Does anyone know if is legit?

Answer #1

Damn, im getting mixed signs :/ im post some reviews i found: is 100% Legit. However I suggest you read everything I have to say before you decide if using the site is right for you.

The problem with the site is it is very difficult to win an auction. You have to be lucky and put in a lot of bids worth of your money. Your better off using ebay or buying retail… Remember you pay about 70 cents just to bid, and you’ve got thousands of people browsing the site to bid against you. If you bid 20 times and lose, your our $14 and you’ve got nothing to show for it.

The site is 100% Legit, but its a risk to bid and its tough to win. You could bid once, and walk away with a $100 item for 70 cents. You could also bid 100 times, and lose the auction, and now your out $70 bucks! ouch! It’s like playing the lottery but with a little better odds. A lot of people put in money, one person gets the payout.


Beezid makes about 70 cents everytime there is a bid.

This MUSTANG sold for $719.66 ::

That means there was 71,966 bids on the auction. Making 70 cents profit per bid, times 71,966 bids…. Beezid made $50,376.20 on the mustang, plus the $719.66 the winner will be paying.. gets $51,095.86 for the car. The car cost’s 28,395.00 retail, which beezid had to front. Do the math.

  • One lucky bidder gets a mustang for $719.66.
  • Beezid makes $22,700.86 in PROFIT after paying for the car.

They are making a ton of money, why would they scam it?

Here is another example for you: Just a moment ago, a 32gb Ipod touch sold for $8.28. That means there was 828 bids, costing customers roughly 70 cents each. The retail value of the ipod touch is $300

So that means Beezid sold a $300 ipod for $587.88 ($579.60 in bids + $8.28 from the winner).

They are still making a ton of easy money. They wouldn’t scam, they want people to get their items, brag about their winnings, and get them more customers!

Pure scam becuse for a several issues

1- This site operated outside united states accross the northern border .

2- 75% of bidders name generated by beezid server, ( names displayed with number like John6538, or Susan76, meaning less names, etc.)

3-No auction site ask for money in advance.

4- 99% of products they sell not in there stock, (they ship an item directly from Best Buys for electronic or gift cards from American Express, Target, Lowes, etc.).

5- Real bidder (bid schilling) meaning they drain your bids out by there own server.

6- For example $100 gift card from Target listed a week ago sold for $11.00 meaning 1,100 pennies x 0.70 per bid = $770. one bidder bids almost 90 times = $63 plus shipping and handling to win a $100 gift card cmon.

7- Once a while maybe, i repeat maybe 10% a chance for a real bidder to win, just to satisfy a real story to tell at there site or the web after making thousends of dollars per item.

SOURCE: I found ALL these reviews on other sites, i did NOT write them :]

Answer #2

I looked up reviews, and nearly every single one was from a user who had been scammed by them. Apparently they use bots to outbid people and make you pay more. I’d stick to eBay.

Answer #3

That site is not active now.So you can try using another site.You can follow some tips to know whether a site is legitimate or scam.To find a site is legit or not,you can do some methods.You can check whois lookup for a domain name.Visit the site here you can check whois information for domain name.If the information is public and looks legit,you can note the email id,contact number of the domain name owner or administrative or technical department or else sale department.It will help you to contact them if you have any problem after using their services or buying their products.Then you can visit the site check whether the site is trusted or not.If the result will “High Trust Rating. This Site Looks Safe To use.” It is good site.Then you can visit here you can read users or customers reviews,ratings and feed backs about the site and their services.If they said good,you can start using the site.If the site is shopping site,try to order a low cost product.If they will deliver it within in specified date while buying,it is good and safe site.You can use that site for buying high cost Good.

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