What's the best hair dye brand?

Im dying my hair very BLONDE again..and none of the box’s work too well…can anyone give me a good brand of dye that works well…and lasts long enough

Answer #1

DEFFF garnier. I bleached my hair with herbal essence and D:. then I dyed it with garnier fruituse (spelling?)and it was healthy again. :D

Answer #2

wiif3yboo, your hair will go orange. Ever heard the expression “once you go black, you never go back” it’s sort of true, However, it is possible to change your color from being black as I’ve done this many times. I regret it each time. I’ve recently just went back to black from blonde as having my hair black is easier to get the condition back as the more blonde it was, the more it was breaking off. The process from black though is Black > Red > Orange > Yellow > White. You have to go through all of them colors to get to blonde and it can take many bleaches to get the desired color. When you finally get there however, you look back at how healthy and shiny and natural looking your black hair was, and how patchy, uneven, dry, damaged and shorter your yellowy blonde hair is. Blonde hair is really bright and attracting I know, hence my going blonde and it’s so easy to get bored of black. But the grass always looks greener, and the black always looks better ;) trust me, if you want it blonde, just buy a real hair wig (most celebrities do it as they’ve realised that bleach and hair dye are not the way forward, including people like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Brad Pitt, Cheryl Cole, Audrey kitching, Victoria Beckham, Michael Jackson and probably the one you look up to!) if you don’t want to do this, just get regular trims and grow it out! If it’s really long, consider getting a cut? Trust me when I say this, if I could go back to when I had long Amy Lee jet black healthy hair, I would listen to everyone who told me that it would damage my hair. I had processed my hair so much and it hadn’t damaged at all that I thought they were talking rubbish and that my hair must have been stronger than theirs and that it would never fall off or break off or be “destroyed,” well I found out the hard way. I’ve been from natural brown to blonde highlights to dark brown and blonde highlights to ginger to black, to white blonde, to black, to white blonde, to red, to black, to white blonde, to red, to black to white blonde, to black and I have also had pink and blue at some point. I’ve had so many hair colorings and bleaches it’s no wonder my hair is so dead :/ It’s now the length of an emo boys hair but the fringe is really short because it’s broke off so much, and I’m reduced to wigs because it looks so terrible. I’m getting sewed in extensions though because I’m so depressed about my hair. Stay away from bleach and keep your hair please. Whatever color it is, just be thankful you have it!

Answer #3

I am a cosmetologist. I promise you developer is different from bleach. You don’t mix bleach with color. You mix developer with either bleach or color to make them work. Depending on what color or lightness you are trying to achieve determines the strenght of the developer. That’s all I was saying. I just don’t want eri911 to mix bleach with color because that would be a grave mistake. The terminology can sometimes be confusing and if you are not sure what something is correctly called, they could really mess up their hair.

Answer #4

I really like Wella’s line of permanent colors, if we are talking about professional grade stuff that you can get at Sally’s. The stuff in Walgreens will work if you want a dark blonde or darker shade. Unfortunately they are not made to lighten your hair enough to the lighter levels AND HAVE IT LOOK NATURAL. If you want it to look obvious you bought dye in a box at the drugstore, by all means, try coloring your hair with Garnier or L’oreal. Women who are already med blond or lighter can only use those platinum shades.

If you don’t go to a salon to get counseled, I would recommend only making your hair two shades lighter at a time with color and developer. (Bleach will definitely fry your hair in the long run but will get you lighter more quickly; you still have to “tone” it, though; the possibilities for making your hair fall out or shrivel up like cotton candy – yes, this can happen – are much higher here but it depends on what you consider a fair trade off. Everyone is all about instant gratification!) If you are light brown, you can get to med blond no problem! If you are very dark brown, I wouldn’t recommend it, but if you are adamant attempting home color without doing any research, choose a 30 level developer and take yourself lighter in stages. Do NOT try to pick the blond color you want first. Pick something in between what you really want & what your hair is now, then condition the heck out of your hair and possibly try this again after a week or so with the color you wanted. Keep in mind that hair turns red/orange ON PURPOSE when you go lighter (it’s biology, what fun!) so you need to know what you’re up against and be able to counteract this with the right color for you, your skin tone, and personality. IE, don’t use a Gold base if you don’t want any red in it at all.

