What good bands are going to be on van's warped tour?

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Depends on what you consider "good bands", lol. The Devil Wears Prada are gonna be there, D.R.U.G.S, Asking Alexandria, August Burns Red, 3OH!3 (I'm not sure if I'm happy about that or not, lol). Those are the ones that I consider "good" xD you could always check the website.

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The Devil Wears Prada <3 yay !!!!!!!!! i heard Nevershoutnever wasnt going to be there and that like made my day really suckish :'( but the only band im for sure is gonna be there is A Day to Remember :D

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Ugh, NSN -.- I'm glad he's not gonna be there lol. Christopher Drew makes my skin crawl D: and yeah ADTR is gonna be there but I hate them sooo~ :P

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HOW! Christofer drew Ingle is amazing :3 ha XD ADTR is not my fave but they are ok :))

Mayhem 09

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He's gross and his songs are annoying lol. In my opinion, anyway xD And yeah I don't really like ADTR their songs all sound the same and it's bothersome.I don't really like warped tour in general, they've it this whole stereotype going for them that only scene kids go and just the whole thing annoys me xD

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haha XD Ive never thought about going to warped tour so i dont know what its really like

Flute to Oboe.

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a day to remember <333333

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The supervillains

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I think Blood on the dance floor is going to be there, but I think they are still even considering allowing them to show, because of their music and tons of parents complaining.

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I love BOTDF lol

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:'( i hope they will let them show!

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Love Them :) <333

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Love Them :) <333

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