I asked my mother this but she didn't know. Y'know when you say your going to the bathroom (the toilet), but theres no bath in the toilet, is it still a bathroom or just a toilet?

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It doesnt matter bathroom restroom the pisser.. it doesnt matter most people will understand what you mean unless there just kinda stupid.

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yeah and if youre buying a home its a half bath

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It's called a restroom. Lol. Good question.

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It's not a bathroom if there's no bathtub in it poiuyt0915

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it is still a bathroom because it is where you take a bath

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In your home, if there is nothing other than the toilet and sink it is called a "powder room' (1/2 bath is used for selling purposes.
Powder room is used for toiletry issues and "freshening up"--I.e.- powder your nose, applying lipstick,washing your hands, etc. (•:

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We call it a washroom - the one with a bathtub is the bathroom.

If we want to be totally chic, that's when we call it a 'powder room' :)

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deffo a toilet. if it has no bath. not exactly brain physics...

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well im english and we just say toilet if its not a full bath or shower room. However some people say "im going to use the bathroom", or "can I use your bathroom" just because it sounds a bit nicer than toilet lol.

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