Better ways to masterbate

recently, I've started masterbating. (im a girl) but everytime I try to fingering, it doesnt "do it" for me - it accually hurts a little! the only pleasure I can find is running a bath and letting the warm water "assist" me. can anyone give me better ways to do it with out having to get into the tub everytime I feel in the mood?

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Well, just recently I've reached some short orgasms, I have also, around three minutes ago, finally cummed XD. It was really nice, I needed a wee aswell, and thats the first time I've tried whilst needing one, so maybe that helped a little. You try it, if it helps, make sure you tell mee(: x

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I agrr with the first comment, every person is diffren, all you need to do is fint whats good for you. if you dont have a vibrator and you fingers hurt try grinding on something. pillows work or anything soft.

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What I have found is a good way is to lay on your stomach with the palm of your hand over your clit and then gently and slowly girate (grind). It doesn't matter in which direction, just go slowly. FYI though, it can get pretty intense if you go too fast.

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Honestly, I use a vibrating razor that I dont need to shave with anymore...LOL. A venus vibrance. the pink one. The handle is textured so it's really great. xD

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If you put your legs in the air while you are on your back, it increases blood flow in the vagina-giving you a better orgasm

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I do something that might be similar to what you are doing. I run the bath to a warm temperature, the I get in before it fills up to much. I then lay on my back and put my vagina under the faucet and running water. if you spread your legs apart and use your fingures to open up your vagina to the runing water, once you find just the right spot, it feels sooo good.

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well I just used my stuffed animal literally two seconds ago and OMFG it FEELS SOOO GOOOD!!!]
I sometimes use the shower head-amazing
stuffed animal-OMFG
and a pillow-WOW
so yeah it feels sooo amazing(;

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how does a girl cum? I have fingered myself and had sex but I dont think I have evered cum!

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for me I use a back massager, I relax with a couple of pillows supporting my head and back up but kinda still laying down with my legs spread knees bent, I use some KY then I turn it on and kinda clench letting the vibrations hit me in the spot (clit) I find feels the best, when I've reached that point I feel this heat rush over me and this huge vibrant relief its pretty awesome ill have to admit nothign is greater then an orgasm hope this has helped!!

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With the palm of my hand over my clit I start to gently and slowly girate, then squeeze.
That gets me going when I need a quick fix.

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Today 4 the 1st time ever I used my detachable shower head... No word can describe the feelings I felt. I thought I was gonna explode!!! I put it 2 the massaging setting and you just lay back, spread your legs, and rotate the shower head in a circular, left 2 right, or up and down motion. OMFG it felt so good. I tried it again 2 hrs ago and it felt even better. But I had 2 stop cause there were people in the house... I think I'm gonna wait until 3 or 4 am and just go do it again when every1 is sleeping lol I'm like a ninja! =) hoped this helped. Good luck *wink* lol jk =)

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Oops ianswered the wrong question lol. Well I'll answer this 1 anyway! Umm

* use your imagination (believe me it helps*
* you can use a hair brush handle (the 1s with the curve at the end)
*u can use a pillow
* vibrating tooth brush
* maybe even a movie I guess..

Hoped this helped

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Get yourself a vibrator and focus on stimulating your clitoris. Works for me!

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well this always works for me guys,,
put on porn hun or any kind of porn if thats your thing lol. then sroke your thighs and top of your vagina. either rub your clit or lie on your belly and grind on your hand or a pillow or anything soft( a stuffed animal usualy works for me).
trust me it feels really REALY good!!!
:) :) x
ohh godd im so horny from reading all of these aha byee x

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Rub your clit in a circle! OMG I did it and did it harder, and man! whew, I got all crazy... my arm cramped so I used my vibrated. the shower head works good!!! :) ALSO! use something long and like 2cm wide (circular) and just use that (lip gloss, finger, marker)
hope this helps! :) the others suggestions are awesome too!

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Today I got my first was amazing...!! I totally thought it would be different.
Lay on your back. Think about nothing. Relax...get some lube or gernerate some spit in your hands and rub it into your vagina. It feels nice, warm and very wet. Put your legs up in the air and rub your vagina from side to side. It is really amazing. I hope it works for you..! Let me Know...x

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Unfortunetly no women is the same and different things work for different girls. The only way you can work out what works best for you is lots of practice. The most common way to achieve orgasm is through stimulation of the clitoris or just inside the vaginal wall – the notoriously hard to find G-spot. Some other methods are to massage, rub and touch your body in different ways. Stroke your breasts, tummy and your inner thighs before moving onto your genitals, touching your clitoris and vagina. You can try different positions, one hand or two, eyes opened or closed. Use a vibrator, sex toys, or fantasies to increase your pleasure. Hope this helped.

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Take off Your Clothes.
While lying down Go on to
Start Rubbing Your Vagina Or Penis.
Dont forget to wet your hands first !
Then when you get horny go get 2 teddybears put them on top of eachother and then
Ride them!
I do it all the time!
It does work !

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