Basketball player salary -- are you suprised?

I read something interesting today…

Ross Siler and Steve Luhm of the Salt Lake Tribune figured out that the average professional basketball player in the NBA earns $3,487 per minute.

Does this surprise you? Do you think they should earn this amount?

Answer #1

It does and No I don’t think so. They are like, why we are so down in the dumps.

Answer #2

I think it’s ridiculous. Especially since girls make like 300,000. But hey, they worked for it too. I guess.

Answer #3

you guys are a bunch of dumbasses, they get paid by there business, who get there money from you guys, idiots!!! products, tickets, videogames, yada yada yada. It’s their right to get a piece of the pie, just like a union worker gets his/hers… You need to stop complaining and worry about yourself, mind your damn business, if you wanna argue anything the ticket prices are too high, other than that, I’m all for them getting as much as they can, b/c the players are the reason the league makes that much money. That dumbass that said they should put the money into the economy and for the people that need it. Your obviously broke and not a business owner, what kinda dumbf@#ks would David Stern be if he just started giving his money away back to the fans that watch the game, instead of trying to grow his business you think he should drop money from his private helicopter over poor neighborhoods!!! are you crazy, you should be thankful that there are still businesses in America doing good, maybe they’ll hire you one day,I doubt it, but yes there are other people besides players and coaches that work and are paid by NBA organizations, like Doctors, dumbass and there paid big bucks, your a … CANDYASS!!!

Answer #4

Of coarse but nt entirely im gona bball player you know lol jk

Answer #5

no I sm not really that surprsed at all they do a very good hard job and I feel that they should be rewarded for it people need to realize that if it were them who were playing the sport then they would want to get paid to so far is far true doctors get paid but not as much as a basketball player but it is not the basketball players fault they are not paying theirselves the money we are.we are the ones buying their tickets to every game we are the ones buying heir clothes and shoes that they come out with so we really need to think twice before we start getting angry.

Answer #6

It does not surprise me at all if you take 5 seconds to think about it. Its all a matter of perspective. To me and you 200k+ a game may seem silly since they are as someone said “thorwing things”. That is a lot of money. More than 4 times the amount that the average family in the u.s. brings home. But if you think of who is paying them it all makes sense. Have you figured it out?… The NBA. The National Basketball Association makes billions upon billions upon more billions a game from all sorts of things. If you look at a basketball game you notice signs and things advertising products EVERYWHERE. Not one of those signs, advertisments, endorcements, or commercials are free. When you watch a basketball game you see packed arenas. Those people dont get in for free. They buy tickets to see those guys play. If you think a liitle bit more most buisnesses that have employees spend about 50-80% of profits on salaries. The NBA pays 30% percent. In a way those guys are relativley severly underpaid!

Answer #7

well no and no

its ridiculous that these people get paid like a fortune to hit and throw things…doesnt make sense to me

Answer #8

I can really only say look at baseball. Those players get paid much more and I doubt most of them do more work than NBA atheletes. Baseball players also have a longer career in most cases. I feel I can’t say anything about the NBA until MLB playters earn less than NBA players.

Answer #9

no, it doesn suprise me one bit, I think its really stupid they get paid that much just to play a game. I think that for any sport. I think its ridiculus that athletes get paid that much. maybe thats why our economy sucks b/c all our money is going to all these sports. I mean look how we could start helping ourselves, if they cut their pay and start using it for our economy needs!!!

Answer #10

Thats not right. Dr’s save people lifes and they dont get half as much as they do for dribbling a damn ball. Nurses are the key to a hospital and get paid low. Teachers are the reason why they know how to autograph and get paid Shi**y. its so wrong.

Answer #11

they make 209,220 a game if that thats too much.A teacher only gets paid 40,000 a year.Basketball players end up making before play offs 17,156,040$ because they play 82 games a season before playoffs.If they are lucky enough to go to the playoffs they make 23,014,200$ may be this is why our economy is so f’ed up!!! ther is a 5,858,160$ diffrence that is ridiculous what about us little people that can barley put food on the table?

Answer #12

No, and I disagree that it’s wrong they make so much. People should be compensated for their work. Most of us don’t have millions of customers on a daily or weekly basis, but basketball players do. People watch them constantly, buy their jerseys and sneakers, play video games featuring them, and follow their every move. They have to work very hard too and remain in the public eye. If you were involved in such a profitable franchise, you would expect to be paid in like manner. I hardly make anywhere near what a baller does but it doesn’t frustrate me that they earn so much.

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