Best romantic Animes?

Best non-cheesy, really really good love animes?

Answer #1

I like SHUFFLE! I think its romantic and its a great anime

Answer #2

personaly one of my fav anime is chiobits is romance and action put together its really sweet and I fell in love with the anime and the manga, its based in the future were human sized computer peracomes are in ever home one boy finds one in the rubbish completly new and a huge story unfords from it !!! its really good and funny at the same time its not cheesy either

Answer #3

Sola Shakugan no shana Ultra maniac Vampire knight Special A Happiness Pretear Daa daa daa Mermaid melody/ pichi pichi pitch Code geass DN angel Sakura card captor La corda d’oro primo/secondo passo Nodame contabile Kaze no stigma The girl who leap through time Lovely complex Kirarin revolution karekano/his or her circumstances Kamichama Karin Peach girl Tokyo mew mew Princess tutu Romeo x Juliet Manga AAA Suki Desu Suzuki-Kun Watashi ni xx shinasai The bride of the water god 7th period is a secret 1/3 no kareshi Bloody kiss Girl got game Kimi ni todoke Love luck M.A.X Zettai heiwa daisakusen Watashi no ookami san Rockin’ heaven

Answer #4

His and her circumstances Fruits basket Inuyasha Fushigi Yuugi Toradora Paradise Kiss Ouran High School Host Club Gravitation Loveless Haku

Answer #5

His and her circumstances Fruits basket Inuyasha Fushigi Yuugi Toradora Paradise Kiss Ouran High School Host Club Gravitation Loveless Hakushaku to Yousei Ranma 1/2 Romeo X Juliet Tale of Saiunkoku Vampire Knight Pretear Chrono Crusade Cardcaptor Sakura Basilisk Bakura Ga Ita Lovely complex Vison of Escaflowne FLCL Full Moon Skip Beat Outlaw Star Matantei Loki Ragnarok Marmalade Boy Kodocha Itazura no Kiss Honey and Clover Shugo Chara

Answer #6

His and her circumstances Fruits basket Inuyasha Fushigi yugi Kodocha Ceres celestial legend Basilisk Vision of Escaflowne Toradora Marmalade Boy Lovely Complex Bokura ga ita Vampire Knight Chrono Crusade Pretear Ranma 1/2 Ouran High Host Club Full Moon FLCL Ergo Proxy Gilgamesh Paradise Kiss Outlaw Star Nana The Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok Skip Beat Romeo X Juliet Hakushaku to Yousei Gravitation (this is a gay anime) Tale of Saiunkoku Cardcaptor Sakura loveless (this is a gay anime too) Itazura na kiss Honey and Clover Hana Yori Dango Shugo Chara Tokyo Mew Mew

Answer #7

For me the best romantic anime is Skip Beat! although the anime is not yet complete, it was continued in manga.

Other animes I could recommend is:

Ouran High School host Club Card Captor Sakura Special A

Answer #8

Yay! My subject!

I like Ceres Celestial Legends (Even though it can get a bit cheesy but it can be funny.) Fushigi Yuugi (Not so much cheesy as one that can be a tear jerker but can be really funny) Place promised in our Early days Most of the Mizaki movies (Kiki’s Delivery service, Princess Mononoke, Castle in the Sky, Spirited Away, and so on) Samurai X Trust and betrayal (More tear jerkers)

If you are looking for the loose romance stuff I would suggest… Tenchi Muyo! (Tenchi in Tokyo, Tenchi Universe) Negima

I don’t know if you read manga but I would suggest Angel Santuary (WARNING! If you are highly religious I suggest you do NOT read this manga. It is a good story but you have to have an open mind. Plus the first volume is boring and it gets better in the second volume on.)

Answer #9

Honey and Clover Bokura Ga Ita They are the best love anime.

Answer #10

Blood Plus(^^) Wolf’s Rain Toko

Answer #11

o jeezzz thats a lot. hmm I think… shugo chara honey and clover skip beat ouran high school host club (reverse harem) fruits basket kare kano (his and her circumstances) true tears–never seen kagetora (old) shuffle mizuiro no jidai (old) Go crazy :)

Answer #12

Definitely Eureka Seven. It brings the heat with a lovey-dovey, semi-awkward teen love. But it doesn’t go overboard, incorporating relationship problems between the two main characters, deepening their bond and love for each other. Plus there’s effing robots in it :D… I fully recommend this anime for anyone looking for a good romantic anime and not feeling gay or corny about it. I AM A GUY, so guys, please indulge.

Answer #13

Fushigi Yugi :)

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