Beatles, are they Satanic?

I found a website on the internet through google yesterday, and I found a site suggesting the beatles are satanic! I think it’s ridiculus. What do you think?

Answer #1

No! The Beatles are not satanic at all. People have suggested that The Rolling Stones are satanic, but I see no evidence of that. The Rolling Stones have a album called Their Satanic Majesties Request. It is an awsome album that is very psychedellic. It is not satanic at all. The Beatles pictures are hidden in the 3D lensticuler photo on that album cover. Lots of heavy metal groups in the 1980’s played around with satanic symbols & pictures. There isn’t anything I don’t know about the Beatles. I have been obsessed with them since I was a very little kid - (Early 70’s) They are not satanic at all.

Answer #2

I wouldn’t say they are Satanic, but they’re songs can sometimes be translated into different idea’s such as Satanism. Jeffery Dommer beleived the Beatles song”Helter Skelter” was a prophecy of the apocolypse.

Answer #3

The Beatles got involved with Krishna consciousness. Some Christians are of the opion that everyone who is not a Christian is a minion of Satan wheather they realize it or not. Some people consider the Beatles Satanic but they have never presented themselves as such.

Answer #4

haha I’ve heard about that. but no, there not satanic. there a good band, who have influenced a lot more good bands over the years!

Answer #5

They were not satanists or devil worshippers! Anyone who says any different is a retard.

Answer #6

the beatles are whatever you think they are…

Answer #7

they are satanic..thats my oppinion…

Answer #8

Though many will never accept it, the Beatles were like poisoned candy, or the apple with a worm inside.

Satan, true to form, always hides his evil in a pretty package, and used the Beatles and their music, to preach his message of sin and rebellion against God.

In a manner reminicent of the giant wooden horse gifted to the ancient people of Troy, the object held a deadly secret, only discernable after it was too late.

As it was in that ancient story, the Beatles orginally presented themselves to America as wholesome, “clean cut” musicians who wore respectable grey wool suits, but even they would admit later that this was a false picture of who they really were. Nevertheless, the deception worked and the invading army had gotten it’s foothold..

Yet, before they were famous in America, the Beatles had spent considerable time honing their skills in post war Germany’s red light districts, where Satan’s seemy underworld of prostitutes, nude bars, free flowing alcohol, illegal drugs, vandalism and violence were the norm. If the young Beatles had ever once been wholesome lads, this debauched environment would certainly have cured them of that.

With their first appearance on the Ed Sullivan show in 1964, the Beatles fame quickly grew, and by means of their music, attitudes and lifestyles, the Beatles began influencing in serious ways the minds of the young generation that they had captured.

The Beatles transformation of the youth culture began slowly, but as the 1960’s wore on, and by the end of the decade, the pace increased and became more apparent. As the Beatles stepped into fame with “I WANT TO HOLD YOUR HAND”, they closed out the decade with “LET’S DO IT IN THE ROAD.”

The multifaceted assault on America’s traditional values, included the glamorization of drug usage, sexual immorality, sexual androgeny, and the popularization of eastern mysticism as an “enlightened” alternative to traditional Christianity, and Judaisim.

None of the Beatles had faith in the traditional God of the Bible, and at one point John Lennon claimed he was ‘god’. Lennon, throughout much of his life exhibited open hostility toward traditional Christianity and caused much uproar in 1966, when he pronounced that the Bealtes were more popular than Jesus.

In 1967, the Beatles ushered in the psychedelic drug era with the Magical Mystery Tour album, which was followed by the drug-laced Sgt. Pepper album, where the Beatles were pictured on the cover with their “heros” in lifesized photo display. Included among the famous celebrities is the notorious occultist, hedonist, drug user, and Satanist, Aleister Crowley; who was also known as “the wickeded man in the world”, and the ‘beast’.

In Christian belief, God gives talents to all people, but God also allows us free will to use those gifts as we wish, for good or evil.

The Beatles were clearly talented musicians, singers, and songwriters, but the evidence presented on this thread, and which can be more extensively researched elsewhere, supports the idea that the Beatles natural talents were subverted to serve the interests of Satan, or the devil as he is described in traditional Christianity.

It remains up to the individual to examine the facts honestly for themselves. It might be useful to remember the power of music to seduce and manipulate our minds and emotions. To this extent, it may be difficult for some people who hold sentimental feelings toward the Beatles, to deal with the unsettling facts that surround the band and their music.

“And it is no wonder. Even Satan tries to make himself look like an angel of light.” –2 Corinthians 11:14

“Be sober! Be on the alert! Your adversary the Devil is prowling around like a roaring lion, looking for anyone he can devour.” –2 Peter 5:8

“Your pride and your music have ended here in the world of the dead. Worms are your blanket, maggots are your bed.” –Isaiah 14:11

Answer #9

they might… I was listening to “obla di obla da” the other day and there was this voice right after he said all together now that sort of sounded like the muppetsand so I replayed the song to see what the muppet voiced voice said was this “Hail satan” and that was repeated by another muppet souding voice.

Answer #10

Sadly, As much as I love the Beatles, After doing some research I found hey were pretty well influenced by the writings and philosophy of Aleister Crowley (1875-1947)creator of the “Thelema” faith and the man who penned the idea “ Do what thou wilt.” He was chased from country to country and was proclaimed to be “the wickedest man in the world” due to his promotion of homosexuality, satanism, drug abuse, torture, mind control and the idea that the family unit is a concept that needed to be destroyed. He thoroughly held the belief that the best way to control and twist the emotional minds of youth was thru music(can anyone say Charles Manson?) A quick look at the Beatles Sgt Pepper Album cover is loaded with a who’s who of the occult and subliminal imagery of Satanic worship. (BTW, if you look in the upper lefthand corner of the album, Aleister Crowley’s face cannot be missed.) The saddest part about all of this is I didnt’t make any of this up. Stop falling goosestep and being one of the crowd. Do your research. The internet is so much more than downloading music or porn.

Answer #11

just because they aren’t christian doesn’t mean they belong to satan.

you all are extremely ignorant.

Answer #12

Yes they were, you are being ignorant and being close minded if you do not believe the facts. Anyone who thinks people who believe the truth are retards such as steelerjunky are infact little prats. Just because you are not Christian does not mean you are the follower if Satan. When you pray to him instead of god, when you let him take over your life and not god, when you let him use you for his own means instead of god, then you are satanic. Don’t be naive.

Answer #13

They where not Christians and so be definition they belonged to satan

Answer #14

How could a band that sings all you need is love and let it be which makes a reference to mother mary the mother of Jesus be satanic if you do believe they are then unfortunately you are ignorant that’s why I don’t follow religion it only causes war

Answer #15

No they are not, never were santanic! Some people are just idiots, like: bishopswine & truth seeker! Get a life!

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