it’s amazing that there are guys who like bug chubby girls in our messed up society instead of realy skinny girls. there are many types of guys and im so thankful for that but you have to watch out for guys who want to use you to get his anger off or use your money or body.

Answer #25

Yes because your not fat you thick and guys would like a girl with a*s and breast . And they like sumn to grab on ! good luck

Answer #26

of course you can a guy should date you base on your personality not whats on the outside i believe people ain’t fat i prefer heavy set or obese not fat

Answer #27

prob not

Answer #28

ur not the only 1 whos never been kissed i mean im about to be 18 and ppl call me skinny mini. i never been kissed. and at this age guys r dumb and r only looking to have sex and dont see what a amazing person u can be.and if they cant forget them.u will find some1 worth ur time in no time. no matter what size u are !!! ur still who u are and i never seen u be4 but i bet ur beautiful! guys love confidence. walk around with ur head up and guys will start coming to u and dont wrry about it have fun be a teen and flirt and be u and party :)

Answer #29

Yes, she actually can.

Answer #30


Answer #31

and party… my fave bit;) haaha

Answer #32

yes of course, just be confident and be yourself!! there are other larger guys out there if you like that type

Answer #33

wow thats mean to say u know

Answer #34

OF COURSE!! any girl in the world can get a boyfriend, because beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and some guys are into bigger girls anyway. Being big doesnt automatically mean your unnatractive i know lots of pretty big girls, and i know lots of big girls with boyfriends and they get more boyfriends than alot of skinny girls i know, including myself

Answer #35

i ment i know big girls that get more guys than me lol, not ima big girl who gets more guys than skinny girls.

Answer #36

If someone llikes you, they will look past your imperfections. Dont be so hard on yourself.

Answer #37

There’s someone out there for everybody. Dating at your age is really awkward, people are shy and what you call a relationship right now is completely different then what your relationships when your 20 are going to be and so on. It’s not always easy to start out dating and don’t feel pressured by anyone to move faster then you are. I guarantee you’ll be dating a lot more later on when you’re more comfortable and people your age are a lot more comfortable to strike up conversations and hang out. You’re pretty and I wouldn’t be surprised if someone your age wasn’t already crushing on you.

Answer #38

Of course you can get a boyfriend! Hun, you’re still young. Don’t rush anything! I’m chubby, and I have had multiple boyfriends. There are people out there who PREFER girls with meat on their bones. :) Skinny girls are not the only ones with boys. Chubby women are beautiful, too! I personally think curves are the sexiest thing ever. Not skin and bones. You’re beautiful! Just have to know where to look. :)

Answer #39

yesss!!!!! of course you can!!!!

Answer #40

yesss!!!!! of course you can!!!!

Answer #41

yes ,you can .if you find your lover.but a good shape is better.

Answer #42

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