Being Vegetarian

I’m 15 in two weeks and I don’t eat meat. None. People sometimes act “different” around me when they find this out. This is why I choose not to tell many people. The worst thing is… I live in Nebraska, where everybody just loves beef and whatever. My friends joke about how I don’t belong in Nebraska. So just out of curiosity, how do people react when they find out you’re vegetarian?

Answer #1

I like it when I find out people are Vegetarian. It’s so hard to like people when I know that they are killers. I hate Christians who eat meat, because they are a bunch of f*cking hypocrites. The Bible says that you shouldn’t eat meat but these posers pretend to be Christians and eat meat anyway. It pisses me off.

Answer #2

Being vegetarian is something I did personally for over twenty years. It is a very hard thing to do. Protein is difficult to get without eggs or meat in your diet. I switched to an omnivore after finally deciding that I didn’t want to eat 6 meals a day. Here in the Bay Area there are tons of vegetarians and the horribly emaciated “vegans”. The human body is not designed to be an herbivore no matter what people say. Vegetable proteins including Tofu do not digest well and are horribly “gassy” foods. And you have to eat a TON of tofu to equal a tiny bit of meat. If you aren’t losing weight by this diet then you are probably over carbo-loading in which case you are going to have serious medical issues later in life.

I had a few people judge me for my former lifestyle, but I never really listened to it. Most non-vegetarians don’t understand how you can not eat yummy yummy cows or tasty tasty swine.

The one thing that I will never agree with is not eating meat for the fact that you are eating a former living thing. My choice to not eat meat was for the hormones injected into the animals and the horrible conditions of slaughter houses. I still try to get my meat cooked well done, but the awareness of this issue has brought about a healthier meat supply that you can find in certain grocery stores and butcher shops. At least eat eggs. Eggs are not “chicken embryos”, they are more similar to the substance that fed you while you were in the womb.

Answer #3

they cant believe that I find it so easy. Only one side of my family find it weird as they are cypriot and all love their meat!. You have your own opinions not eveyone in a country is the same.

Answer #4

Well, I’m 14 and have been vegetarian for about a year and a half. But since I live in NYC, and go to an art school, it doesn’t really matter. I have many vegetarian and non-vegetarian friends. If your friends say you don’t belong there, then you shouldn’t care at all. I’m Dominican, and if you know anything about Dominicans, it’s that we[excluding me and some] love chicken. My parents are always trying to make me eat meat, but it’s toned down a little. If they just say it as a joke, then joke back and laugh a little.

I would just like to clear up that vegetarians do eat dairy products and eggs, if you don’t eat those then you are vegan. Eating dairy and eggs does not make you partly/semi-vegetarian, it makes you vegetarian. Semi-vegetarian is when you eat meat, but on rare occasions.

Answer #5

I am partly a Vegatarian. I just hate the cruelty to animals. I do drink milk and eat dairy and eggs. Considering taking the milk from a cow is actually relieving to them. The eggs they sell in the grocery store never have been fertilized so the can’t turn into chicks. So I am okay with those. I will never eat any meat. People don’t really act funny around me. I live in Utah. There are hardly and Vegetarians here. My friends all know thats my belief. I tease my friends about eating meat. It lightens the mood. I always start talking about the things that happen to get the meat to their plate. I have actually tunred some of them Vegetarians. Maybe if you joke about it oo, it won’t be so bad on you.

Answer #6

the bible says that you shouldnt eat meat??? that dang retard I know lied to me he said that the bible says that you can eatn meat. I dont believe in the bible anyway, im athiest and im a vego anyways butyeh

Answer #7

Im a vegetarian, and everybody acts so weird around me! My friend brings up the subject every 2 minutes.

Answer #8

no one acts different around me when i tell them. are you sure theyre acting werid? maybe its just in your head. people shouldn’t care that youre saving animals. people should be proud for u.

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