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My little sister is hosting this beauty retreat and she needs help with some beauty ideas. The trick is they have to be home remedies. For example, skin treatments, deep conditioning treatments for your hair, Face masks, pedicure, manicure. etc. We have a few but any suggestions would be very very helpful

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Here's some I use:

Put liquid fabric softener in a spray bottle and dilute it by about half with water - it's a great leave in conditioner

Using your morning coffee grounds as an exfoliant will help reduce cellulite

Vegetable shortening is a great eye makeup remover and leaves skin soft

Make a paste with baking soda and water and use it to exfoliate your skin - this works great on the face, since the powder is a fine grain, and is not as harsh as salt

Clay face masks are nothing more than kitty litter - using a non-clumping, 100% clay kitty litter from the grocery store is much cheaper than the clay used in expensive spas, but it's the same stuff

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