How can I get over my best friend being put to sleep?

My seven year old black lab was just put to sleep. Her name was Soda. I really really really loved her, I cant explain how much. And now I just feel empty, I keep thinking I hear her walking around in the kitchen, and even breathing. I am very sad. I dont know what to do or how to handle this. I have no appitite, thinking about eating makes me feel sick, I dont want to talk to anyway, and all I want to do is sleep. It might sound stupid since she was a dog, but if anyone reading this has ever had a pet that they truely cared for, then they should understand. I just dont know what to do and I need help getting over this, and being happy.

Answer #1

putting our 4 legged friends to sleep, when they are terminal and in pain, is the best and last gift we give them.

Answer #2

i once had a cat that was 15 years old and it was born 2 days befor i was and i lived with it my whole life and she died from old age and i was heart broken but then i would start to think that if she had lived any longer she would have been in pain and then i also started to think of all her problems she had at points i would feel so bad for her but couldnt help laughing at the thought of what she used to do like when i would call her and she was so blind that she would walk past me meow and keep going in to the other room and forget why she came out of the bed room in the first place and lay down ..get this this is a senile 15 year old cat with memory loss blindness and bad hearing..what im trying to say is that your dog is better off now that its not in pain anymore and you should look back on the funny times, the good times because im sure your dog wouldnt want to see you upset right now so go have fun because if i was sad or crying my cat would have seen it and come over and bite because i was cheer up and i hope things get better for you

Answer #3

I truely feel for you. That can be one of the hardest things you will ever do.You will feel guilty because it was a decison you had to make. If Soda had just passed away in her sleep you wouldn’t have had to make any decision and it would have been easier. But you know in your heart you did the best thing for her. You may think you could not love another pup right now. but one would occupy your thoughts and be a big help in overcoming the grief and help you to remember the funny things Soda loved to do. It would be something to try to teach the new puppy to do. I sincerely hope you know others understand and wish you well.

Been there

Answer #4

just think that she was suffering when it was alive and now she feels better she’s probaly watching over you and is happy that you put it to sleep

feel better!

Answer #5

it’s normal 2 be sad over those type of things. when my cat died about 4 years ago i couldn’t stop crying. once in a while i’ll still cry today. when daisy died my other cat romeo wouldn’t even eat for a week he was so sad. now i have another cat and one dog. the cats name is juliet and dog is marge (romeo and juliet!!) :-D the best thing i would do is to ask to get another puppy. getting another cat solved all of my problems and made me not think of daisy as much. p.s. i feel so bad 4 u. : ( kate

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Oh, how it hurts to have to do this. Has been one of the hardest decisions I ever hd to make. Now, I try to thank God, when she crosses my mind, for the wonderful times we had together.

Answer #7

my dog got put to sleep on saterday feb,28 ,2009 I am so sad and some what depresed so thank you 4 makeing me feel like im not the only person in the world who is going thue this you helped me and now know that we can get over it together

                 Samantha;] ;[
Answer #8

hi! hope you feel better!

Answer #9

your dog must have been really sick. i have had two cats put to sleep and i know that if i hadn’t they would have suffered more.

Answer #10

I found my dog Boomer when he was a little puppy walking next to the highway at 1am June 5,1995. He was not only my best friend I feel he was my only friend for 14 1/2 years. He was with me 24/7 and rode shotgun with me all the time in my pickup. He was getting crippled up with arthitis and now I know he was having strokes because he began getting vicious with me. I spared no expense for dog food “Innova” and vet care. He was getting harder and harder to give him his medication and I was hoping it was just a bad cold he had and couldn’t smell his food. I always gave it to him in soft dog food, but the last week he didn’t want his regular dog food so I bought hamburgers that I knew he liked, that worked for about 5 days. I took him to the Vet Christmas eve morning and the Vet said he must have had a stroke because he wasn’t the same sweet dog we know be cause he was trying to bite both of us. He had to sudate him in my pickup front seat while I held his head with a pillow to keep him from biting. After about 10 minutes the vet came back outside and gave him the overdose shot they give to stop his heart and put him to sleep while I held him. After the Vet went back into his Clinic, I looked at Boomer and fell appart crying like a baby telling him I was so sorry for putting him to sleep. I cried really hard all the way home with him. I’m crying now as I type this. I’m a 52 year old man that has suffered from depression most of my life. Boomer helped me a lot with that with his constant companionship. My depression has pretty much kept me from having a normal life and Boomer was the only dog I’ve ever had and I can not stand his loss. If it were not that I had to take care of my 84 year old mother that in dementia, I think I would leave this world. But I can’t do that to my mother. I promised myself a long time ago that I would keep my mother from going in a nursing home and that I would take care of her till her death. Right now thou I’m terribly grief stricken. Luckily I have medication that helps me but I worry I might take to much in my grief. It’s about 25 degrees out and I just went for a walk wearing short pants and house shoes. I didn’t notice the cold till I walked a few blocks, I was crying most of the time. I’d post a picture of Boomer if I knew how here. He was a mixed breed. He looked like a small St. Bernard, he never got more than about 65 pounds. He was so beautiful. Everywhere I went people would comment about him being so beautiful, even in his old age. He never got to looking like an older dog. I read where writing my feelings about Boomer helps, I hope so.

