Belly button piercing without my parents knowing

Um how do I get a belly buttin piercing with out letting my parents or family no…help. &+ im 13. Mkay,

Answer #1


they’ll see it and I believe they have to be there when you get it done but if you really want it done

get a needle and a lighter and some alcohol dip need in alcohol to sterolize it then get it super hot and stick it through but make sure its straight

Answer #2

whether its right to do it on your own is your opinion… I’m 14 and have a pierced navel that I did myself as an act of rebellion. looking back, it wasn’t smart… but try to find a flesh-colored/clear retainer until it heals up, and avoid having it in around your parents as soon as it heals and you can remove at your own subjection. don’t wear tight clothes either. big no-no. that’s how I got found out… I forgot I had it in and had a hollister tee on while hanging with my friends,

and people… your piercings may have gone wrong, but whether its wrong or right is not your decision. don’t try to scare us… it makes us want them more.

Answer #3

I am 14 my mom also said I cudnt get it done I kindof got into the “habbit” of peircing things myself and it started in the 7th grade. I tried piercing my bellybutton (first time ‘self piercing’ anything) I didnt haf a clue about gauges or didnt research peircing my bellybutton myself at all, which is really dumb. So it didnt wrk & I was left w/ the tiniest scar so the scar wasnt a problem. But now im in 9th grade and I peirced my ears a second and third time myself which they turned out fine. I really wanted my bellybutton pierced so I researched everything (SMART) and I knew everything I didnt haf any fancy bellybutton piercing needles, so you used a saftey pin and anyway I nummed it and took 2advil and I sanitized everything. So it took me a whole hour and a half. Very painful but I got I through nice and straight. I tried putting the average 14g belly ring in right away which didnt wrk because the whole was too small. So I put an earring in it and started with a 16g which went in ok & then a week er so later I put. The 14g normal sized ring in & I haf a succesfully pierced bellybutton. It took a while but I wash it w/ sea salt and oocasionally when its dry I put some antibiotic ointment on it for something that wrks as like a lube.Lol well thats my stort and I really dont see why people freak out about liercing it urself, because if you research it and take precautions you will b fine;)

Answer #4

ok so I did mine last night me and my family and some of their friends are going on a canoe trip in a couple of weeks, my parents dont know about it and im not gonna tell them bc my mom told me she would cut my phone off so..yeah that explains itself..but me and my friend smantha did mine last night. she bought a belly button needle only for piercing belly buttons and I had bought a belly button ring so we froze my belly button with ice for about 5 min until I couldnt feel it and then I held my skin and she pushed the needle through. it didnt hurt bc I didnt feel anything! BUT make sure you do starlize the needle so it doesnt get infected. wash it 2 times a day..I wash mine with alcohol but I just read somewhere on here that you can wash it with sea salt..which ill probably start doing..anyways I havent found a way to hid if on the canoe trip yet..I might wear a shirt over it or tank top.. =/ but good luck with everything(:

Answer #5

You guys are crazy! my bellybutton healed superfast, when will your parents see your bellybutton wtf? just dont go swimming with them… if thats what your family does you might have a problem? and when you are 50 you wont even be able to see the hole anymore. I had my lip pierced for a year, took it out and now it is the tiniest hole in the world, mistaken by a tiny tiny mole if anyone happens to see it. LOL it not a big deal at all. I think half the people writing don’t understand the generation of clean piercing places or expression. Good Luck! If you plan to do it yourself, please be very very careful and research it. But if you can find a piercing place who will do it, do it :p hmm.. I also hid my tongue ring from my mom for a year when I was 16. Now I’m 19 :D

Answer #6

Well I’m getting mine behind my mom’s back. I’m having my best friends stepdad pose as my dad, since we look a lot alike. And I’m also getting it early enough before summer so when I do swim with my family, I can just take it out for a few hours and put it back in till I turn 18. I’m almost there anyways ;) Good luck!

