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They need a new tall basketball player in one of the teams at school, and I want to participate but I don’t want to hurt my friend’s feelings by taking her place in basketball! And I’m really good at playing basketball, I just need someone to remind me of some things and play with me, so I can like, ummm, remember how I used to play! Lol How can I be in the basketball team if the girls are really ruide that you have to be expecting a ball to smash your face any second!!! I really want to, but don’t want to hurt my friends feelings! What should I do???

Answer #1

um in sports your supposed to be agressive and rude. If there’re rude be rude back. Anyway try out anyway!! If they hate you it’s because there jealouse of the competetion!!

Answer #2

Basketball is a SPORT. In sports, you shouldn’t think about other people’s feelings, your own feelings, or how rude your teammates are. That’s what’s so great about sports because you can totally lose yourself in the game and put your entire body and mind into focusing on it. Keep your social life and your sport seperate. Just encourage your friend to better herself by practicing more and then hopefully when next season comes around, you can play together. When those girls give you a hard time, just don’t talk to them but remember not to let it affect your game. Still pass the ball to them and play as a team. Deal with everything else off the court. Put all of your feelings aside and follow your heart. If you really enjoy basketball and want to be on the team really bad, then do it. Your friend will get over it.

Answer #3

I played basketball for 6 years. Play with your friend like out of school and help her to get better and she can be ready for next season and both of you can be on the team together. Just be yourself to the basketball team and pass the ball to them and they shouldn’t have a problem with you. If they do don’t let that make you not pass the ball to them because you are still a team and have to play like it. Like my coach always said don’t bring the drama to the court. Deal with your enemies off the court and play basketball on. Just have fun playing basketball and your friends should understand.

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