What are "j" baby names for twins?

my sisters having twins.can anyon tell some baby names that begin wid the letter j?

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I found this really cool website for pregnant women.They have the names and the origins and what they mean.Here it is: http://www.babynamesworld.com/ Hope it helped

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Jerome ,

Jermaine .x

lovee themm nameess xx

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boys: jason, jerick, james, justin, jace, jake
girls: jenessa, jamie, jessica, jen, jennifer,

one twin is born at 11:59 and the other is born at 12:00
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Girls- Jordan, Jolee, Jessica, Jaime, Jill, Juliana, Juliette, Jordi, Janine, Joanna, Julian, Jayleen, Joan, Jain, Josleen, Jennifer, Jenny, Jeniffer-Lee, Jenna!

Boys- Jared, Jordan, Josh, Jason, Jacob, Jarome, Jeff, Jeffrey, Jaime, Jake, Johnny/John, Joseph, Jack, Julian, Jerry, Justin, Jonathin, Jerry!

Good luck!

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Why J?? why not X? or D? or V?

(Girls) Jayle (jay-lee), Jamila (ja-meal-ah), Jess, Jasmin, Jaqui (Jack-ee), Jemma

(Boys) Jonno, Jakob, Jake, Juni (ju-nee), Jaylin, James

you could go to:
http://www.20000-names.com/female_j_names.htm (for girl J names) http://www.20000-names.com/male_j_names.htm (for boy J names)

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jayden , jared , joshua , jessie, jordan , jackson , ( boys ) , ( girls ) jesssica , jayden , that's all i can think of

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jaren, jaden (boy or girl) jared, jevin, i can't think of anymore of the spot but if you go to Babynames.com and click on 'J' it will give you a great selection

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justine and justin

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Jordan, Justin, Jason, Jonathan, Josh, Joshua, Jacob, Jesse, that's all I can come up with right now good luck though and congrats to your sister.

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jack and jill

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Boy : Jay, John, Jon, JayJay, J.J., Josey, Jerad, Jaden, Jerard, Jimmy, James, Jedrich, Jason, Jamion, Jamine, Jamie.

Girl : Jorden, Jonsey, Jassy, Jacki, Jacky, Jaksey, Janny, Jenifer, Jessica, Jessy, Jessiem, Junifer

hope to Help =)
Hope the twins come out healthy.

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My daughter is called Jayden :)

I like the names...Jayden,Jessie,Jayleigh,Jayda,Jamie,James,Josh,Jordan,Jilly,Jacey,Jenna
All I can think of :)x

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grils: julieta and jan janna jannie jannza joy
boys : jake joseph john jay jason
either jacey

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josie,jack,jade,jake,jayla,jayden,jayda,josh, umm tht bout it i can fink of .. but i rly love thenmes josh and jayden:D

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hope it helps

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girls janna jesica

boys jarod jeffrey

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jaelyn jaron jasan jasmine jamie jakie justine jarrod jarrien jameka jah' asia hope that these help u out

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search the net for baby names , you will get so many choices that way.

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jade, jenny, jennifer, jeremy, josh, jim, james, jack, jeremiah, justin, jaden, jewel, jackie, jordan, jamie, jessie

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my sister in law is called janae... and I LOVE it!!!

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Justin & Julia.
My cousins : D

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Boy: Joshua
Girl: Jamie-lee or jasmin

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hahaha!!! i have a twin and our names start wit "j" :)))

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Girls: Jessica, Julie, Julia, Jennifer, Jasamin(e), Jules, Jill, Jamie, Jaime, Jamie - Leigh, Jackie, Jaqui, Josie, Josaphine, Justine, Jordan, Jamilia

Boys: James, Jeremy, Jay, Jayden, Jason, Jack, Jamie, John, Jeffery, Jefferson, Joe/Joesph, Jonathon, Jared, Justin, Jake, Jordan, Josh/Joshua

But yeah look on the internet for more names... there may be more unique ones

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