What's the best laptop brand?

Which is the best laptop available other than the macs? How are the dell laptops?

Answer #1

As someone who works with Computers, and in particular computer hardware, I would advise against a Dell if you want a robust laptop that’s going to last you more than 3 years, and that can be upgraded without tremendous amounts of hassle. We have a saying in my industry - “Friends don’t let friends buy a Dell”. Sure, they do produce a nice product and a good price, but there is a reason for that, and its at the expense of future-proofing and the use of less-reliable components. Dell desktop’s are a bit better, but laptop’s are often highly compromised.

  • Sony laptop’s have the best PC laptop reputation in terms of robustness and durability. In this respect they are often seen on a Par with Macs, but they are pricey.
  • HP are also good, the proprietary software that comes on them can bog it down and be a pain sometimes but that’s easily removable. Avoid “HP Compaq” products however.
  • ASUS produce very high quality laptops at a reasonable price - they have long experience at producing reliable and quality computer components, and in fact they manufacture the Macbook for Apple.
  • Acer produce laptops of good quality for their cheap price, but I wouldn’t expect them to be overly robust in the long run.

If I had to buy a PC laptop, I would buy one of the above brands listed - I would have a preference for Sony or ASUS over the others though. Please stay away from Dell though, it will cause you trouble down the track.

Answer #2

It all depends on what you plan to use it for. If you are looking for a high spec laptop and are willing to pay that little bit more than I’d go with AlienWare… they do great looking laptops and desktops at a competitive price. All customizeable too.

If you want a standard machine that is just for day-to-day use running only a small number of programs at once then you’re better off going with the likes of HP/Compaq/Packard Bell.

I strongly advise you steer well clear of Acer laptops as a friend of mine went through 5 in a week all due to the same problem, seriously they are cheap but don’t bother. It’s too much hasstle.

All in all it depends on what you are going to be doing on the machine. If you plan to game on it ten you need high RAM (2GB +) or if you want it for general browsing then 1GB + is good. Look at the spec of it and then look at the same spec on different makes, then pick the one in the middle. If it’s a Acer then go one better!!

Hope that helped.

Answer #3

the best one I know it’s HP

Answer #4

lenovo is good and so is acer do not no ever buy the dell never no way in dellhell buy a dell no dells evah I like speaking english to my tech support and having a computer that don’t blow up (for real) or not work or have a bad plugin cause the engineer was a cheater is high school and don’t know the first thing about modular or sturdy

Answer #5

Dell laptops are good values but not really the best machines available. A year ago my employer gave me a top of the line Dell laptop and it is pretty nice. I like HP laptops better than Dell though they have always been more expensive.

To me the Sony laptops seem particularily nice. My step-son got one and is very happy with it.

Answer #6

Dell Laptops are okay but The ones I have at my work freeze up all the time and it pisses me off the ones that I think are the best are the Think Pads from IBM but those are pretty expensive to get some of the good stuff on. Compaqs are good for gaming because they are faster than the others. MACs I think after useing them at my old job just suck!!!

Answer #7

ACeR is the best brand.. My brother just got one from the starlight star bright foundation.. and he loves it and it works great.. just sometimes the WiFi Internet goes wack.

Answer #8

Sorry mustaly, I don’t advice you IBM because I have it and it’s sooo bad.

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