When was the baptist church started and by whom?

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It is my belief that the name baptist, can be traced all the way back to John. The bible says that he came babtising...

Later the Anabaptist pulled away from the Church of England, because they believed in sprinkling babies, and the Anabaptists believed it was ok to Christen babies, and offer them up to God, asking for his care in their lives, but, it was an altogether different thing, later on, when they actually realized their need of a savior, and came to accept him on their own.

This is why they left England, and came to America, so they could be free to worship God as they choose, without having beliefs imposed upon them, that were not according to scripture.

The Amish can be traced all the way back to the early days of American history.

If you notice, Jesus himself, was babtised by John, but, he never baptised anyone.
He came to prepare them to be baptised in the Holy Spirit..

The Baptist of today, still follow Johns tradition of water babtism, and the Pentecostals and the Assembly of God, teach the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

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Southern Baptist?
National Baptist Convention, USA?
National Baptist Convention of America, Inc ?
American Baptist Churches?
Baptist Bible Fellowship International?

I believe there were baptists in England in the 1500s.

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When was the Baptist Church started

- Urm.. Armenia?

and by whom?

- A Christian Armenian.

Random Church Question..
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Roger Williams Was a minister in Salem, Massachusetts, who founded the first Church in America. More Info:
He opposed forced attendance at church.
He also opposed the English colonists taking over Native American lands by force.
Because of his beliefs, the General Court forced Williams to leave the colony.
In 1636, he fled Southward and founded the colony of Rhode Island, which Guaranteed religious freedom and the separation of Church and State.

It is thought that the first Baptist preacher was called John Smyth who was an ordained Church of England Minister. In 1609, he had left England because his theological ideas did not fit in with the Church or State at the time. He went to Holland, and in 1609 "baptised" himself, and fellow members of the congregation. This was a radical act, which affronted the authority of the English Monarch as head of the church.
The movement had been growing for many years, and it is difficult to say if any one person singularly founded the Church. Smyth had been a member of a radical separatist group in Lincoln shire before leaving for the Netherlands, but it seems that his "baptism" paved the way for the foundation of the baptist ministry.

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