Bedbugs how can i tell?

I am worried that my 10 year old is being attacked by bedbugs. I have had exterminators come out to inspect, 3 different ones, one guy said yes and the other 3 said no. I have changed my son's bedding and use allergie protective mattress covers and a new bed furniture and so far no signs bites. We have a cat and I can't be sure that it's not some other bug bite. We have always had a lot of spiders in our house but, bedbugs keep staying in my mind. I had the placed checked out, why am I still stressing about it?

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You had 3 - 1 said yes and 3 said no, that means you had 4 ;)
You're stressed because even though a majority said 'no' someone still said 'yes' so it's stuck in your head, you should be a bit worried. You should see if someone could check out these bites and maybe that will determine it, because I know spider bites are different.

ANSWER #2 of 2 is what you need to do..if the bites have stopped showing up after you changed his mattress then it very well could have been bedbugs and they're gone now. I suggest doing a complete carpet cleaning...deep clean all your carpets and rugs...then wash ALL OF YOUR BEDDING...ALL OF IT...

Next, look into getting rid of the spiders. there are organic sprays that are safe to use around the borders of your house to keep spiders out...use it!! trust me.

Also, for your cat, get a basic flea and tick medication, like treatment lasts for roughly 3 months at a time, and it'll keep your cat well protected from any bugs and will keep it from bringing them into the house. good luck.

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