Unfortunately, this is chemistry so it matters how much (follow directions), how long (strand test beforehand; it’ll save you a possibly big headache later), & what you have now (level 4,5,6, etc) to determine what you’ll get. There is a huge range of color combination within one level so you really have to be careful. I’m not a cosmetologist, btw, just someone who’s done tons of research and experimentation. Good luck!

Answer #5

LoReal or Garnier

Answer #6

None of the crap that you can buy at walmart is good for your hair…Im a cosmeotologist as well, and trust me…we all know it damages your hair and you may not feel it but sit down in my chair and I will. You need to go to a salon when attempting to lighten your hair…it can cause a serious mess and unnecassary damage if you dont.

Answer #7

I use revlon. im naturally blonde (dirty blonde) and I’ve used it before. it works great! and its like 3 dollars at walmart. I was hesitant when buying $3 hair dye, but it works good and it last a long time. the lowest shade is 03. I use 04. my only issue is that my eyebrows ar kinda dark. also! if anyone can help, I need to lighten up my eyebrows a few shades. but no drastic measures. something simple maybe? please, im so desperate. my blonde hair is sooo pretty right now but it looks fake with my eyebrows:( hey, I hope all goes well! honestly, any box hair dye will prlly be fine

Answer #8

I have a darkish brown color an I wanna dye it light blone what what I use?

Answer #9

faria. especially the loreal paris.


Answer #10

When coloring your hair blonde and you have dark light hair or even very dark you need to get a toner (if u go to Sally’s there located in small packages in the hair color aisle) to get the correct color of blonde you are looking for when buying hair color make sure you buy from a beauty shop (you can always ask the store clerks some now the tricks to getting that right color due to there experience) hope this helps also there are color charts that you can go by if you are good at understanding them

But I do agree on one thing BLEACHing your hair will damage it and cause most of your hair to become damage to were it will fall out more than usual

And never color too much at one time this is extremely damaging I went from blond to red to black and man I have some dry hair. Lots of conditioning with the type of conditioner you use with a hot dryer

Answer #11

well I had a lady who is a csomotologist and my best friends mom hekp me with mine and thats what she got for me with the bleach and I had dyed my hair before and my hair is just fine

Answer #12

XXXLIVE or Manic Panic

Answer #13

go to a salon! ano it may be expensive but its worth while lol

Answer #14

I had blonde hair then I went a chocolate brown colour & I didnt like it so I went back blonde. I bought the Live xxl absolute platinum which was very blonde. I bought an ash blonde toner (wash in wash out) from wilkinsons which took any orange tones out & isnt at all harsh on your hair. my hair was slightly damaged from the bleach though so remember to give your hair a few conditioning treatments after. also get yourself some hair serum, I find the pantene ones really good & also the elvive conditioning spray. also remember to dye your hair unwashed when its really greasy as the colour takes better. once a week leave your conditioner in for an hour when uv washed your hair, just wrap your hair in a warm towel, this will do your hair the world of good. hope this helps.

Answer #15

If you go to Sallys or some place like that they have good hair dye there for blonde call a salon and ask what volume bleach you need and then I would buy what they say thats what I did I think I used 40 volume on my hair but my hair is Dark brown I hope that helps some

Answer #16

The boxed hair dye isn’t going to get your hair really light because its merely added ontop of your hair. You should go to a salon and get your hair heavily highlighted to acheive a super blonde look.

Answer #17

BORN BLONDE MAXI IS THE BEST. I used it on dyed dark brown hair, and it lightened with almost no uneven spots. Since my hair had chemicals in it, it was a bit brassy but was easily fixed with a toner. I have also used original Born Blonde on my friends dyed black hair, and would not recommend it for any color darker than light brown. The only difference between the two is that Maxi comes with two packages of the developing powder and the original only has one. The powder has a blue tint, which is recommended for warm and dark hair.

Answer #18

I’m a hairdresser and have owned my own salon for a very long time. Any type of permanent hair dye will cause some sort of damage to the hair due to the fact that its a chemical treatment. the higher the developer you use, the more damage will be caused, so if you are taking your hair from brown to blonde, you WILL cause damage to your hair regardless of the type and make of dye you use. It must be remembered that this damage cannot be repaired, conditioning treatments only mask the problem. Other factors must be taken into consideration also, such as hair type, existing hair colour and condition of the hair. The best advice you can be given is go to a salon, they will ensure that you achieve the results your looking for with the minimum of damage. They will also advise you on maintenence to ensure your hair remains healthy.

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