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How do you become an Advisor on FunAdvice? I love helping people and giving people advice and I’ve been doing it like crazy for the past 3 days and that’s about how long I’ve been a member. Do you suddenly get an email saying your an Advisor or what? Help me out, I’d like to be an Advisor.

Answer #1

First, look through the number of answers that the advisors post on the advisor page. Advisors not only answer questions but they also help to keep the community happy and try to keep negative or controversial topics from hurting people that come here. Second, you would have to approach “the dude”, who is an owner of the site. He has been extremely busy lately and this site has been through quite a few changes lately and will be adding to it continuously over the next few months.

You do have a good writing style and you have been a refreshing change abstaining from typing like you were inputing a text message like many do. Funmail the dude and see what he says. Can’t hurt. Meanwhile, thank you for your interest here at funadvice and please don’t give up on us if he doesn’t answer right away. Most of the content in the site is in the Relationships category and so we are really trying to encourage participation in other categories as well. Lately we have had more interest, but not nearly the same quantity.

Feel free to funmail me for any details about anything here, I have been volunteering here for around six months now and there have been a lot of changes since then. The owner is a friend of mine and I am trying to learn a bit about the web in the process.

Thank you, Funguy.

Answer #2

Hey there-

Generally, we promote people after they’ve been on the site for at least a week or so, as a few times, we’ve had people “get excited” and then after only a day or two, they drop off & stop participating.

We really appreciate all the great advice you’ve been giving, and thank you very much for helping out! It’s people like you that make helping to run this site so much fun for me.

If you’re around at the end of the week, drop me a fun mail & I’ll promote you. Keep up the wonderful work.



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