What bands have hardcore Tee-shirts?

Answer #1

Bring Me The Horizon, Su!cide Silence,KillSwitch Engage. Alot of Scream-o and metal bands there tee-shirt are pretty gory and outragous :). I have a Bring Me The Horizon one with a polor Bear Eating a intestine, and blood dripping down it making the words “bring Me The Horizon”.

Answer #2

Wearing a band shirt for any other reason than you actually like and listen to the band = stupid. Sorry.

Answer #3

Kill switch engage,Alesana,Eyes Set To kill,Bring me the horizon… Uhhhhh.. Drop dead goregous,texas in july,underoath.. –Just wear band shirts of bands you support.

Answer #4

yep.. You should only support the band if you actually listen and like them

Answer #5

Exactly, I think wearing something just because it looks “hardcore” is pretty silly.

Answer #6

Not to mention fake and being a poser.

Answer #7

Dot dot curve has pwnage shirts..but only wear the shirt if you support the band..,or I’ll find you >.>

Answer #8

Dot dot curve has pwnage shirts..but only wear the shirt if you support the band..,or I’ll find you >.>

Answer #9


Answer #10

Agreed >__> posers pii.ss me off immensely.

Answer #11

mhmm… it’s like ‘’OMG LOOK AT ME! i listen to Blessthefall. I’m so bad ass now’’ –god i hate ppl like that.

Answer #12

Anyone who thinks Blessthefall is bad ass is seriously messed in the head.

Answer #13

rofl.. i was making a point. I meet someone who was like that about Bless the fall.. I’m like,uhm.. Yeah,sure your bad ass.. >_> –lmao

Answer #14

As much as I hate the band, one shirt that I’ve seen that tends to get a reaction out of people is Cradle of Filth shirt. It has a picture of a Nun mastu-rbating on it and on the back it says “Jesus is a c unt” in huge font. A seriously terrible band, but a funny as hell shirt.

Answer #15

I listen to “Bless The Fall” ,but not very much. I don’t think i’m bad ass becuase of that, there just aother band on my playlist really.

Answer #16

i wasn’t reffering to you or anyone on here about that comment. I just knew this kid named Chris that thought they were the best band ever and he just thought he was so cool because he listened to them lol.

Answer #17

I know you weren’t being dirict to me or anyone else on here. I was just telling you I listening to them, but I don’t think I am bad ass beucase of that. There a good band ,but not the BEST band ever.

Answer #18

Yeah. <3

Answer #19

I thank you very much am NOT a posser. This question was to see people oppinions NOT to get bashed on. People need to take some ‘effin midol. Thanks.

Answer #20

No one was calling you a poser. They were calling the people who wear the shirts without listening to and supporting the bands posers.

Answer #21

I’m not stupid sweethearts i only wear band merc. to support them.

Answer #22

Dude we aren’t bassing you. Calm down<3 we were making our poinits about not being a poser. it wasn’t reflecting on you in general. Just a heads up not to be a poser<3 We heart you<3 that’s why we took time out to answer your question

Answer #23

How many band t-shirt do you have and what bands are they? I have about 7-10. One for every day of the week :).

Answer #24

Lol. Sorry guys. I didn’t mean to fly off. I just don’t like when people judge about others. <3

Answer #25

i wasn’t trying to judge you<3 I was just making a point about posers hun. No need to be sorry<3 it was just a missunderstanding

Answer #26

I have avenged sevenfold, 2 bullet for my valentine, owl city, 3OH3, panic at the dosco, 2 eyes set to kill (may favs.), paramore, flyleaf, ACDC, pink floyd, slip knot, and brokencyde.

Answer #27

i ment disco not dosco. lol

Answer #28

You have quiet the collection :). I have 1 Bring Me The Horizon, 1 From First To Last, 4 Tokio Hotel, 1 NewsBoys, and I think that’s about it :0

Answer #29

Lol. i LOVE band tees. <3

Answer #30

<3 You know what would be cool,you can go to an iron on transfer place and get custom made shirts and you could get your own band tee made<333 I did that once when i was like 12 and liked Good Charlotte. eek. –i hate them now.. but yeah i had a custom band shirt of them

Answer #31

I guess that’s an alright idea if you don’t have the cash to actually buy a shirt, but if you can afford it, it’s a good way to support the band.

Answer #32

Thats cool. lol I used to love good charlotte too. =p

Answer #33

they suck now :( —you can take your fav shirt in. I think at kinkos it’s like $15 bucks to do the transfer.. i got my GC shirt done at this place called Power Lounge,where they do custom shirts and mine was $30

Answer #34

That a excellent idea, I thought of that but never got around to it. It be an original shirt ,no one else would have it. I want to make some shirt with my art work on them. You van buy transfer paper at a staples or something.

Answer #35

typo van - can

Answer #36

Suweet. –You can also get patches and use fabric paint. When i was 11 my mom took me to a warp tour concert to see Blink 182,Green Day and Jimmy Eat World and she got a black shirt and some fabric paint and had it say Blink 182. Everyone loved it ^_^

Answer #37


Answer #38

I have 14… Uhh U2, paramore, fireflight, flyleaf, hey Monday, evanescence, trees on fire(a local band), and that’s all haha I have more than one for each band cuz those are my favs (:

Answer #39

There’s nothing I hate more than someone wearing a band shirt because they like the picture. You wouldn’t believe how many people own an Iron Maiden shirt that have never even listened to them.

To answer you question, though. Cannibal Corpse has the most amazing and creative artist doing all their artwork. If you want nasty gorey pictures that will get you sent out of school and suspended for a few days you cant go wrong with Cannibal Corpse. Trust me, I speak from expirence.

Answer #40

All I own are band shirts, there’s no way I could name them all. I wont even bother. I must have 100.

Answer #41

I think you’d like The Used. They have a really good artist that designs the CD covers and tees and I forgot his name, but he is really good. Great artist, a really great artist.

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