Would you bathe in a bathroom with clear glass walls showing outside?

This is just one of a few designs listed as "Extreme",

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Um nope i like my bathrooms normal with drywall that are covered and no one can me.
I don't want a person watching me relaxing in a bath tub D:

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I suppose if you have enough land or it faces the ocean you wouldn't have to worry about. Being a former art model I lost my modesty decades ago. Around the house I only wear clothes to avoid embarrassing or annoying other people.

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I think they look gorgeous, so modern.
I would consider it if i lived far away from most of civilization. But tbh, if i had a bathroom like that i wouldn't care.

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I just realized; The cheapest bathroom there is more expensive then mine and my grandparenst houses put together XD

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Well they are just gorgeous :) i would in a heart beat, if i had my own land away from people. I would like curtains that close in around it though just in case. during the day would be awesome but at night you cant see out there so i would feel a little valnurable. Plus if i had kids i dont want them to see. so the curtains would be a cool idea

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Golly such beautiful homes. I want :/

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If I had a super model's body then hell yeahhh B)

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Maybe if the bathroom were high up, overlooking a large body of water, or gated property with guard dogs. Otherwise I prefer privacy.

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Definitely not...i love my privacy the last thing i would want is some innocent passerby (or a peeping tom) to look in my window and get an eyefull (or be horribly scarred for life)

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Well, if that bathroom was on a really large private real estate with a 7 meter high and 3 meter wide hedge around it, and if I'd be convinced that nobody from my family is in my garden... why not?

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I love the Fort Meyer home, its stunning. That the most and with the Dallas Texas one the second.
But yeah, I would because these seem a bit secluded from other people. And plus im guessing in houses this big there are probably two bathrooms, so if you have company over you can use the other one. And the bathrooms are all lovely so I would have no problem with it.

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If someone gave me that house to keep - sure.

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If I could sell the pics to the tabloids. Just kidding, It might be fun a time or two (depending on the privacy situation ie; who can see ) But I think we all want the bathroom to be a private place in our home.

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If it's in the 30th floor of the building, perhaps=P

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if am alone

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Noo lol.

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