Being raped and drugged up

I was drugged out of my own will Then raped the police took my clothes for futher forenzsics how long will it be til I get my clothes back?

Answer #1

Just let them keep the clothes if all you want to do is burn them…thats a pretty pointless reason to want them back…

Answer #2

…then… why do you need to get the clothes back and burn them?

Answer #3

if im alwsys watching my back about being raped agin and being upset about it its going to eat away at me and I dont do that

Answer #4

uuhmm, I think the police will have them for a while. Just wondering,, are you even the slightest bit disturbed about getting raped?

Answer #5

I want my clothes back so I can burn them

Oh… so you don’t have a decent reason after all… you probably won’t get them back at all, and if your do, it’ll be long after any police investigation, and trial are concluded.

Answer #6

you should just go back and ask them because there the only ones with the answer they could still be off getting tested or they could be with the other evidence but when you go there tell them that youd like them back so you can burn them, they should understand and give them back to you when there done with them

Answer #7

So. . . you got drugged and raped. And all you can think about is your clothes?! W O W ! Maybe you should call and ask them. But it seems as if you have bigger problems ! And getting your clothes back is not one of them.

Answer #8

As long as he is in jail and there is a chance that he might appeal you won’t get them back. They would need the clothes for evidence if he would get an appeal. I have been waiting for my expensive blanket and my work shirt for ever. The rest I don’t even care one way or another.

Answer #9

why do you even care what happens to them clothes do you plan on wearing them again who would want them back if some thing like that had happend to anyone

Answer #10

I dont know, it could be anytime really. maybe call them up and ask. poor you :( id be so scared if I was you, I bet you are too. x

Answer #11

of cause I am but its the past cant do nothing about it to change or ect just got to be happy for the futhure

Answer #12

So you were drugged and raped and all you care about is your clothes? Chances are you will not be getting those clothes back, if this is a serious question. They keep them for evidence. I am not trying to be rude but you seem to have many strange issues in your life. I would seriously consider seeking some counsling due to the rape and ex beating you. You say you have a child so you should be doing things to keep yourself out of bad situations and making a better life for your son.

Answer #13

I want my clothes back so I can burn them

Answer #14

…jeez… its good you’ve got your priorities in order… O___o

You should call the police and ask them.

Answer #15

Why do you want them back so bad? Were they expensive?

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