What is making my bathroom stink?

my aunt has a question. my bathroom smells really bad and no one went to the bathroom and there's no dead animals is there but it smells aweful. I think its the sewage is backed up or sewage gas is coming from it and I can't stand it. you can smell it all throughout my house. do you have any ideas because it's my only bathroom :-)

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To rule it out, I would check the property carefully - under the house, below the bathroom - to ensure you have no upward seepage from underground....Good luck !!

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probably you guys forgot to flush

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bathrooms have to be cleaned once a week...
all of it.
or yes it does smell

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We had the same problem a little while ago. Our wax seal between the toilet and the floor decayed to the point that sewer gas escaped into our bathroom, creating an awful smell. It is quite likely that this is your problem, too. If possible, bend down and smell the area near where the toilet and floor join. If the smell is worse there, replace the ring! And it is a cheap fix: For less than five dollars, you can replace the ring.

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Call a plumber or something....or a person who nows about that shyt!

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poo poo smells in your bathroom still there, use spray to get rid of it use OUST NOW!

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