Answer #7

dont do it yourself, dont get a freinds to do it…dont be stupid do wait a bit longer you should be able to get it profesionally done at 16 without there consent if you dont you risk infection, getting it crooked, longer healing time, ect and at 13 your body is still growing so by the time your 15 it will be half way grown out and just dangle there and youll have to get it re-done also if you dont want it later on youll be left with a small pimple sized scar, or even a bigger scar more noticable scar if done wrong you need to think about this…dont get it to be “cool” dont get it becaiuse everyone else does make sure you want a hole in your skin first

Answer #8

im 14…I want mine pierced sooo bad!!! I have been researching places to get it done aeound were I live for almost 2 hours. I cant find ANYWHERE that will do it without a parent present. STUPID. grrr. I cant do it myself, wayy to scared. but I hope you end up with a cute belly button peircing and maybe I will too…someday… [: haha good luck

Answer #9

actually , I just got mine done about a month ago without my parents knowing & they haven’t noticed yet. I went into the city with my friends & told my mom I was at some really long afterschool club. astor street in new york city has a whole block full of piercing places, if your from there. it was more like a tent thing, not a legitimate place, but I made sure he sterilized everything & mine hasn’t gotten infected yet. he didn’t even ask for my age or anything. it was also pretty cheap, only 20 bucks. get it done now in the winter, so it can heal during the winter months & you’ll be able to take it in & out without a problem if you go to the beach with your parents or something.

Answer #10

Well im 13 I got mine like wha2 days ago, Well not in every place you need a parent I didnt well since I look way older lol. But its very easy to hide if yu gonna get yours get it in the winter so that in the summer you can take it off & hide it easly also after 2 motnths after its healed change it to a transparent jewlery thing when your in the house when you go out you can wear you nice jewlary lol well good lucks

Answer #11

ii got minee donee wenn ii was 12 & most placess you don’t need an adult … just ask themm & tell themm if they don’t want they don’t need too see it !! offer to pay for it yurself & not involve themm inn anyway with it … tell themm its not their problemm … :) x

Answer #12

I got mines done 3 mnths ago and my parents still dont noe and im also 13 I don’t know where you live but most body piercing shops in ny let you do it even if your not 13 bt a tattoo you have to be 18 or older. in order to hide it from your parents you cant wear shirts that are kindda tight you gotta wear loose shirts or a sweater.

Answer #13

Get someone old enough that could ‘pose’ as your dad, and get in done professionally, thats the best way to get it done and thats how Im gonna get mine done. It makes it lot easier for me because all of my friends are older than me, for some reason, like in the 20’s and 30’s lol and even 40’s =] Mwahahaha!

Answer #14

ahhh I just got mine done today my dad took me but I m so so so worried that my mom will find out she is kinda strange so she will be really mad and I dont know how to take it out…

Answer #15

I did mine myself. my parents didnt find out.

get a needle, aniseptic, alcohol, ice and preferably a ring.

put the ice on the area for a good 5-10 min.
sterilize the needle in alcohol.
once your belly button is numb, (you shouldnt be able to feel the ice anymore) push the needle straight through. (make sure its straight. it WILL feel weird but the fast you get it done the easier it is.) after you got the needle in and mke sure the hole is right, pull the needle out while pushing the ring in. use aniseptic to keep it clean.

I’ve heard that if you wash it out with salt water, it wont get infected. I’ve never tried it though.

good luck and be safe!

Answer #16

I am 13 almost 14 and I’ve peirced my naval myself 8++ times,, I’ve also successfully peirced me ears 4 times on each ear((: good luck

Answer #17

All you pretty much need to do is keep washing it with sea salt and warm water. && if you were ever to go out with the family, just take it out for the few hours, and as soon as you comee back, wash the ring, and put it in. once you put it in, wash it with salt water and you’ll be fine =D

I got mine pierced a few weeks ago without my mom knowing and so far its doing well. im keeping it clean by cleaning it twice a day. and thats as much as you need to clean it. no more no less!

Hope this helps. Anymore questions just ask (:

Answer #18

yea. you need your parents with you unless your 18. and if you do it yourself you can get a reallly bad infection. you can either bug your parents until they let you get it or you can wait. I no not the greatest of options but…

Answer #19

You pretty much can’t get it done without your parents knowing. Unless you decide to do it yourself which isn’t safe anyway so if you want it done right then you’d just have to ask permission from your parents or wait until your 18.

Answer #20

wear baggy clothes and if your used to wearing tight clothes, wear like, tanktops under a t-shirt and make it kinda like loose . because, i have mine pierced and my parents were furious cause they found it and i had to take it out, but i re pierced it a few months later and started wearing sweaters and they havent found out and its been almost 2 years. (: good luck thoough .

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