Answer #11

I’m so very sorry about Soda!What you are feeling is totally normal! Losing a member of the family, and your best friend, is one of the hardest, most heartbreaking things you will unfortunately experience.You will never forget her, and she will always live in your heart! I’ve been through it, and I know exactly how you feel! It’s just going to take some time, to get used to her not being with you any more. Here is something that may help a little:

Answer #12

I had the exact same problem a few years ago. It’s a hard thing to overcome. I know you don’t want to talk to anyone but you have to talk to someone. Even if its over msn or whatever. it takes a lot off of you to talk to someone. It can even be someone you dont know. It still helps… just to know that someone is listening. If you want I will listen. Just send me a message on here and ill give you my msn. I’ll talk and listen aswell. if you dont want to then I understand but I know from experience that it will help. Good Luck

Answer #13

My cat BB is being put to sleep at 2:20pm today and I cannot be with him as I am at work and cannot leave and live too far away from my parents house. I keep having to run to the toilets to cry and have not really stopped crying since I found out this is what we were going to have to do last night.

He is 18 years old which is quite old for a cat and has lived a wonderful life. He has such a fabulous personality and bosses everyone in the house around. He has always loved his food but in the last month or so has not been able to eat very much and has lost a lot of weight. My mum took him to the vets last night and the called today to say he has severe kidney disease and there is nothing they can do. It is a horrible decision to have to make and on new years eve as well! But it is the best thing for him and he will no longer be in pain.

I know how you feel it is heartbreaking and I am devastated but he has lived a long and happy life. I just really hope he knows how much he is loved.x

Answer #14

my dog got put to sleep about an hour ago. I can’t stop thinking about it. is it my fault for putting her to sleep? maybe I could of helped her more. I’m just so sad about it. she was my bestfriend. :(

Answer #15

I had my 2 year old smooth collie put down on wednesday 21st may im still heatbroken he bit my sisters ear left her a scar , I just feel like I cant move on without him to bark when he needs something or see him lying behind the table. I miss him so much I want him back , I would make a deal with the devil if thats what it takes I just want zulu back in my life. Any advice to move on , my heart wont mend I’ve lost my best friend…

Answer #16

I edited this post because I was unable to delete it. It was a double post.

Answer #17

I had to put my cat Ginger to sleep yesterday and it has completley broken my heart!! She was around 15 years old and our baby, but in the last few weeks she had stopped eating and had lost so much weight,so me and my wife took her to the vet to find out what was wrong and after some bloodwork and xrays we found out she had cancer,we started crying uncontrollably,so I asked the vet if there was anything she could do to make giger better but she said there was nothing she could do to make her well and within a few moments I was numb so after having to make the decision to put her to rest and stop her suffering, my wife and I were able to spend some time with ginger,the agony of knowing this was the last time I would see her and hold her had broke our hearts,so at the end I gave her a big kiss on her forehead and thanked her for being in our life and told her how much we loved and will miss her.She brought so much joy in my life.So to answer the question of how to get over putting your best friend to sleep,my answer is you dont,you just learn to get by.Thanks to all for letting me tell my stort.

Answer #18

i feel so bad right now i got a little dog named max hes a min pin and i really really love him to i wont even go on vacations or sleep over my friends without tagging him along and hes 11 years old which is very old and he has aftty tumors and im so afraid of him dieing i even start to cry at night when i think about it. But i think to my self at least hes going to be in a better place and wont have to worry about him getting lost and starving and getting hurt. And also know that you made his life very happy.

Answer #19

If you always sleep, you will find it more difficult to get over your loss. Well, it’s normal to be so sad but don’t do it for long. It is better for you to go out and do something good. Move on. Cherish her memory but open your heart for a new pet or whatever it is that you can pour your affection and attention too.

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