Best way to give a guy head

Hey, im 16 and my boyfriend is 17

I want to know how I can give him head really well

I need help help?

Answer #1

should I use a condom to give head or not? x

Answer #2

start by kissin on his neck and work your way down his stomach lck his belly button and kiss around his hips and keep going down swirl your tounge around the head and lick it back and forth and when he least expects it go for it all as far as you can go down and make sure you use your tounge at all times also use 2 hands when your going up and down start out slow and when you want to make him come go faster!

Answer #3

well first things first.. don’t use your teeth this hurts the guy and isnt pleasing. also when giving head put you hand around his penis so you can move your hand as you do your head. and the faster the better.

Answer #4

When you give head, is it really and I mean REALLY salty??

Answer #5

Best way to give head is by trying to go down as far as you can on his dick

Answer #6

Do guys like it when you suck on their balls? I heard it from someone but im scard to try it

Answer #7

okaie first when you have his dick out, give him a little handjob and then maybe a tity fuck. afterr put your lips around the head of his dick and suck on it for 5 seconds and move down to the shaft try and deepthroat it becos guys LO0VE that. & make sure your mouth is wet. & maybe let him fuck your throat and then maybe control your head and the speed (= trust me my boyfriend LO0VES no, AD0ORES! it

Answer #8

well I have been giving my boyfriend head and one thing that has worked for me( scince I dont like swallowing) I simply put my tongue to the roof of my mouth and let him come in the space between my bottom teeth and the bottom of my lip ( so he could think I swallowed it) then when he isnt looking ( like pulling up his pants) I spit it out! soo if you have anyohter questions, then ask me

Answer #9

okay really just dont use your teeth and go for it. you can watch him squirm and kinda moan or close your eyes and let him watch you. either could speed up the process. now personally I dont the the taste of come butI have swallowed and if he likes it and you dont have a problem with it then you’ll get use to it, so am I. I’ve done it quite a lot so if you ever need advice go ahead and ask me. And then just kiss his dick and thighs and lick a little and also lick the top or his dick god he’ll love that. by the way dont use a condom when giving head the latex is nasty tasting and guys loveee it when you suck on their balls. so go for itt.

Answer #10

Here is my secret trick & I have been told I am the best! I don’t just suck it–I run my tongue around & around the shaft while also sucking it up & down at the same time (takes coordination!), and also jacking it at the base with my hand. I just love giving blow jobs!! It makes me so hot to suck a nice hard c*.

Answer #11

sweet, this helped me also lol I always get embarresed when I gag .. :
but it must be true, everyone does it never use teeth unless he asks for it, learnt from my mistakes lmao

good luck ! :P you’ll be a pro in no time because of these people helpin you

Answer #12

wow… you guys noe what your talking bout! im in highschool,and I’ve had sex twice but with the same guy! he always asks me to give head,but im always scared,I’ll look stupid,or I wont do it do you get over your nerves?? I really wanna try it out badly,but im really scared..

Answer #13

of course hi 16 year old … I am 31 year old yeah you cna make out with your own boyfrined yes but to me I try to help hium to make out he too senstive

Answer #14

Definitely swallow you dont want to embarass him ya know? but there is a lot more nerve endings in the head than there are in the shaft so keep your focus there, the side of the dick facing you (when hes hard) will have a slit it will look like a triangle put your tounge there and watch him squirm… and you dont have to deep throat, if you want put your hand around his shaft ans keep your mouth toward the tip he will like you trying no matter what… feel free to choke and if it really embarassed you get up when you are done and say “YOU ARE HUGE” he’ll love you even more for the compliment… write me if you need to… good luck and have fun with it

Answer #15

Okay I was told that I give the best head on the planet and ladies (and gents) I have a secret for you. MAKE SURE YOUR HANDS ARE LUBRICATED with something lotion, butter, edible oil but no spit will not do. Use your hands, grab and massage, then suck the and use both hands then grab and suck. Take your hand and wrap it around the top of the head push your hand all the way down to the base look him in they eyes, lick your licks, take your tongue and place it flat against the head of the penis and then place your entire mouth around it down a few inches and give it one long suck, come up and as you come up use your tongue to lick then go back down further than what you went when you first mounted but make sure your tongue is firm and it is sliding down the shaft of the penis and then start massaging the base with your hand and then give three real fast and quick sucks as you are massaging faster, now take your mouth off let your hand now go to the top of the penis and now start massaging the head and then start sucking the base of this penis…now this is just the warm up but the inexperienced to good head will want to cum at this point so you will have to slow down a little a suck with no hands.

