Why is banana a fruit?

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because it is sweet? or cause it comes off of a tree? probly something to do with its "DNA" or cells? i have no idea!

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Haha ur confussed.,,, wat is the meaning of life!?

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Technically it is a fruit, only cultivated bananas are sterile. Their seeds do not develop, but if you cut one into slices you will see dark specks near the center of the slices. These would become the seeds in its wild counter part.
And 'scary' ... the meaning of life is .... 42!

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coz it's... i have no idea haha

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Because all fruits have seeds, and bananas have seeds!

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The answer the question of Life, The Universe, and Everything is 42.
Otherwise, I approve of your answer. You often can't even see the dark specks, but if you were to cook the bananas, yes, you'd be able to.

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were r the seeds in the banana???

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Do u reallythinl I'm scary?

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Google image search "banana chips," the seeds are much easier to see there.

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