Answer #16

ask him what he wants. im a guy and I would love to be asked what I want. and that would encourage him to ask you what you want, so both of you should have the best time you want.

if he has a forskin its always fun to play with that, or play with the slit in the tip of his penis.

after he cums in your mouth dont swallow, offer to french kiss him. lota of guys like it (although some dont). but its worth a try and yet again its more fun things to do.

Answer #17

to make him really excited tease him a lil.. lick his inner thighs up.. let him feel your hot breath on his dck and then slowly run your lips up and down his dck.. once you have had your fun teasin him its time to take him over the top.. which wont take more than 15-30 seconds long.. trust me.. its nice getting him aroused bc it doesn’t take him as long to get off, which makes things easier for you..

Answer #18

guys don’t care if you look stupid!! it feels good that is all they care about! also most guys love it when you nibble on it alittle before you suck it. they also love it when you swallow while sucking there man hood.

Answer #19

okae suck on good and slow don’t bite lick around tha tip and suck on tha tip 2 lick on tha sides 2 trust me it with blow his mind

Answer #20

this guy better shave everything!!! if your licking his inner thighs.. haha put your hair in a ponie tail. and kiss and lick his head, and put your lips over it, and suck, suck it good, try to go as deep as you can I don’t know its better for me wit no hands.. I don’t know y. but w.e don’t let him put his hand on your head or hes going to ram his penis into your throught… gag!! hmm you don’t don’t wanna swallow.. bc that shit is nasty and taste like bleach!! go to the bath room afterwards and spit it out. in the toilet.. haha you know what I’ve always wantd to do, when I guy cums, to give him a full kiss of the shit, see how much they like the taste..

Answer #21

Hmm well all I do is tease alittle and then just go down when he least expects it. Its also really nice when you unbotton his shorts and pull down his boxers for them they like that. when you grab go slow and play with the head little and then go deeper and DON’T USE TEETH! O and the like to watch (at least mine does) so if they want to watch just let them!


Answer #22


Answer #23

my boyfriend keeps going soft when I give him head!! what am I doin wrong and how can I make things better?

Answer #24

every guy is different…a lot of guys will say that a bad blow job is still better than sex. just relax and have fun. the less pressure you put on yourself the more that you will be able to please him. giving head is an intamit experperience and should not be givin just cause you are getting pressured to do so. if you love your man, and want to give him pleassure…head is a fun and sexy way to make him feel special. my only advise is that if this is your 1st time, you may not want to swallow. it most likely will make you gag, which is ok, but ask him to moan out when he is going to cum…and stick your tongue out and flick it up and down over the head while he is cumming…my man loves it!!!

Answer #25

start by kissing him then work your way down his neck to his stomach take a bit longer on the stomache I’ve heard it works when you tease them by taking longer on the belly button then after the teasing work you way to the penis work you way down to the tip of the penis then blow hot air on it. gice I a good licking over give the legs a lick as well then go back to the penis… go from there. Hope it helps ;)

Answer #26

hey, im bi, and I recently gave a friend of mine head, he said it was the best he had ever gotten, the trick is there is a spot on the shaft of the dick, I say its the bottom of it, there is this line that goes down the shaft, you want to lick and suck on that a lot, I got him to cum in like 4 minutes. I put my tounge on that spot and went up and down with my head, keeping my tonge on there, he moaned really loud, so I guess I did sumthing right, lol, anyways, I asked my girlfriend to do that to me and it was the best thing I ever felt, make sure to jack him off to, keep your mouth wet at all times, and im not personally a fan of playing with the balls, but a lot of guys like that, if you follow those tips you cant go wrong, have fun, and remember, its about him, but if you can have sum fun out of it, great, lol, good luck

Answer #27

try nibbling this big balls every1 loves a good nibble

Answer #28

Well you should start by making it unexpected start kissing his lips then when your doing that start using your hand to stimulate him then while still kissing him unzip or unbutton his pants then slowly pull away and go down there first start lickin his penis and then open your mouth and put his penis in it slowly suck on it going up and down but watever you do dont use your teeth I did it before and my guy started tearing up a little bit but anyways use your hand to hold his penis and let him push your head up and down theres not realy a rite way to do he’ll like it either way just dont use your teeth and stuff may come out if it doesnt gross you out swallow it dont be like me and spit it up so there you go hope your guy enjoys all guys do

Answer #29

When giving head think of licking a lolipop.. and the top of the lolipop is the top of his penis..

Best advice I got and I’ve had no complains! :)

Answer #30

The keyword is: slow, slow, and slow again. Move your lips all over his dick in a slowmotion. Slightly lick the tip and close your lips arround. Move your head slowly back and forward. Blow against the tip to cool it down and then take it in your mouth to warm it up. Remember that his dick is his most sensitive part and you,r not in a rush. You,ll have him screaming in no time.

Answer #31

1)start by making out with him and kissing on his neck (use your tongue, this will make him somewhat horny)

2)from his neck move down his chest kissing and licking, and when you get to his abdomen like for a little longer for about 30 seconds this will tease him and make him need it instead of just wanting it.

3)Grave his shaft with your hand gently and start by licking the tip of his penis the most sensative spot.

4)from there take it into your mouth( be careful to not use your theet)with your tongue put pressure on the back of his penis this is where one of his sensative nerves is located which will give him pleasure.

5)move up and down taking it as deep as possible but dont shock. start out slow and then move faster and faster or find a rhytem that your confertable with.

6)touch his balls gently while going at it with your mouth

7)Do it untill he cums you dont have to swallow if you dont want to ( its safe to itll just taste a little salty and sour it even has vitamins lol)

Answer #32

How to give a blowjob that will blow his mind:

Also, a few tips:

Look into his eyes, while sucking him. This is the #1 piece of advice I can give. Guys love it!

And remember, giving a blow-job is not just wrapping your mouth around the penis and moving up and down. While his penis is in your mouth, use your tongue to stimulate the head.

Switch between mouthing it and licking it.

Don’t just work the penis, it does belong to a human being. It is also important to look up and deeply kiss your man.

Tell him how much you love sucking his penis. Tell him how sweet he tastes. Men love women that can talk dirty.

Tease him by giving his penis a complete tongue bath first, until he can’t stand it anymore. Then take it into your mouth.

Get your man naked and kiss and lick all the areas around his penis, don’t touch it. Lick and kiss his inner thighs. Then lick and kiss his balls. By that time he should be dripping wet, then start to go down on him.

Simulate actual intercourse, lubricate his penis thoroughly, then with your hands slowly jerk him off but when your hand reaches the bottom of the shaft, take it into your mouth, but cover your teeth with your lips and keep the opening firm, so it feels like his penis is entering a tight vagina.

Besides mouthing the penis, suck it. Deep sucks and quick little teasing ones, feel great too.

While giving head rub the area, just behind his balls. Even though it’s close to his anus, it does give a good sensation.

If you’re jerking your man off too, don’t just pull on his penis like you’re milking a cow. As you run your hands up and down his penis, squeeze it a little, just jerk the head a little.

Remember, be sensual about it, go slow and tease, dont rush and don’t milk a cow!

Please remember that every guy is different and has different preferences though.

Have fun.


Answer #33

oh seriously swallowing disgusts me. if you can’t swallow then don’t. Simple as that, you should compromise. You can tell him you want to do it but if anything disgusts you then it’s pointless to do that. and yes definitely don’t use teeth because one of my guy friends had a really inexperienced girl give him a blow job and he’s haunted to this day. He can’t talk about vampires, braces, or the dentist.

Answer #34

I’ve been told I give fantastic head kiss him on the lips neck work your way down to his stomach spend a little time lickin and kissing that undress him and kiss his thighs by this time he’ll be dying for it lick around tha head slowly and all over his shaft and say to him TELL ME HOW YOU WANT IT after that take as much of him into your mouth as you can no teeth and if he says something he want you can add that too then let your hand assist your mouth and speed up when he cums watch it shoot in the air and rub it in on your body real slow they love that.

Answer #35

You guys got it sort of right. I am a perfesional at giving good head. I have been told that I am the very very best. Its all about the guy. I start by licking his balls the very bottom then lick his dick. Playin with the tip is ok but dont be afraid of exploring with more then then head. Use your tounge lick his dick every where even if you cant stick the whole thing in your mouth. But try!!! practice helps.

Answer #36

For the ladies that think teeth are a no-no… THINK AGAIN. Yes clamping down and puling is less than pleasurable, but drawing the tips of your teeth up towards the head is VERY enjoyable. Take it from a guy with experience.

Answer #37

these are all good answers but I’ve met one guy who loved love loved it when I gave him head and played with his balls at the same time. and every guys loves a girl who can deep thorough. and lets them play with your hair they like to do that. and if he starts pushing your head. don’t think its cause your not doing good enough of a job. some guys just like to have some power. but if your not comfortable with that then don’t let him. oh and before the bj. be aggressive with him. make him beg. don’t just give it to him. make him want it bad. and if he ever says you owe it to him to do that. don’t believe him cause no one ever owes any one anything sexual.

Answer #38

wow..this helps(imight forget) but yeah I am 13 and the guyi am in love with is 17..he is the cutiest!!! but yeahive given him a handjob but never head I=and im ready to experience it!!! and I want him to b my FIRST!! he means everything to me and I hope I do good thanks everyone!!

Answer #39

Yes they do BUT do it gently, VERY gently. [link removed]

Answer #40

i tired it. it seemed to have been good

Answer #41

Lick the bit between his balls and anus and youll have him screaming

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